Today's Show: Spaghetti for Thanksgiving. Plus last week's playlist

Today's Show: Spaghetti for Thanksgiving. Plus last week's playlist

YES! I know y'all like the Halloween show but I LOVE doing Spaghetti Western stuff before thanksgiving. Or really, I love doing Spaghetti Western shows, doesn't matter when. Plenty of Morricone, sure, but a few other genuine soundtracks, some Surfaders, Los Plantronics, Moe Greene Specials, Spindrift are really going to make this a cold-blooded killer with no rules.

Last week: 11/16/15

megatronadores - surfadelico huilin (wedwedn)
eddie angel - caveman (guitar party)
jimmy strings - squalo stomp (instro hits)
the sidemen - Peligro (go too far!)
hypnotzar - the second giza expedition (hypnotzar)

the challengers - torquay (45)
the storms - thunder (45)
tommy blake and the rhythm rebels - mister hoody (45)
the carnations - Red Wing (45)
the showboats - too much (45)
les jaguars - le merchand de melons (les jaguars)

los straitjackets - Pop Rocks & Coke (jet set)
alwaro negro - belva (clean!)
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - tired of waking up tired (7")
royal pendletons - keg tapper (you can always love again)
kawabonga - the fastest wave (kawabonga ep)
the apollo four - night out (turbulence)

pounded by the surf - acid drop (no waves)
le grand miercoles - cowboy fantasma (ghost cowboys)
the shadows - 1861 (Out of the Shadows)
the bambi molesters - into the crimson sunset (as the dark wave swells)

the atlantics - stomping time (great surfing sounds)
the 427's - yellowbelly (mavericks)
introducers - somethin' voodoo (close ups)
the bomboras - project zero (head shrinkin' fun)

the tomorrowmen - new democracy (futourism)
the johnny howard group - mind reader (telstars, mexicans, manhunts & wonderful lands)
the phantom four - tiempo de revancha (feat. jungle by night) (mandira)
stereophonic space sound unlimited - the wobbler (the fluid soundbox)
The Moon Men - some kinda nut (missing links vol. 3)

13th magic skull - carved heads (brave coast wild recordings)
diablo pussycats - squareheads on the move (we are the diablo pussycats)
jon & the nightriders - Catalina (stampede!)
the dynotones - 99 a.d. (the dynotones)
the abominable showmen - utah, gimme two (the abominable showmen)
a6 - commando (piet)
molokai - the end of time: molokraj 2.0 (rack attack 2.0)
the good the bad - 30 (from 018 to 033)
aloha haole - pout pourri da puta'qui parri (the fucking summer rain fucked up my vacation)
black river manifesto - Manifesto (kingmaker)


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