Today's show: Spaghetti for Thanksgiving plus Last week's playlist

today's plays

A yearly tradition: since there isn't a whole lot of Pilgrims and Indians surf, I'm switching to cowboys and indians. That means a whole show fulla spaghetti western music. Yes!


the volcanics - high altitude (the lonely one)
millionaire beach bums - Searchlight (shorebreak)
Charlie Megira & The Modern Dance Club - Sababa One (love police)
the surf raiders - surf bound (surf bound)
the kaygles - del taco (sunstroke)

the ventures - walk don't run 64 (walk don't run 64)
les splectors - hong-kong express (45)
the originals surfaris - Down Under (bombora!)
the crossfires - limbo stick limbo (limbo rock)
Sandy Nelson - Teen Beat '65 (Teen Beat '65)
The Connells - Malibu Surf (Surf Fever!)

the a-bones - The Bee (the life of riley)
The Monarcs - Sour Grapes (45)
The Spacewalkers - Tecumseh (45)
the mummies - the thing from venus (never been caught)
Bailey's Nervous Kats - Devil's Run (Fast-Track)

the space cossacks - neutron sabre (live supernova)
the okay-men - patte (auf kassette)
surf zombies - never kill an ape (lust for rust)
wild sammy & the royaltones - l.a. (speed crazy)
amphibian man - Gold Rush (desert songs)

the cavernarios - soy de la costa (camino a varadero)
los galerna - jaguar stomp (sangre en el atlantico)
tito y sus supersonicos - Himno de los conductores imprudentes (popular vol 7)
telekrimen - solar mediterraneo (resurrecion de los sangre-zombis del mas alla)
the mutants - el ray (mutacalypso now!)

kachers in the rye - egyptian navel exploration (45)
travelers of tyme - space stalinists (chronomads)
the chantays - Space Probe (Two Sides of the Chantays)
les jaguars - le repos du jaguar (les jaguars)

seawhorse - galaxified (galaxified)
the beyonderers - estimate of the situation (Estimate of the Situation)
the apemen - toronado (7 inches of love)
el ray - el raynia (uber alles) (the evil mermaid)
vampire beach babes - droppin' da curl (beach blanket bedlam)
the leviathan - håxxan (resurrection)
the last drive - misirlou (underworld shakedown)
the irradiates - caulerpa taxifiolia (revenge of the plants)
DEMON VENDETTA - real surfers wear black (vigilante surf)
howling guitar - hell-billy (motor noise)
freddy and the heartaches - womp womp (strummin mental vol 1)
the surfites - jack-the-bear (big pounder)


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