Playlist 6/15/15 (and 6/1/15)

Time to catch up!


burt rocket - the wreck (fiberglass frenzy)
the james boys - stampede - 45
the cavernarios - como pica esta arena (los galerna vs the cavernarios)
zorba and the greeks - shockwave (lost legends of surf guitar iv: shockwave!)

link wray and the wraymen - Jack the Ripper - 45
the crescendos - countdown (las vegas grind pt. 1)
Bo Diddley - the twister (bo diddley is a twister)
the nu-trons - wild side (surfin' on wave nine)
johnny and the hurricanes - buckeye (red river rock)
the teen beats - big bad boss beat (tabu)

tuareg - sahara party (go! go! surf)
the sidemen - the persuaders (go too far)
the fathoms - riptide (fathomless)
genki genki panic - your body is a wasteland (ghoulie high harmony)
jonny & the shamen - smoke! (operation twang)

the phantom operators - il retorno del mariachi (il retorno del mariachi)
audiosamigos - el gordo gato (the reacharound ep)
jan davis - run for your life (boss guitar)
the crazy aces - Big Dog (surfadelic spy-a-go-go)
baleia mutante - smells like parafina (versoes macabras para criancas malcriadas)

los tiki phantoms - Juno (y el misterio del talisman)
del-vipers - monsoon surf (terror of the del-vipers)
seks bomba - the seks bomba theme part 2 (operation bomba)
los plantronics - shawnee (surfing times)
los straitjackets - fury (the utterly fantastic and totally unbelievable sound of)
the trabants - white fire (FREAKOUT)
hodaddys - Capsized (hot rods n' surf)

wjlp - greek salad (petomaniac)
treble spankers - biarritz 2000 (hasheeda)
les jaguars - solitude - 45
the son of p.m. - king of drums (hey klong yao!)
singing guitars - torpedo (surfbeat behind the iron curtain - pt 2)

the tomorrowmen - dr. kilometers (it's about time!)
Atomic Mosquitos - meltdown (meltdown)
speedball jr. - ...and the horse you rode in on (treble in paradise)
dinosaur ghost - sand level (dinosaur ghost)
the alohas - lunalaguna (get leid with)
the protons - be prepared for a fantastic adventure into the future (out of phase)
the irradiates - audrey jr (revenge of the plants)
the all-nighters - escape from the nuthouse (dance til' dawn)
this machine kills robots - harbour house (a history of violent crimes in the darkkest corners of the ocean floor)

Was out of town for 6/8/15


the hillbilly rockets - dark horse (the way way out sound of...)
the ramblin ambassadors - rat creek (vista cruiser county squire)
the concussions - fur-lined speedo (break up with)
belmont playoys - Wild One (Wolf Patrol)
atomic 7 - stab it & steer it (en hillbilly caliente)

the kan-dells - Cloudburst (surf-age nuggets)
the rhythm rockers - breakfast at tressels (soul surfin')
The Busters - pine tree hop - 45
the nitecaps - sassy frug (the frug)
the champs - Beatnik - 45

Aqualads - storm surge (revenge)
aaron & the burrs - the descent (aaron & the burrs II)
The's - pinball party (the's can't help it)
the surfdusters - el dementia (save the waves)
aarne vesterinen team - kon-tiki (suomalaisia rautalankaaanityksia)
the rockin' r's - heat - 45

the razorblades - headshaker (the dark side of the beach)
Laika and the Cosmonauts - baha-ree-bah (instruments of terror)
tsunamibots - rise of the robots (rise of the robots)
atomic mosquitos - hollow point (meltdown)
mofos - vendetta (six pack performance)
huevos rancheros - smartbomb (get outta dodge)
los galerna - soy de la costa (sangre en el atlantico)

the trabants - black jack (FREAKOUT)
los twang! marvels - surf dilemma (jungle of twang!)
the incredible heavies - severino drops in (blackball rebellion)
west samoa surfer league - stringer (moments of truth ep)
the tarantinos NYC - dust-up (surfin' the silver screen)

the spacemen - sutoton (cherry viewing a go-go)
the phantom four - savannah (mandira)
travelers of tyme - john titor (chronomads)
the trends - the beard - 45
the fiends - quetzal quake - 45

the apemen - intoxica (7 inches of love)
the mobsmen - barbershop accident (fraternitas aurum factorem)
the coffin daggers - dr. guillotine (the coffin daggers)
the routes - luck of the devil (instrumentals)
el ray - carlos (highwave to hell)
los plantronics - golden dawn of the surf patrol (surfing times)
sun ra and the blues project - robin theme (batman and robin)
hawaii samurai - blastin' days in honolulu ├ęcouter (the shape of surf to come)
the deadbeats - hagbelly (day of the deadbeats)


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