Playlist! 4-23-18

los tiki phantoms - Espiral Cósmica (Y el Misterio del Talismán)
los wet guitars - El Barco (Majestic)
The Pulltones - Big Beach (Storm Fisherman)
Langhorns - Fuzzball (club gabardino)
The Barbary Coasters - Cruel Surf (the libertine philosophy of)

Link Wray - Son of Rumble (7")
Albert Collins - Defrost - 45
Sidewalk Sounds - The Loser's Bar (Born Losers)
The Astronauts - Movin' (surfin' with the astronauts)
the ready men - Wipe Out (Get Ready!!)
The Ventures - Diamonds (Surfing)

the atomic mosquitos - Ah, the atmosphere (Meltdown)
rock-a-hulas - el cruncho (Bad Seed is Coming To Town)
The Trashwomen - Space Needle (Spend the Night With)
robotron - the attack of the giants (robotron versus the invincible and indestructable reptilicus)
The Kimono Dragons - Iceberg (Swirldoggin' with)

Slacktone - Stickman (Into the blue sparkle)
El Supernaut - We Go Moon (Gorilla Fighter)
the kilaueas - Taste of Bikini (Waki Waki Woo)
Impala - Woman in Chains (Teenage Tupelo)
The Cameramen - Victory Theme (Sunken City (parts 1 and 2))
frank klepacki - secret track (red alert soundtrack)

The Coffin Daggers - The Forgotten Prisoner (The Coffin Daggers)
The Mermen - Little Stinky Kitty (the amazing california health and happiness road show)
The Akulas - Le Sang du Soleil (Rustines)
bikini machine - cougar 73 (let's party with bikini machine vol. 2)

The Cosmic Sand Dollars - Critical Density (Let's go critical Density)
Sonido Gallo Negro - Cumbia Ishtar (Mambo Cosmico)
Gitkin - El Millionario (5 star motel)
Mondo Sangue - Wanted (Attraverso il Deserto) (No Place for a man)

the twin tones - Trío De Mercenarios (capello di mariachi)
Slingshot Dragster - UTI (bite the bullet)
the isotopes - Unnatural Selection (overstay their welcome)
jubarte ataca - Capeta Com o Cão nos Couros (falso + 4)
trve angst svrf kvlt - safi (بلاك مآتال)
The Perks - Monster's Balls (Tyrantula)
the tomorrowmen - maelstrom (it's about time)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - Science et résistance (Retro Futurisme Volume I LP)
Link Wray - Son of Rumble at Wrong Speed (7")


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