PSA: Halloween is a terrible time to release your Halloween music.

A skeleton plays fiddle for monsters

October is a great time for surf music. Some bands specialize in horror surf, some bands release spooky songs for the occasion -- it's great! Just dont' wait until Halloween to do it.

I understand how it's fun to have that release date. And for the record, I'm pretty sure on bandcamp you can put a release date as Halloween but already have the songs purchaseable and downloadable. The issue is Halloween is not a day when people sit down and sift through all the new Halloween music. Not even me! OK maybe a little bit. But the majority of people are going to listen to your music in NOVEMBER.

This is not just for the benefit of my Halloween special. In fact, I'm lucky because this year it's on All Hallows' Eve Eve. But other radio shows are less lucky (and DJ Dotty is doing Halloween shows all through October).

Let us enjoy spooky music all month. Release early. If Christmas can somehow creep earlier than Thanksgiving, then surely we can all creep earlier than the creep day.


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