Playlist 9-22-2014

space cossacks - beyond the third star (tsar wars)
the avengers vi - time bomb (real cool hits)
the insect surfers - ocean maid (death valley coastline)
the exotics - jetsetter (go go guitars)
the prisoners - f.o.p. (the last fourfathers)
footstep surf music band - violentures (mercosurf)

the sentinals - tor-chula (sunset beach)
the runabouts - surfer's fright (surf-age nuggets)
the vikings - plastic coat (shake um up rock)
the starliners - static (reed)
the blazers - beaver patrol (it came from the beach)

les gardians - gardian's time - 45
ted taylor four - spotlight (telstars, mexicans, manhunts & wonderful lands)
the tornados - stompin' through the rye (telstar)
the skylights - ginchy (suomalaisia rautalankaaanityksia)

audiosamigos - the bat (432 hurtz)
the evanstones - slippery surface (there are no words)
Doctor A-Go-Go - hot girlie action (hot girlie action)
the night birds - agent zero (monster surf)
surf zombies - tophat (it's a... thing!)

the five - theme from burger force (the suffering bastard) (for five nights only)
link wray & the wraymen - mustang (the original rumble)
the blue demons - cat on a hot foam board (mad fabricators)
the fathoms - getaway car (fathomless)
surf report - naugahide (bikini island experiment)

the phantom four - esperanza (esperanza ep)
travelers of tyme - man from t.y.m.e. 1960 (travelers of tyme)
condor gruppe - bismantova (4 track demo)
combustible edison - hot and bothered (the impossible world)
the space agency - cyclone (galactic guitars)

the abominable showmen - rob the ripper (the abominable showmen)
kimmo kalaja & friends - fire coral (surfpunk!)
the mobsmen - tandeborstel twist (scelerats syndicate)
blairracuda - Formaldehyde and seek (tidal grave)
the apemen - surf party (7 inches of love)
the reigning monarchs - black sweater massacre (black sweater massacre)
the protons - attack of the cybermen (out of phase)
the defiant ones - pitch black (super secret disaster)
netunos - 120 (altomar)
the infra-men - warning shot (Mercy Kill A Burning Man)
surfpatrouille - it's not unusual (instronaut)


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