Post date: 03/26/2018 - 18:04

The Denver Men - Surf City Stomp (Let's Go Surfside)
Reverendo Frankenstein - Tailspin (Esta VIvo... esta vivo)
Shark Attack! - Shark City (Chum Punch)
The Falcons - Belair (Atomic Guitar)

Les Talismans - L'Interplanetaire (45)
The Frantics - The Whip (45)
The Five Sounds - The Clumsy Dragon (45)
Xterminators - Wild Hare (Frolic Diner)
Hal Blaine - Midnight at Pink's (45)
The Ventures - Lies (Where the Action is)

The Bum Shakers - Pirates of the XXI Century (Not So bad)

Capitão Parafina & os Haoles - Eu Já Joguei Master System (Frutos do mar)
Saico & Os Reis do Lixo - The Bash (Saico & Os Reis do Lixo)
Jubarte Ataca - Chafurdo Com a Gangue (Falso + 4)
Reverba Trio - Onde Estara Wander? (((RT)))
Intoxicos - Tony Dag (Todo Dia)

The Fathoms - Brainstorm (Fathomless)

Los Galerna - Coche del crimen (Surfusion)
Beach Creature - East Coast High (Party Scar)
Mickey Baker - Baia (45)

The Charades - Die for Diamonds (Lost Tapes '66)

The Jarnos - Sara Mama (Surfin' & Rollin')
The Blue Hawaiians - Quiet Surf (Sway)
Carlo - Florida Keys (CARLO)
The Cords - Termites (45)
terrorsurfs - Sax Fiend (Mutant Surf Trash)

Los Aragon - En Mi Onda (Groovy Hits!)

beninghove's hangmen - surf n' turk (Rattlesnake Chopper)
Volcano Kings - City machine (crime-jazz and film noir (volume 1))
Jetpack - Agent J (Planet reverb)

the intoxicators - easter eggs on halloween (easter eggs on halloween)

Toxic Riders - Olas de Lava (Doctores de la Muerte)
The Mobsmen - Boom (fraternitas aurum factorem)
Sumpump Monkeys - Tractor Beam (Destroy the Waves)
Mofos - ...and the horse you rode in on (supercharged on alcohol)
the mighty gordinis - Monsieur Michalon (Kiss my Wheels)
blackball bandits - Alert! (The Lost Mission)
The Windows - Falseta (promotional)
The Krontjong Devils - The Rafter (War of the Surf Guitars)

Post date: 03/19/2018 - 18:05

Hattori Hanzo Surf Experience - Veracruz (Meanwhile in Mallorca)
durango14 - Desperado (Vol. 3)
Blackball Bandits - Snakecharmer's Dream (The Lost Mission)
The Treble Spankers - Jaa-Rabbi (Hasheeda)

The Ventures - Psyched Out (Super Psychedelics)
Duane Eddy - Gidget Goes Hawaiian (45)
Sandy Nelson - Bouncy (45)
Big Walter - Watusie Freeze (45)
The Bearcuts - Your Barber is a Beatle Too (The Bearcuts Swing in Beatlemania)
The Sentinals - Big Surf (Big Surf!)

Shark Attack! - Stingray's Van (Chum Punch)
the Jarnos - Paranoid (Surfin' & Rollin')
The Charades - Working in the Coal Mine (Lost Tapes '66)
Los Aragon - Demasiado Amor (Groovy Hits!)

The Terrorsurfs - Surf Burger (Mutant Surfing Trash)
man... or astroman? - Flotation Devices For Frequencies Yet To Be Determined (Surf Monsters)
robert johnson and the punchdrunks - Ali Boom A Lay (feels like buzz aldrin)
The Milkshakes - Mumble The Peg (107 Tapes)
Los Venturas - O Fata Romana (Miles High)
Jetpack - get even! (planet reverb)

The Ventures - Endless Dream (Super Psychedelics)
The Falcons - Wild Tide (Atomic Guitar)
y niwl - tridegtri (5)
The Ugly Beats - Action Plus (Take a Stand)

davie allan & the arrows - Action on the Street (Blues Theme)
the skins - equiana (exotic mindexpanders vol 4)
Volcano Kings - Vigilante Motors (crime-jazz and film noir (volume 1))
John Lee - In the Ground (The Nature Series)
Pedro Jairo Garces - Cero Treinta Y Nueve (la guitarra estereofonica de)

