Playlist! 5-7-18

Los Coronas - Supertubos (surfin' tenochititlan)
Los Pontiaks - Psycho Sonic Boogie (Motel Acapulco)
Atomic 7 - stab it & steer it (en hillbilly caliente)
The Looney Tunes - Santa Cruz (The Modern Sounds Of)
Pounded By the Surf - Acid Drop (No Waves)
Sir Frog and the Toads - Mustang (It Came from the Beach)

The Chandelles - Jester (that's swift! instrumentals from the norman petty vault)
The Fabulous Wailers - San-Ho-Zay (at the castle)
The Gigolos - Night Creature (Lost-lost Honkers & Twangers)
The Ventures - mariner no. 4 (Knock me Out)
The Pyramids - Pyramid Stomp (Play Penetration)
The Ventures - Slaughter on 10th Avenue (Knock me Out)

Els Ocells - El Cant Dels Ocells (El Cant Dels Ocells)
Los Primitivos Surf - Plan Siniestro (Surf o muerte)
Church Surf - Be not afraid (church surf)
Spitwater - ET out of San Arco (Tapping the Source)
Robotron - Headless robot from planet Zahrkoor (gorgonzolah's revenge)
Snorkel Surfers - Viernes de quincena (live @ the jam room, playa del carmen)

los fantasticos - man turns animal (return of the leopard)
Los Kanibales Surf Combo - Lovebite en la playa (locos singles instrumentales)
ramparts - murder on the spillway (no-fi)

Los Venturas - El Rey de los Cielos (Miles High)
Trabants - Sky Walker (Freakout)
Blackball Bandits - Old Man's Revenge (The Lost Mission)
The Fathoms - Dagger Bones (Fathom This!)

Empiricals qc - Hong Ha (Golden Beat)
Los Cerros - Corte de pelo (Cuchilito)
gitkin - plaid suit (5 star motel)
3 balls of fire - black out! (best of the balls)
The Zip-codes - rally pack (mustang!)

The Delstroyers - Ghost Highway (Diabolical!)
The Nebulas - T-16 (Nebula One)
Los Tiki Phantoms - Fuego (Mueven el esqueleto)
The All-Nighters - Drink the Night (Dance Til' Dawn)
Los Turbos - Natasha (Demo '13)
The Moths - Snake Eyes (to hell with..)
Terror Waves - Radium (Terror Waves EP)
The Spoils - Austerity Bomb (Spend a night with)
Pappys - Space Ride (Crazy Blues Pluggers)
Sandblasters - Quick Sand (Cactus Stingray)
The Grave Diggers - A.Rab (the grave diggers ep)
Surf Coasters - Thunder Wave (Surface Impression)


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