This week's show and last week's playlist

Today's plays

Despite the fact that I'm sifting through from this year to get the Gremmys together, there's actually a good chunk of vintage stuff in here, including ANOTHER big batch of new-to-the-show 45s. Also brand new stuff from Diabolico Coupe, Les Agamemmnonz, and the Gnarly Ones. 

Here's last week! 12-7-15

the triumphs - draggin' waggin - 45
LOS FRENETICOS - bamboo (el sonidoque perdura)
los tiki phantoms - el hombre de las tabernas (y el misterio del talisman)
surfin beards - lee cheuk y la cabeza del dragón (surfin' beards 7")
crazy aces - agent yellow jacket (surfadelic spy-a-go-go)

the strangers - caterpillar crawl - 45
johnny and the hurricanes - traffic jam - 45
the viscounts - Shadrach - 45
the raging storms - Hound Dog - 45
lorenzo smith (too much) firewater - 45
the texans - ole reb - 45
the trashmen - tube city (surfin' bird)

burt rocket - hang twang (fiberglass frenzy)
Jerry Cole & His Spacemen - martian surf (surf age)
black flamingos - okinawa (black flamingos)
stories from shamehill - kahuna haha (same same but different)
the green reflectors - kreetlugget (the green reflectors)
puta madre brothers - the one legged horse (queso y cojones)

west samoa surfer league - godzilla walk (moments of truth pt. 2)
johnny and the hurricanes - sandstorm - 45
the lost ones - little annie - 45
the clee-shays - beyond (the dynamic guitar sounds of)
the hondells - the lonely rider (the complete motorcycle collection)

phantom four - morphological echo (mandira)
the okay-men - boller swing (auf kassette)
Langhorns - surf -99 (club gabardino)
13th magic skull - eta carinae (brave coast wild recordings)

the shockwave - lucifer sam's surf (death race!)
oskar benas y los herejes instro combo - buga bus andino (obylhic)
sonido gallo negro - valicha (sendero mistico)
the tikiyaki orchestra - The Final Transmission (idol worship)

threesome - no gain, no pain (On Tour)
the apemen - queen jacula (live) (7+ inches of love)
kingargoolas - nóvisfora zero (tales from the instro zone)
gemini 13 - chopped and channeled (gemini 13)
the st kilda gammarays - king tut (girl on a motorcycle)
robert johnson and the punchdrunks - aloha from havana (aloha from havana)
x-ray cat trio - surfing sasquatch (out for blood)
tremolo beer gut - clayton's hotrod (live) (self-released)
pounded by the surf - Out of Control (no waves)
the cavaleros - big city after dark (the atomic ep)
the good the bad - 28 (from 018 to 033)
the madeira - here be dragons (ancient winds)


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