Los Plantronics - Golden Dawn Surf Patrol (Surfing Times)

The Royal Fingers - Wild Datsun (Wild Eleki Deluxe)
Speedball jr - El Camino (For the Broad Minded)
Los Tiros - Big Chief (expertos en cagarla)
Ramblin' Ambassadors - Cabbage Diablo (vista cruiser county squire)
hypnotic iv - sr. vs the man (go baby go)
the mighty gordinis - theme from "cream pie" (kiss my wheels)
the mofos - spy in your eye (supercharged on alcohool)
Robotmonkeyarm - Dance Party Ending (robotmonkeyarm (part 3))
night birds - escape from new york (born to die in suburbia)

Post date: 03/12/2018 - 18:03

Lot of new things and a lot of Ventures in memory of Nokie Edwards

Los Kosmos - Kosmos (Los Kosmos)
Y Niwl - Tridegpump - 5
swami john reis & the blind shake - The Lonely Sea Sweeper (Modern Surf Classics)
Journal Job - Storm Surf (Drunken Monkey Jungle)

The Ventures - A Go-Go Dancer (A Go-go)

The Ventures - 2,000 pound bee (45)
The Ventures - Chase (45)
The Ventures - Walk Don't Run (Walk Don't Run)
The Ventures - War of the Satellites (Ventures in Space)

Blackball Bandits - The Lost Mission (The Lost Mission)

Johnny & the SHamen - JATS are Go (adventures in espionage)
Vin Khassen Group - Binad (Nomad)
The Aeronauts - Telekenesis (Telekenesis)
Beach Creature - Death Guard (Party Scar)

The Terrorsurfs - Terrorsurfer (Mutant Surfing Trash)
Hypnotide - Eels Seal the Deal (The Ninja and the Sea Monster)
Blue Wave Theory - Lava Spout (live) (Beachcombing)
Surferific Dudes - Midnight Tidal Wave (Mountain Wave)

Durango14 - Tu Madre Se Comió a Mi Perro (Vol. 3)
The Treble Spankers - mirananda (Araban)
pounded by the surf - Lake Elsinore Vipers (No Waves)
The Barbwires - Blood on the Waves (Searider)
Monterreys - Shish Kebab (The Pharoah)

Washed Ashore - Setting Sail (Palm Reader)
The Honeybrains - Tombstoned (Gettin' Tender)
John Lee - In the Wind (The Nature Series)
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - The Lizard (Jet Sound Inc.)
The Ventures - The Bat (Ventures in Space)

The Apemen - Surf Dracula (7 Inches of Love)
The Milkshakes - Shed Country '81 (107 Tapes)
The Terminators - Play Like You've never had (let's rock!)
The Surf Coasters - Intruder (waitin' 4 the surf)
The Irradiates - Satellite Race (Lost Transmissions From The Remote Outpost)
13th Magic Skull - Eta Carinae (brave coast wild recordings)
amphibian man - racer (speed power turbo racer)
volcano kings - mechanical beast (crime-jazz and film noir (volume 1))

Post date: 03/05/2018 - 18:11

Today's show was all covers of songs that aren't normally instrumental. Thanks to everybody that donated. You can still voice your support for SSOR by making a pledge at

