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Today's plays

Awlright y'all! Got a good buncha nitro-fueled instrumentals ready for Monday. Next week I'm gonna be outta here, way over in Tbilisi, Georgia. Have a wild Mardi Gras for me

Here's your playlist from last week. I don't think it's entirely accurate but it'll hafta do

the journal job - storm surf (drunken monkey jungle)
bambi molesters - tremble & shake (sonic bullets 13 from the hip)
diabolico coupe - mombay express (little carmine)
the mobsmen - smau sound (fraternitas aurum factorem)
the treble spankers - dilmohammed (araban)
swiv-o-matics - elekicity (charm city surfer)
the exotics - sandoway (go go guitars)

the monterays - blast off (strummin mental pt. 1)
the tandems - the rising surf (lost legends of surf guitar)
the intruders - wild goose - 45
the glaciers - holiday hill (from sea to ski)
the ventures - fuzzy and wild (wild things)
laurie wade's cavaliers - cloudburst (board boogie)
wes dakus - side winder (teen beat volume 4)

toxic mutants - formicula (still toxic)
genki genki panic - the munge (ghoulie high harmony)
amphibian man - sirenes (hellas)
aloha sluts - aloha theme & brand new surfboard (return of the sluts7")
the delusionaires - road runner (destination poon)

the satin chaps - catch on quick (Might I Suggest The Satin Chaps)
jimmy gordon - buzzzzz - 45
bikini machine - get down (let's party with bikini machine vol. 2)
dave baby cortez - hurricane (jungle exotica vol 2)
phantom surfers - medley: theme from 'the X-Files'/The Extremely Stupid Files (The Great Surf Crash of 1997)

megatronadores - nazareno stomp (wedwdn)
agent octopus - the black pyramid (bottoms up!)
the deadbeats - janky jank (day of the deadbeats)

the irridescents - bali ha'i - 45
kai winding - surf bird (more)
les guitares - galaxie (guitar mood)
los relampagos - vacaciones en espana (new world relampagos)
zoo - fungus (mindexpanders volume 3)

rapido t lusso - caffeine racer (caffeine racer ep)
robotmonkeyarm - l'automa (robotmonkeyarm (part one... robot senza nome!))
el supernaut - icebreaker (plays half dead)
the irradiates - gotcha (first radiations)
surf report - fishtail (lavarockreverb)
howling guitar - silver bullet (howling guitar)
dick dale - 3013DD (spacial disorientation)
the abominable showmen - lobo (the abominable showmen)
the defiant ones - 6,000 stitches (super secret disaster)
the squares - 6 (eight songs)


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