Today's Show and Last Week's Playlist

today's plays

It's memory day, hopefully y'all are all off barbecuing a food. I suggest listening to SSOR while you do it! A lot of fun stuff, sunny stuff, weird stuff.

Here's last week's

the volcanics - bullseye (stomin' garage)
the surf coasters - new east (rising)
hypnotide - Shark Attack (landlocked)
the bambi molesters - bikini machines (45)
the sir finks - the ugly surfer (devil's agent 7")

the tornadoes - malaguena (beyond the surf!)
the novas - take 7 (the crusher ep)
the rotations - heavies (cowabunga: the surf box)
the journeymen - road runner (rare surf vol 1)
the royaltones - wail! (45)
the diablos - el bandito (45)

the vice barons - Time Bomb (steel blue moods)
the cavaleros - the hearse (atomic 2016 version) (pistolero (single release))
sir bald diddley and his wigouts - comanche (nitrous peroxide)
satan's pilgrims - Steel Pier (soul pilgrim)
the krontjong devils - morpheous (on tour!!!)
diabolico coupe - slinky (little carmine)

odicolon - dracula'slove gone (dracula's dreams)
the masonics - the masonic machine (the masonic machine turns you)
orchester charles blackwell - the bumble beat (planetary pebbles vol 1)
moussaka - yaran (yaran)
speedball jr - khamisu khan (tiki p.i.)
the lively ones - night and day (surfer's mood volume iii)

gasolines - la serpiente (jungle surfers)
the daytonas - surf encounter (parabolica)
el ray - the danger of tv radiation (highwave to hell)
13th magic skull - Funnel of Love (sungazing in rapa nui)
treble spankers - backfire (7")

holy mountain top removers - palace in tune with the uproar (the ones disappearing you)
the spacemen - genroku hanami odori (cherry viewing a go-go)
johnny guitar - ? (in thai) (? (in thai))
aqua velvets - casbah club (guitar noir)

fifty foot combo - decompression (fifty foot combo)
hell-o-tiki - Nostromo (attack of lady octopussy)
the dead rocks - center of the universe (tiki twist ep)
the trashwomen - nightmare on the drag strip (spend the night with)
the one night standards - weehawkin (octane)
seawhores - galaxifried (emilio al dente)
docteur legume et les surfwerks - speed cops (four tales of chemistry)
heuvos rancheros - crowchild (endsville)
ava kant - davie the fuzzed (highwave star)
sandy nelson and the sin city termites - surf tune (nelsonized)
los cataclismos - ramblin' rose (el vertigo de las olas)


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