  • The Shockwave - Take on Me (Contact From Space)
  • Los Cataclismos - surf will tear us apart (el vertigo de las olas)
  • el supernaut - kill the poor (Plays Half Dead)
  • Tremolo Beer Gut - a minha menina (Double B-Sided Single)
  • The Charades - Soul bossa Nova (all around the world with)
  • Tarantinos NYC - Chick Habit (Super Sounds of the Cinema)
  • Dinosaur Ghost - Push It (dinosaur ghost)
  • The Dustaphonics - Shot Down (100% instrumental)
  • Real Gone - Here Comes Your Man (The Real Gone)
  • The Isotopes - Indiana Jones (Play Surf Music)
  • Surf Report - Ace of Spades (Supersonic Salvation)
  • The Okay-Men - Pink and the Brain (Auf Kassette)
  • Travelers of Tyme - a fistful of dragons (game of thrones theme) (a fistful of dragons)
  • le grand miercoles - straight to hell (ghost cowboy)
  • The Crimson Ghosts - Where Eagles Dare (Some Kinda Hits)
  • Dragstrip - Dont' Fear the Reaper (Reaction Time)
  • surpatrouille - it's not unusual (Instronaut)
  • Blue Wave Theory - Time Is On My Side (Beachcombing)
  • Sys Malakian - 12:51 (Drifting With the Tide)
  • Original Onions - Call Me (Grill Skills)
  • Surflamingo - Green Hill Zone (Entrepeñas Bay Terror)
  • Par Avion - Unchained Melody (Surf the Friendly Skies)
  • Jack Nitzsche - The Last Race (45)
  • Wave Invasion - Eleanor Rigby (Wave Invasion)
  • The Shockwave - lucifer sam's surf (Death Race)
  • estrume'n'tal - Redemption Surf (surfme'n'tal)
  • Bitch Boys - Knjazigor Vs. Phantom Of The Opera (ride the first wave)
  • The Tomorrowmen - Tunak Tunak Tun (it's About time)
  • The Atomic Mosquitos - Jaan Pehechaan Ho (Bug Music for Bug People)
  • appalachian surf team - Ojo Del Tigre (live at pilot light)
  • Switch Trout - Ever Fallen In Love (blow mind! here are the trouts)
  • Los Plantronics - sheena is a punk rocker (Rancho Notorious)
  • Los Straitjackets - My Heart Will Go On (los straitjackets)
  • The Incredibles Mr Smith - heroes (ziggy played surf guitar)

Post date: 03/05/2018 - 13:36

Every pledge drive we pit listeners against listeners. When people donated to the show, they chose a side. The story so far: Good was defeated by Evil. Evil was defeated by Science. Science was defeated by Nature. Nature was defeated by NITRO. This year NITRO was taken down by INCOGNITO. That meant SPY and PRIVATE EYE music was taken down by DRAG RACING music.
Feel bad that you didn't help out? It's not too late! Go to

Here's what was played. RED means NITRO. GRAY means INCOGNITO. It really seemed like NITRO was unstoppable until some awesome donations from the secret agents came in unexpected (as you would expect).

The Dynotones - Gear Grinder (beach party a go-go)
gene moles - burnin' rubber (surf & drag vol 1)
manuel and the renegades - Rev-Up (Surf-Age Nuggets)
diabolico coupe - hot rod coupe (little carmine)
hodaddy's - rumblin rod (hot rods n surf)
The Dave Myers Effect - Hell's Racers (greatest racing themes)
The Rally Packs - Bucket Seats (wail on the beach)
The Surfites - Moon Buggy (escapades in space)
Husky & the Sandmen - Four-Stroke Stomp (arabian nights '96)
Cheap Violent Cats - Sky Team Ace Theme (Seat Slasher & Tales from the Greasy Spoon)
Bobby Fuller Four - The Lonely Dragster (Pulp Surfin')
jim messina & the jesters - Suspense Run (the dragsters)
The T-Bones - Rail-Vette (Boss Drag)
The El Caminos - Death Race (reverb explosion)
The Surfaris - Scatter Shield (Surf Party!)
Toni OK - Devil Racers (Golden Guitar Mood)
The Barbwires - The Cheater (Searider)
Said the Ripper - Live and Let Die (Shadow Alley)
los coronas - secret agent man (surfin' tenochititlan)
laika & the cosmonauts - Mission Impossible (instruments of terror)
John Barry - The James Bond Theme (Conducts his Greatest Movie Hits)
The Gallants - The Man from UNCLE - 45
chewbacca's - A shot in the dark (CHEWBACCA'S MEET ESPECTROPLASMA)
stereophonic space sound unlimited - The Twisting Spy (the spacesound effect)
man... or astroman? - nitrous burn out 2012 (intravenous television continuum)
Gasolines - Get Smart (La Shareefa)
The Dangermen - Dick Tracy (Meet the Men of Danger)
Born Losers - From Russia With Love (Cycle Guitars)
Ray Martin and his Orchestra - I Spy (Music from "Thunderball" and Other Thrillers)
The Roland Shaw Orchestra - Thunderball (More Themes from The James Bond Thrillers)
Robert Johnson & the Punchdrunks - on her majesty's secret service (fried on the altar of good taste)
The Men from SPECTRE - The Robbery (The Living Eye)
The Shadows - Man of Mystery (The Final Tour)

Post date: 02/26/2018 - 14:11

For this show we played bands from every country that had medaled in the 2018 Winter Olypics in order of their medal count. I tried to choose the best representatives of each nation.

