Please give me a scare for this year's HOLLEREEN SHOW!

Please give me a scare for this year's HOLLEREEN SHOW!

What's scarier than a show full of eery surf tracks? YOU ARE! I need your help to make this the most terrifying Storm Surge of Reverb HOLLEREEN SHOW yet. That means accumulating your SCREAMS, BEAST MOANS, DEATH THREATS, and other SPOOKY NOISES to be played back during the show. THIS YEAR that show is Monday, October 26th, so I'd like your calls by October 25th. Not the closest to Halloween ever, which means we gotta let EVEN MORE EVIL IN

The number to call is (504) 457-8126. That's a google voice line that only exists for you to scream at, nobody will pick up.

If you find that the telephone is too primitive for the finer parts of your awful self to be broadcast, you can UPLOAD IT HERE!

A few rules: I'll try to play everything, but I reserve the right not to. There's no minimum or maximum length, but over 30 seconds is pushing it. And I can't play anything sexual.


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