Today's show: Surfin' USA. Plus last week's playlist


In honor of B-DAY USA, today's show features an instrumental from ALL FIFTY STATES. MINUS FIVE LAME ONES.

I would tell you to tune in, but you've probably got plans. That's fine. SHOOT OFF SOME ROCKETS FOR ME.

Here's what I played last week: 6/27/16

diabolico coupe - hot rod coupe (little carmine)
impala - jet action brunette (square jungle)
the space rangers - speedway (ready to take off!)
urban surf kings - radarmen from the moon (livorno)

the five sounds - clumsy dragon (45)
link wray and the wraymen - Trail of the Lonesome Pine (45)
the vy-dels - Unknown (strummin mental part three)
the atlantics - coral island (great surfing sounds)
the rumblers - boss soul (it's a gas!)
the champs - twenty thousand leagues (muscle bustle)
the astronauts - the hearse (competition couope)

sei yamamoto - koganemushi (the gold bug) (wild cat stomp)
13th magic skull - Mala Mujer (brave coast wild recordings)
legato vipers - rat king (lv)
steelism - china plate (615 to fame)
the kaygles - del taco (sunstroke)
the tikinauts - Diamond Head (the tikinauts ep)
the kanaloas - toxica! (surf a go go)

the trabants - white fire (FREAKOUT)
man... or astroman? - mach one (the brains of the cosmos)
watang! - barba kutushita (miss wong)
Deadlinks - hanky time (More Rocks! More Weight!)

moms I'd like to surf - Surf Blast Inferno (surf cops are watching you)
the astroglides - 2003 horsepower (channel surfing with)
kingargoolas - continuum 4 (tales from the instro zone)
the 'verb - happiness is a warm tomahawk (only 'verb can break your heart)

Langhorns - camel ride (mission exotica)
the hypnomen - mike the malo (trip with satan)
thee sturgeons - kitchi gammi (freshwater freakout)
maraca five-o - Defender (headin' south at 110 pier)

swami john reis & the blind shake - dune rider (modern surf classics)
evan foster - hearse full of souls (instrumentals)
tigers of the sea - out of the sea (and into the night) (tigers of the sea ep)
die krabben - the toad (welcome to surf trash island)
los protones - La Hija de Lola (20 monstruos 2007-2015)
johnny carbonaras - hiastos (johnny carbonaras)
Atomic Mosquitos - The Bloodening (bug music for bug people)
terrorist bengala party - a cena con lo squalo (surf post atomico)
speedball jr. - rudden billy (For the Broad Minded)
bitch boys - shark attack (In Heat)


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