Apologies to: 

Liechtenstein: couldn't find a band.
Slovakia: I just forgot
Germany and Norway: Y'all should have had more songs, I ran out of time

Slovakia: the b-sea surfers - On Freeway ()
Kazakhstan: VIA aygul - bitkum (?)
Slovenia: bitch boys - rat pfink theme (ride the first wave)
Ukraine: amphibian man - valley of the kings (pyramids)
Spain: los coronas - corrovuela (Señales de Humo)
Poland: Tajfuny - Glos Pererii (Tajfuny - Z Archiwum Polskiego Radia, vol.7)
Belarus: the silicon - tiki tohua (tiki tohua)
Finland: laika & the cosmonauts - disconnected (Absurdistan)
Australia: the atlantics - bombora (Great SUrfing Sounds)
Great Britain: The Shadows - Man of Mystery (shadows are go!)
Czech Republic: miserable ones - haulin' hearse (single)
Italy: surfer joe - cavalcade of surf (señor surf)
China: The Psyders - pharoah surf (introducing the psyders)
Switzerland: the bahareebas - majuun (Tell Me A Story About)
South KoreaL Ra Eum Pa - ? (?)
Sweden: The Spotnicks - Rocket Man (7")
Japan: takeshi terauchi and the blue jeans - ? (let's go eleki)
Austria: balu & die surfgrammeln - Col. Ratvurst Causes An Eclipse By Accident (Los Chicharrones del Surf)
France: the irradiates - Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die (Lost Transmissions From The Remote Outpost)
USA: the ventures - Ventures Medley (On Stage)
USA: The Surfaris - Wipe Out (Wipe Out)
USA: Dick Dale - thunder wave (Summer Surf)
OAR (as a joke): The Space Cossacks - The Cossack (live supernova)
Netherlands: Rene & his alligators - wham! (in the mood)
Netherlands: The Phantom Four - morphological echo (mandira)
Netherlands: the krontjong devils - apres ski (on tour!!!)
Canada: les jaguars - guitare jet (Vol 2)
Canada: Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - good cop bad cop (savvy show stoppers)
Canada: the ramblin' ambassadors - besa mi bottom turn (vista cruiser county squire)
Germany: bang! mustang - teahupoo stomp (the big twang theory)
Germany: The Razorblades - yes sir, I can surf (The dark side of the beach)
Norway: The Beat Tornados - Groovus (scandinavian interlude)
Norway: the mobsmen - barbershop accident (fraternitas aurum factorem)

Post date: 02/19/2018 - 14:17

The Revels - Party Time (45)
The Moongooners - Moongoon Twist (45)
Travis Wammack - I Ain't Lying (45)
The Majestics - The Boss Walk Pt 1 (45)
link wray and the wraymen - Hand Clapper (Link Wray)
The Royal Teens - Royal Blue (45)

Mark & the Escorts - Get Your Baby (Teenage Shutdown)
keetie and the kats - Way Out (45)
Roger & the Gypsies - pass the hatchet part 1 (45)
dave myers & the surf tones - laguna limbo luau (surf's up)
The Runabouts - Pink Socks (45)
Eddie Angel - mumbling beatnik (guitar party)

The Sophisticats - Chili Beans (when it rains it purrrrs)
The Fuzillis - Fish Gumbo (Grind a Go Go vol. 1)
hank jacobs - monkey hips and rice (45)
lord rockington's xi - fried onions (45)
The Shondelles - Gumbo (45)
andre williams - Rip Tips Pt. 1 (Frolic Diner Vol 3)

The Satin Chaps - lil sweater (Might I Suggest The Satin Chaps)
Los Shains - guau guau a go go (45)
The Shadows Five - Markham (45)
Porgy & the Polka-Dots - Say Yeah (45)
doc bagby - Mix it up (45)
The Champs - Robot Walk (Go Champ Go)

grand kahuna - comanche (grand kahuna)
los protones - Punta Panico (Misión:OA4)
moe koffman quintet - koko-mamey (45)
Los Terrificos - La Pantera (Go South)
Bikini Machine - It's All Up (let's party with bikini machine vol. 2)

