Playlist! 6-17-19

Krontjong Devils - The Rafter (En Garde)
Durango14 - Desperado (Vol. 3)
I Fattones - Middle East Nights (I Fattones)
Par Avion - Surfzilla (Surfzilla!)
Les Vice Barons - Fire in your Soul (lookin' in the face of evil)

The Fugitives - Fugitive (45)
The Challengers - Torquay (45)
Frank and the Tel Stars - Concerto in the Stars (45)
The Nitehawks - Muddy (45)
los blue kings de ñaña - melodia para un rey (45)

The Ouroboros Boys - Crossed Wires (Mall of Horrors)
The Wet Ones! - Inept Tune (Tombstoning)
Pointbreak - Pointbreak (Sing!)
Thalasses - mismaloya (navegando entre escila y caribdis)
The Flying Faders - Bone Shovel (Tectonic Shifts)

Surfer Joe - A-Frame (Swell of Dwell)
The Kilaueas - The Dark Wave Smells (Touch My Alien)
The Bradipos IV - Hangover Serenade (lost waves)
The Sonoras - Gran Jaguar (El Baile Del Silencio)
Trabants - Theme for a Savage Land (Nel Cuore Di Una Terra Selvaggia (In the Heart of a Savage Land))

les agamemnonz - Diana (Diana / Lacrymos)
Moms I'd like to surf - messiah jerk (beach control to major knob)
Surfoniani - Cleopatra (Cleopatra/Monkey Sounds)
The Phantom Dragsters - Zombie Dance (At Tiki Horror Island)

Dirty Fuse - Islands in the Surf (Last Wave)
Galactic Gold - Nuggy Foot Truck (Digital Vape)
The Raulis - chicken haole (The Raulis)
ghiblis - novembre mood (surfinia)
carl satan - surfin the vortex (A Invasão dos Controladores de Mentes do Planeta Vermelho)

los campeones - blood surfer (original demo music)
The Blue Demons - cat on a hot foam board (mad fabricators)
the del-toros - Octowave (Ten Stories High)
The Perks - Los platos del diablo (tyrantula)
Atomic Mosquitos - bloodening (bug music for bug people)
oongow - double down (oongow)
the insect surfers - razorback (east/west)
tsunamibots - binary beach (surfing craze in the robotic age)
the revomatics - curb stomp (nocturnica)
the kbk - meltdown in sector 9 (Acute Exposure: The First Ten Years)
The Tremolo Beer Gut - Sonofabitch (the inebriated sound of...)


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