Playlist! 9-7-20

The Krontjong Devils - apres ski (On Tour!!!)
The Intoxicators - The White Spot (Easter Eggs on Halloween)
the st. kilda gammarays - Girl on a Motorcycle (girl on a motorcycle)
Surfer Joe - Difficult Choice (Swell of Dwell)
The Volcanics - Big Bossman (Forgotten Cove)
phantom surfers - Big Screen Spectacular Tonight (The Music from the Big Screen Spectaculars)

The Royal Coachmen - Loophole (Muscle Bustle)
The Journeymen - Work Out (rare surf: south bay bands)
The Pyramids - Contact (penetration! best of the pyramids)
The Lively Ones - Rik-a-Tik (Surf Rider)
The Progressives - Hot Cinder (Lost Legends of the Surf Guitar)

Los Freneticos - Americana Twist (Macumba)
The Spiratones - Six Before Breakfast (Sunworshipper)
The Surf Mist - Cathedrals Chained (13th Wave)
Kay Firlito & the Sun-Dried Surf Band - Beach Jerky (Beach Jerky)
donald and the tremendous shit surfers - puerto rico five-o (presidential droppings)

Sheverb - Sunrise on Cahuilla (Once Upon a TIme in Bombay Beach)
Impala - The Insomniac (In the Late Hours)
The Akulas - The Mafista (Rustines)
Aqualads - Night Tide (Castaway EP)
Rifamos - Matador (Rifamos)

los mosquitos - bierfuzz (demo)
the almighty devildogs - eles vivem (the hound dogs uprising)
the creature preachers - the warlock (horror hymns vol. 1)
mad 3 - shining (teenage delinquent)
robert johnson and the punchdrunks - Sham (fried on the altar of good taste)

Messer Chups - Mondo Pshik (Lost Tracks)
Potbelly MacKraken - Pier Pressure (Surf 'n' Ska)
stereophonic space sound unlimited - love goddess (the fluid soundbox)
The Quests - Sayonara (instrumentally yours)
The Son of PM - Kong Yao (Shadow Music of Thailand)
Les Robots - Cameltoe A Go Go! (Sound of the Middle East)

Said the Ripper - Ricky the Gambler (The Hanging At Barbed Wire)
The Palermo Surf Experience - Evil Desert Ghost Train From Hell (With Death) (Far From Famous)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - Rupture Continuum Espace Temps (Retro Futurisme Volume I LP)
The Centellas - The Green Death (Especimen Surf)
Trabants - Sky Walker (Freakout)
Reverberati - Rotowash (Combat Surf)
The Aqua Barons - Abandon Ship! (Southeast Stompers)
The Wave Chargers - Dernier Village (The Wave Chargers)
The Secret Samurai - Raskolnikov's Revenge (Zanshin)
Urban Surf Kings - El Toro! (Livorno)


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