Today's Show and Last Week's Playlist

I've done Christmas shows in the past and I wanted to die by the end of it. So today's show has a light, tolerable dollop of Christmas surf mixed with a few new releases and a lil' bit of whatever-the-hell

Here's last week's: 12/12/16

diabolico coupe - Saturday Night (little carmine)
burt rocket - boss board (fiberglass frenzy)
krontjong devils - reverberovska (on tour!!!)
pounded by the surf - aloha chino hills (no waves)
tremolo beer gut - plutonium (under the influence of)

the nocturnes - Riptide (board boogie)
Davie Allen & The Arrows - tee pee (apache '65)
the pharos - pintor (Pulp Surfin')
the devrons - brand x (45)
Dick Dale & his del-tones - surfin' drums (surfers' choice)

the defiants - surfer's twist (45)
stories from shamehill - Beach blanket bingo (live) (made in amsterdam (live))
dr tritón - el choque (surfing contest)
los guapos - chickenhawk in b minor (parts 1 and 2) (sin tremor)
hodaddys - vaporizer (hot rods n' surf)

grand kahuna - Crossfire (grand kahuna ii)
el gran miercoles - Johnson City (this is surf-steady)
the vibrants - vibrant (the exotic guitar sounds of)
The Sandblasters - toothless cannibal (cactus stingray)
los shains - Algo Divertido y Loco!!! (docena 3)

the madeira - Ancient Winds (ancient winds)
the barbwires - at the skyline drive-in (...sounds like trouble)
the ampFibians - adios, tuco (enigma of the deep)
les agamemnonz - brulure indienne (au revoir)

van shipley - diwana hua badal (wondrous melodies)
big lazy - Human Sacrifice (don't cross myrtle)
tito y sus supersonicos - solo un rumor - cuarteto de nos (popular vol 8)
holy mountain top removers - Monsieur espionnage (the ones disappearing you)

bande de los apaches - danger cologne (bande de los apaches)
the isotopes - odd particle (overstay their welcome)
the st kilda gammarays - honda girl (girl on a motorcycle)
The Grave diggers - los campiones del justicio (the grave diggers ep)
threesome - glise 581 (adriatica)
the mono men - Boss (stop draggin' me down)
swami john reis & the blind shake - sets of fire (modern surf classics)
king ghidora - curse of poseidon (curse of poseidon)
rat rod sickoli and the uranian slave labor union - uranian voodoo tiki gods from outer space (the uranian slave labor union demo)


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