Today's Show and Last Week's Playlist

today's plays

Straightforward set today but with new stuff from Os Pontas, Amphibian Man and Mullet Monster Mafia. Tune in at 4pm Central time!

Last week was July 4th so we had a song for every state. Here's what I played with the state in parens

7/4/2016 SURFIN USA

Link Wray - run chicken run (North Carolina)
los straitjackets - Pop Rocks & Coke (Tennessee)
The High Breaks - The Big One (Vermont)
Satan's Pilgrims - Ben Tanaka (Oregon)
Buddy and the Squids - Crab Walk (Mississippi)

The Argons - Spiked (Kansas)
the rondels - cover charge (Massachusetts)
the astronauts - el aguila (the eel) (Colorado)
the fireballs - torquay (New Mexico)
johnny and the hurricanes - happy time (Ohio)
the trashmen - my woodie (Minnessota)
earl stanley - fish eyes (Louisiana)

Black Flamingos - Shark repellant (New Jersey)
Sonic Screwdriver - Surf Before Sunrise (South Dakota)
Thee Icepicks - The Cooler King (Maine)
the SpeNerds - Bore Tide (Alaska)
The Reverburritos - Go Pills (Arkansas)
john drysdale - secret surfer (Delaware)

lenny and the thundetones - on the loose (Michigan)
tsunami samurai - crash (Kentucky)
mighty surf lords - opium den (Nevada)
gravitron - matahari (South Carolina)
seawhores - Espionage/Fuzzy & Wild (Virginia)

The Ventures - off in the 93rds (Washington)
The Exotics - Lariat (Wisconsin)
The Cocktail Preachers - Albatross Joe (Illinois)
The Boogie Nazis - If Tucson had a beach (Arizona)
The Surf Zombies - Rock N Roll Apeman (Iowa)

The Per Mutations - Surf The Rat (Pennsylvania)
Men in Grey Suits - Buckle Pump (Hawaii)
the serfs - cruisin' the creek (New Hampshire)
Rifamos - Fadista (Utah)

man... or astroman? - Interstellar Hard Drive (Alabama)
The Sub-Vectors - Kobayashi maru (Nebraska)
The Mystery Men - The Uncanny Valley (Georgia)
The Coffin Daggers - The Spy (New York)
9th Wave - Dragon Wagon (Connecticut)
The Abominable Showmen - I Don't THink It's Loaded, Kid (Missouri)
Demoni - Black Lagoon (Idaho)
The Swiv-o-Matics - Too Much (Maryland)
The Del-Vipers - Sex Cauldron (Texas)
Timecop Beach Party - Solar Senselessness (Rhode Island)
The Madeira - The Saracen (Indiana)
Dick Dale & his del-tones - The Victor (California)


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