DDT and the Repellants - The Fly Swatter (45)
The Mixtures - olive oyl (45)
The Hully Gully Boys - Yabba (45)
Ike Turner & the Kings of Rhythm - Twistin' the Strings (ike's instrumentals)
The Wailers - Mashi (Tall Cool One)
the rockin' capris - Money (45)
The Showboats - Sidewinder (45)

The Territones - Go (45)
The Rondels - Cover Charge (45)
The Triumphs - draggin' waggin (45)
Rat Holic - Run! Run! (Wipe Out With...)
The Teen Beats - Calif Boogie (45)
Bob Regan - Tarantula (45)
The Starfires - college boogie (45)
the hollywood persuaders - Rush Street (drums a-go-go)
The New Dimensions - Bongo Shutdown (Deuces and Eights)
marty & the Munks - mexican party (strummin mental part 1)

Post date: 02/05/2018 - 18:55

Fantastic 3 - Last call From Mexico (surfing with friends)
the vara-tones - Surf Blaster (jetty subject to high surf)
langhorns - john doe (langhorns)
dynotones - beneath the surface (beach party a go-go)
trabants - rumbler swing (highwire surfing)

The Eagles - March of the Eagles (Ku-Pow! British Instrumentals)
the new dimensions - Deuces and Eights (Deuces and Eights)
The Originals Surfaris - Beep Beep (Bombora!)
The Ramrods - Night Ride (Surf-Age Nuggets)
The Playboys - Desperado (Board Boogie)
Link Wray - big city after dark (Link Wray)

Hypnotide - Fire Eyed Girl (The Ninja and the Sea Monster)
Los Cataclismos - Luces de Aldebaran (La Calma EP)
Los Kosmos - V Jope Fantik (Los Kosmos)
Carlo - Carlo's Crush (Carlo)
retrofoguetes - telemetria (telemetria single)

The Anacondas - Disciples of Tonka (Snakin' all over)
dr frankenstein's laboratory - dance of the mating mermaids (crime scenes and murder songs)
The Mysterious Tape Man - Space Monster Party (Tape Man Goes to Outer Space)
The Majestics - Rip Tide (Surfers' Mood)

The biarritz boys - SexWax (enjoy the hip,slick, ultra-violent and super sexy surfsound of...)
The High Fidelics - New Killer Ray (The High Fidelics)
husky and the sandmen - Tube Surfer (Arabian Nights '96)
De Surfures - Fire Reverb (Fino a Go Go)
The Royal Pendletons - Guitar Crusher (Trailin' vol. 2)

Cosmo Piluqui & The Peronist Chanchonauts - Speed Racer Versus The Macrists From Hell (Proletarian Psycho Surfer Tunes Vol.1)
os pontas - Para-paranóia (Fuzz Jungle)
gasolines - catamarã (jungle surfers)
khruangbin - como me quieres (con todo el mundo)
The O'hara's - Good Herb This Year, Alpert (Facile a boire!)

Sandy Nelson and the Sin-City Termites - Senior Beat (Nelsonized)
The Other Timelines - Belka Doge (The Other Timelines)
Terror Waves - Garachosa (Terror Waves EP)
The Bills - Lead Beach (Check's in the Mail)
The Respondents - III (et in arcadia ego)
Switch Trout - Shake Some Rod Action (Turn on my switch)
Espectroplasma - Alfa Orionis (Espectroplasma I)
os brutus - amnésia (übersurf)
alwaro negro - universal clean (clean!)
The Alohas - dagnabit (get leid with)
the irradiates - give human being a last chance (Lost Transmissions From The Remote Outpost)

Post date: 02/05/2018 - 14:21

Impala - Wild Night at the Bloody Bucket (El Rancho Reverbo)
De Surfures - Waikiki Fuzz (Fino A Go Go)
Los Twang! Marvels - Marvels a go go (Guitars in orbit)
The Cave 4 - Tribute Pt 1 (Bikini Crash)
los fantasticos - Papa Surf (into the infinity tunnel)

The New Dimensions - Junker (Deuces and Eights)
Citations - Headache (Strummin Mental Part 1)
link wray & the raymen - turnpike u.s.a. (45)
The Champs - Midnighter (GO Champ Go)
Johnny and the Hurricanes - Rough Road (the legends of rock vol 2)
Calvin Cool - Surf Bunnies (The Surfer's Beat)

Los Kosmos - Mega Hit (Los Kosmos)
The Concussions - Trouble Gum (Newaygo Sound Machine)
Carlo - Ride (Carlo)
The Surfites - the royal vikings / let's wail! (the surfites & co.)
Treblemakers - Fist-Fight (Flippin the Bird)

Shark Attack! - Gorbashark (Chum Punch)
spring break shark attack - Great White (sharkronomicon)
surfpatrouille - Survest (get your stomping exploding eruptions with the kilaueas)
Laramie Dean - Drag King (Drag King EP)
The Delstroyers - Cannibal Car (Diabolical!)

