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Today's Plays

Alright y'all! For those nitpickers out there, today is summer solstice, so if you were waiting for an excuse to enjoy surf rock you have it. New stuff from the Kaygles, a lot of out-there stuff today. You'll like it!

Here's last week's: 6/13/2016

satan's pilgrims - my woodie (frankenstomp)
the space cossacks - red sunrise (interstellar stomp)
los venturas - pradesh hypno beat (miles high)
davie allan & the arrows - fender bender (the arrow dynamic sounds of)
brazil 2001 - bikini summer (fist full of sand)

the minors - avalanche (45)
eddie & the showmen - toes on the nose (toes on the nose)
the centuries - anniversary hop (45)
the rondels - zombie (honkers & twangers)
los dragones - mas accion (45)
the galaxies - tremble (wax, board, and boogie)

the aqua barons - last sunset (southeast stompers)
crazy aces - big dog (surfadelic spy-a-go-go)
the el caminos - surf teen beat (behind the surf)
dawn patrol - shooting the pier (dawn patrol)
husky & the sandmen - arabian nights (arabian nights '96)
le grand miercoles - commin' home baby (ghost cowboys)

man... or astroman? - the wayward meteor (the sounds of tomorrow)
the revomatics - bikini atoll (we come in peace)
los wakamonos - blue steamer (4 fancy eleki hits)
boss fink - motorvixen (r.p.m.)
the tiki creeps - atomic age to stone age (invaders from beyond the sound of surf)

bamboogie injections - Dandelion Wine (wild dandelion stomping)
coffin daggers - head on (aggravatin' rhythms)
huevos rancheros - secret recipe (dig in!)
insect surfers - Stingray (death valley coastline)
martin cilia - Telstar (surfersaurus)

los beltons - el condor pasa (45)
kazi aniruddha - mafe karo (bollywood steel guitar)
los blue kings de ñaña - La Paloma (45)
the son of p.m. - lhow lenum (shadow music of thailand)
bill sevesi and his islanders - tiger shark (45)

planet seven - young and useless (pleasurecraft recovery theme)
the lava rats - blowtorch (surfing the magma)
molokai - gliding through the sewers (you surf, we send piranhas)
beware the danger of a ghost scorpion - unforgettable skull deformation (5 after midnight)
the blue demons - east bay (mad fabricators)
the aquaholics - superbee! (psycho satanic surf party)
nahuelaizers - la coca (pirata del asphalto ep)
king beez - skeleton dance (deathproof vol. 1)
el ray - Justin Case (the evil mermaid)
arno de cea and the clockwork wizards - fuck computers (bug terminal)
mahatma gangue - chafurdo na praia (surfe destrua)


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