Playlist! 4-13-20

The 'Verb - Sun Beached Reef
Los Freneticos - Heat Wave (Teletransportacion)
The Kanaloas - The Bronze Bull (Surf A Go Go)
The Bitch Boys - 4th Dimension AKA The Outer Limits (Ride the First Wave)
Bang! Mustang! - Dusty (Surfin' NSA)

The Creations - The Crash (Surf Age Nuggets)
Impact 5 - Riptide (Strummin Mental Part Two!)
The Galaxies - Tremble (Wax, Board and Woodie)
los shains - ciudad de rompientes (et ritmo de los shain's)
the vibrasonics - drag race (surf guitars rumble)
Jan Davis - The Flight of the Bee (Boss Guitar)
The Counts - Chitlin, Etc (Frolic Diner Part 3)

Twenty Euro for Love - Sambapatia (Unsurfing Bastards)
Les Atlantiques - Atlantis (Promo Recordings)
The Volcanics - Freakout (Freakout)
Wave Tables - Suck N' Roll (Natives)
Los Surfer Compadres - Las Mananitas & Happy Birthday

Girl Over Planet - Most People Call Me... Jim (In Search of Cosmic Oceans)
The Green Reflectors - Hitchcock Presents... (Tune Up)
Fountouki - galameli (blah)
Los Misterios - Oh Carino (Planeta Misterio)
Stories from Shamehill - Queen of Tides (El Salto del Jalapeno / Queen of Tides)

The Necronautics - The Chase (The Necronautics)
The Curse of Harry Dean - The The Curse (The Curse of Harry Dean: The Curse)
Reverba Trio - Onde Estara Wander? (((RT)))
Bevel Emboss - Hot in the House (Celluloid)

Malphino - Mono Borracho (Visit Malphino)
Bongo Krappul - Atrium Phatoz (JAO SAN)
Arthur Andersen - Turnpike Cruiser (psycho serf)
The Grunions - Night Shift (Star Fish Prime)

The Noones - Journey to the Center of Uranus (Noones Instrumentals)
(THE) Katatonics - Shreddy Roosevelt (The Katatonics/Estrangers Split)
The Delusionaires - Dinosaur (Desination Poon)
The Dead Rocks -
The Telestons - Bourneli Surf (Summer Licks
Surf Report - Surfonica (Inferno)
Necronomikids - Rocket Man (Necronomikids)
Dick et les Epsions - Popcorn (The Fabulous Frozen Sounds Of)
Los Pecadores - Shark Attack (Tough Love)
Thee Cormans - Surf Shack of Doom (Halloween Record w/ Sound Effects)
Theeee Gondola - Theeee Fly (Pirate Wray)
Terreur Twist - Hotep California (pre prod. 03.2020)
The Twang-o-Matics - Vesle Hoa (The wild and Exotic Sounds of)


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