Playlist! 4-6-20

Langhorns - Las Vegas Fist Fight (Las Vegas Fist Fight)

The Bluebottles - Smack in the Face (Poolside with the Bluebottles)

Los Misterios - Carrusel Glactico (Planeta Misterio)

The Surfer Novas - Radio Galaxy (Project Serpo EP)

Os Gatunos - Voltron (Os Gatuons Vao a Praia)


The New Dimensions - Rumblebee (Deuces and Eights)

The Busters - All American Surfer (Arlen)

The Bel-Airs - Ramrod (Volcanic Action)

The Denver-Men - Stomp Fever (RCA)

The Piltodwn Men - Night Surfin' (The Piltdown Men Ride Again)

The Tornados - Alan's Tune (Ridin' the Wind)


The Volcanics - Return of Mr. Midnight (Freakout)

Girl Over Planet - Tangerine bAY (In Search of Cosmic Oceans)

Los Surfer Compadres - Maximizer (Happy Birthday)

Los Atarrayas - Dispersion de la Atarraya (Premiere Vague)

Magla Waves - Moussaka (CRABS)


The Madeira - Undercurrents (Center of the Surf)

Voltz Supreme - Mystery at Sundown (Western Music)

Intoxicos - Keep Out (End Times)

WJLP - Cuban Heels (Queen of the Jungle)

Albert Gines - Cato Fong Theme (The First Monkey in Space)


Wave Tables - Spy Song (Natives)

Funny Bunny - Great What (Terror at Cape Canaveral High! Original Soundtrack)

Ichi-Bons - Don't Call Me Flyface (Black Dice Demos)

Theeee Gondola - Pirate Wray (Pirate Wray)

The Bumblebats - Balaclava (Standing in the Shadows of Moncton


The Grunions - The Scrunger (Star Fish Prime)

Gene Sikora & The Irrationals - Tanganyika (Technicolor Paradise - Rhum Rhapsodies & Other Exotic Delights)

Tikiyaki Minus Orchestra - A Pacific Isle Soundscape (Sketches with Guitar and Bongos)

Bongho Krappul - Abyzz (Jao San)

Arthur Anderson - Black Canyon (Psycho Serf)


The Coffin Daggers - Psychonaut (The Coffin Daggers)

Amphibian Man - Sea Treasure (Waves)

Los Tiros - Forjado a Fuego Lento en Fort Knox (Expertos En Cagarla)

Molokai - The End of Time: Molokraj 1.0 (Rack Attack)

The Bills - Carbomb (Hag in a Black Leather Jacket)

Les Atlantiques - Torpedo (Promo Recordings)

Fountoukla - Galamemeli (no)

Los Pecadores - Tough Love (Tough Love)

Los Pinche Pinches - Social Mierda (Best Album I Ever Heard *****)

Arno de Cea & the Clockwork Wizards - Fluide Glacial (Flash Freezing the Sun)


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