Today's Show and Last Week's Playlist

today's plays

Not an awful lot of new stuff this week: some Urban Surf Kings, Kaygles, a neat 45 I picked up. Should be fun though, nice bright stuff - good tunes!

Here's last week's


the tormentos - differentes maneras (death drop!)
les agamemnonz - el tremblador (au revoir)
the krontjong devils - the rebel (without cause) (action!)
rat holic - mr. hiro (wipe out with)
the baltic side - rainbow (hope)
the tikinauts - midnight in cebu (the tikinauts)

the new dimensions - deuces and eights (the best of)
the revels - longboard (intoxica!!! the best of)
the mixtures - olive oyl (the east side sound)
richie allen and the pacific surfers - put it on (the rising surf)
the joy boys - swamped (board boogie)
the atlantics - rumble & run (stompin' time)

the kaygles - bringing sand to the beach (sunstroke)
los coyotes - tiki surf (picante! ep)
the nematoads - johnny turbo: spy car mechanic (spy car mechanic)
the dragsters - surfing with the godz (stoked)
los straitjackets - blowout (the further adventures of)

bamboogie injections - astra incognita (wild dandelion stomping)
the all-nighters - drink the night (dance 'til dawn)
el supernaut - walking the concrete pig (plays half dead)
the bambi molesters - Panic Party (as the dark wave swells)

els a-phonics - alburfera stomp (els a-phonics & friends)
men in grey suits - mt st genevieve (return of the cnidarians)
los venturas - praia de norte (miles high)
the mutants - move along! (voodoo blues)
the falcons - maeve (queen of diamonds)
travelers of tyme - westworld 2056 (travelers of tyme)

Los Mirlos - el sonido de los mirlos (45)
los ratones - Frenesi (45)
los beltons - el revolucionario (45)
billy mure - drums of india (around the world in percussion)
the break - blasket islands (church of open sky)

surfpatrouille - beatblocker (instronaut)
man... or astro-man? - the vortex beyond (supersonic toothbrush helmet)
the paralyz - spiral ufo (non stop a go go)
the spoils - austerity bomb (have a drink with)
the mobsmen - bubbles (fraternitas aurum factorem)
Davie Allen & The Arrows - fast & loose (the arrow dynamic sounds of)
switch trout - cardinal surf (turn on my switch)
howling guitar - too drunk to fuck (howling guitar)
the good the bad - 23 (from 018 to 033)
los tiros - el apocalipsis viene a caballo (expertos en cagarla)
appalachian surf team - ojo del tigre (live at pilot light)


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