Playlist! 6-10-19

El Zeb - Lane Splitter (El Zeb)
El Supernaut - Walking the Concrete Pig (plays half dead)
flat duo jets - chiquita (flat duo jets)
The Volcanics - Revel Rally (Forgotten Cove)
The Insect Surfers - Electric Marlin (Mojave Reef)

Mac Rebennack - Storm Warning ()
The Tennessee Guitars - Trophy Run - 45
the original surfaris - down under (bombora!)
The Journeymen - Surfer's Rule (rare surf volume one)
The Bel Airs - Baggies (Get a board!)
los rockets - caravan (los rockets)

The Flying Faders - Pontius Pirate (Tectonic Shifts)
Thalasses - Escila (Navegando Entre Escila y Caribdis)
ouroboros boys - arrowhead (mall of horrors)
Pointbreak - Tsunami (Sing!)
les vice barons - operazione vendetta (lookin in the face of evil)

Carl Satan - Jaguatirica Dentes de Sabre (A Invasão dos Controladores de Mentes do Planeta Vermelho)
The Jagaloons - Beware! the Orange Claw (Ruin the Party)
the kilaueas - reverborama (The Kilaueas and Surfer Joe Play the Astronauts and More)
bevel emboss - tarantula (celluloid)
thee benevolent tarots - magic 8 ball (meet your fate)

Shark Attack!! - Charm School (WTUL Songs from the Basement)
fuzillis - slip 'n slide (grind a go go)
Dirty Fuse - Oasi (Last Wave)

Omar Khorshid - Karoun Karoun (Belly Dance from Lebanon)
Galactic Gold - 50 Swing (Digital Vape)
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Section 5 (The Spacesound Effect)
The New Shaker Sex Addicts - Too Early For Breakfast (We're In This Together)

The Monterreys - Shish Kebab (The Pharoah)
The 'Verb - suspense in sector seven (only 'verb can break your heart)
Thee Andrews Surfers - Moment of Truth (Rip off!)
Tidal Baby - Boogie Boarding//Kowabhangra (UFO Surf Club)
OONGOW - 43 in a 25 (OONGOW)
Lost Culture - Trouble on the Coast (Weirdo Beach)
coffin haze - a grave above all (surf britannia)
Camarones Orquestra Guitarrística - surfers (surfers)
king beez - chupacabra (death proof vol 2)
docteur legume et les surfwerks - 2001 cerveau salade (the cave of skulls)


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