Playlist! 4-26-21

The Krontjong Devils - Slipstream (En Garde!)
The Men in Grey Suits - Bahia-Mar (Panic at the Pier)
the head henchmen - party at the bongo (oh no! it's the head henchmen)
the fathoms - git my goat (overboard)
Satan's Pilgrims - Taco Truck (Taco Truck)

Nick and the Jaguars - Ichi-I-Bon (45)
The Journeymen - Road Runner (rare surf the south bay bands)
The Galaxies - Tremble (Wax, Board and Woodie)
The Ramblers - Hanging One (Surf Legends and Rumors)
The Lively Ones - Goofy Foot (Surf Rider)
The Crescendos - Countdown (Las Vegas Grind Part 1)

Los Blue Marinos - Big Mamma (Big Mamma)
Alberta Beach - Distant Chores (Prairie Flashbacks)
vern jules & the aquanauts - smoke dream (the spectre)
les atlantiques - hold it (lost tracks)
de gringos y gremmies - knucklepunch (the band from laramie)
Destructoide - abominable (pandemonium)

Big Kahuna Matata - Nine Zeros (Triocyclone)
Los Protones - Concheperla (Maravilla)
The Surf Kings - The Deep (Blue Pacific)
The Deep - Fight (The Deep)
Sys Malakian - Bioluminiscencia (Unknown Creatures)

The Bali Lamas - Coral Fixation (high times/low tides)
Wave Tasbles - The Gutter (Natives)
Les VIce Barons - FIre in your soul (lookin' in the face of evil)
paradise tax - sneaker wave (paradise tax)
middle finger and his fingertips - mission fingtertips (fingerprints 1999)
the grande bois - bloodsuckers beat (grand finale)

Indy Tumbita & the Voodoo Bandits - Hypnotica (Cocodrilia)
Expressway Sketches - When the Sun Goes Down, Surf's Up (Surfin the Day, Lovin' the Night)
les guitares du diable - le bastion (cyclone! gallic guitars a-go-go)
exotico paradisio - cry of the jungle beasts (jungle feast)
The Del-Vipers - Cobra's Fang (Cannibal Safari)
Threesome - Hydro-Active Desert (On Tour)

Los Tiki Phantoms - Satan's (regresan de la tumba)
The Wangs - Sky Patrol (Halloween Party)
Terrorist Bengala Party - Kali's Double Back Flip (Surf Post Atomico)
Estrume'n'tal - Baguncela (neandern'n'tal)
Man or Astro-Man? - Preparation Clont (A Spectrum of Infinite Scale)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - saturne = hula hoop eternel (retro futurisme volume II)
the routes - ain't it black (instrumentals II)


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