Today's Show and Last Week's Playlist

Man, the weather is spectacular here in New Orleans, I can't wait to do this show. I've got new stuff from Dr. Triton, Los Guapos, Stories from Shamehill and Rat-Rod Sickoli and looking through all the 2016 stuff lead me to want to play some 2015 stuff. I think y'all are gonna like this one.

Here's last week


dead rocks - fingerboard (surf explosao)
royal fingers - wild datsun (wild eleki deluxe)
the cavernarios - camino a varadero (camino a varadero)
the krontjong devils - mustang (action!)
aloha sluts - surferama (live at hotrodded bullfrog)
mike barbwires & the blue ocean six - The Surge (camel rock b/w the surge)

the torquays - The Other Side (surf-age nuggets)
the millionaires - rock and a half (surf guitars rumble)
the challengers - rampage (lloyd thaxton goes surfing with the challengers)
The Les Reed Combo - surf rider (45)
jimmy & stan - tahiti (45)
the fabulous wailers - shiver (at the castle)

The Terrorsurfs - dust off my boots pt 2 (Zomboid Surf Attack)
kingargoolas - ampolis cacildis (kingargoolas)
the mystery men - cassandra complex (sonos delirium)
Matt Heaton and the Electric Heaters - smart alec kill (Electric Heaters)
earl and the losers - white dust (fuzz overdrive)

trabants - highwire surfing (an evening with...)
chuck higgins - water wheel (weird and wonderful instrumentals from downey records)
the mutants - cruzerio affairs (mutacalypso now!)
steelism - the spook (615 to fame)

the space rangers - mr lou (ready to take off!)
los belking's - bolido de fuego (el sonido de los belking's)
spies who surf - calling all martians (calling all martians)
the space agency - surfer's guitar (galactic guitars)
the impacs - black lace (Impact!)

phantom frank - cobra's fang (phantom frank)
bikini machine - jungle surf (let's party with bikini machine vol. 2)
seawhores - Fembot (galaxified)
Secret Chiefs 3 - the new daylight (UR: Telstar / The New Daylight)

the isotopes - professional driver on a closed course (do not attempt) (overstay their welcome)
gangrena surf - poseido por el surf (quemar - hundirse - profanar -refractar)
howling guitar - god speed (howling guitar)
otto mann - pool mobile (coolest ranch)
banda de los apaches - shootfest (banda de los apaches)
estrume'n'tal - chapeuzim (neandern'n'tal)
the woggles - flash flood (tempo tantrum)
Retrofoguetes - ativar retrofoguetes (ativar retrofoguetes)
bang! mustang! - opium den (the big twang theory)
os brutus - the sting of the reverb (├╝bersurf)
The derangers - the impaler (legend of daphne blue)


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