The Barbwires - Waimanalo (Searider)
los cataclismos - Moon Valley (el vertigo de las olas)
the manatees - Caudida (swamp thang!)
The modelos - toke and stagger (The Modelos)
The Cavernarios - Costa Brava (camino a varadero)

khruangbin - Maria Tambien (Con Todo El Mundo)
La Chicharata - Os Cocosaurus (La Chicharata EP)
Os Gatunos - Araguari Boogie (Os Gatunos vão à praia)
Son of PM - Manohraluifai (hey klong yao!)

Espectroplasma - Plasma Gate (Espectroplasma I)
The Bills - Apollo Creed (Check's in the mail)
The Routes - Luck of the Devil (instrumentals)
The Infrareds - Celluloid Planetoid (Recorded on Microfilm)
johnny carbonaras - a scream at the right time (johnny carbonaras)
The Hi-Tides - Quasar (10" EP)
The Apemen - Cor Steijn Rides The Wild (live) (7+ Inches Of Love)
Speedball Jr - Dr Evil (Whiplash)
docteur legume et les surfwerks - la fin absolue du monde (3d Monster Robot)
Dick Dale - Haji (electric) (spacial disorientation)

Post date: 01/29/2018 - 10:35

De Surfures - Groove & Sun (Fino a Go Go)
LOS FRENETICOS - Surfin Caravan (el sonido que perdura)
bradipos iv - Amaro e' 'o bene (The Partheno-Phonic Sound of)
el gran miercoles - veracruz 4 (this is surf-steady)

jim doval and the gauchos - Barracuda (45)
The Counts - Chitlin, etc (Frolic Diner Pt. 3)
The Casual-Airs - Thunderbird (Las Vegas Grind Volume 1)
the hollywood persuaders - Agua Caliente (drums a-go-go)
surf kings - Surf Water (compilation)
The Surf Riders - Surfer's Blues (Surfbeat)

CARLO - Surficide (CARLO)
Os Gatunos - Otarião, surfe! (Os Gatunos vão a praia)
The Necronautics - stolen moments (headhunt EP)
the ramblin' ambassadors - Standoff at Calf Robe Bridge (Ramble On)
nahuelaizers - Omega Surf (profunidad desconocida)

the phantom dragsters - Devil Race (surfin' after death)
mach kung fu - reverb shot (the fabulous)
the woggles - Zombie Stomp (Get Tough)
the sir finks - can't be still ((tres mexicans) del surf del texas)
pavlov's woody - green peppers (they came from beneath the surf)
the kilaueas - Koi-O-Surunara (Surfer Joe)

The Phantom Four - Kyma (madhur)
The Del-Vipers - Nova (terror of the del-vipers)
Kreeps - Evilous Knevilous (Tales from Grim County)
Les Tigres du Futur - Les éventreurs du dancing (Les éventreurs du dancing)

The Velocity Raptors - Lefty Doppelganger (Vinyl Enemy)
tito y sus supersonicos - stefanie (popular vol 2)
puta madre brothers - Putananny twist (queso y cojones)
takeshi terauchi and the bunnies - in Japanese (in Japanese)
los extraños - marabunta (peppermint twist)

Desert Island Boys - Atomic! (The D.I. Boys Tape)
hella vader - Mammothopolis (XVIII)
the irradiates - All You Need Is... Transmutation! (Lost Transmissions From The Remote Outpost)
Les Vice Barons - Surfsploitation (Steel Blue Moods)
The Volcanos - Half Moon Bay (surf quake)
the krontjong devils - The Jester (action!)
the one night standards - Full Throttle (Octane)
Man...or Astro-Man? - Espanto del Futuro (destroy all astromen)
dinosaur ghost - sand level (dinosaur ghost)
The Mutations - once upon a time at the beach (monsters of surf)
The Bills - The Fly (Check's In the Mail)


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