Playlist 3/9/2015: Covers!

100% covers as a thank you for a good pledge drive. I've added the original artist after the *

the shockwave - Take On Me (contact from space) *A-ha
necronomikids - Popcorn (necronomikids) *Gershon Kingsley
the space rangers - das model (ready to take off!) *Kraftwerk
the tremolo beer gut - Midtown (Under the Covers With...) *Tom Waits
the mag seven - sleepwalk (knife to a gunfight) *Santo & Johnny

the bitch boys - knjazigor vs. the phantom of the opera (ride the first wave) *Andrew Lloyd Weber
the baronics - vivaldi-Spring R. 269. Concerto in E Major (get bach!) *Vivaldi
takeshi terauchi and the bunnys - theme from symphony no 5 (let's go classics) *Beethover
monaci del surf - imperial march (monaci del surf) *John Williams

the ramonetures - Rock and Roll High School (ramonetures) *Ramones
the crimson ghosts - angelfuck (some kinda hits) *Misfits
surf report - Crazy Train (bikini island experiment) *Black Sabbath
marshall and the martins - barracuda (the purple thing) *Heart
Pollo Del Mar - charlie don't surf (charlie does surf) *The Clash

the sir finks - heart full of soul ((tres mexicans) del surf del texas) *The Yardbirds
los winston lobo - the man who surfed the world (the man who surfed the world) *David Bowie
wave invasion - Eleanor Rigby (wave invasion) *the Beatles
pj & artie (I'm gonna) work out fine (rare surf vol. 1) *Ike & Tina Turner

the tomorrowmen - tunak tunak ((unreleased)) *Daler Mehndi
big surf - surf it (probability wave) *Devo
surfpatrouille - it's not unusual (instronaut) *Tom Jones
the red planets - Hey Ya! (chases lead to crashes) *Outkast

the charades - Like a Virgin (all around the world with) *Madonna
le grand miercoles - Straight To Hell (ghost cowboys) *The Clash
hell-o-tiki - Goodbye Horses (tiki twister) *Q Lazzarus

travelers of tyme - a fistful of dragons (game of thrones theme) (a fistful of dragons)
switch trout - ever fallen in love (blow mind! here are the trouts) *The Buzzcocks
los plantronics - sheena is a punk rocker (rancho notorious) *The Ramones
los tiki phantoms - kalifornia (regresan de la tumba) *Dead Kennedys
howling guitar - too drunk to fuck (howling guitar) *Dead Kennedys
el supernaut - kill the poor (plays half dead) *Dead Kennedys
estrume'n'tal - redemption surf (neandern'n'tal) *Bob Marley
the coffin daggers - interstellar overdrive (the coffin daggers) *Pink Floyd
los straitjackets - MY HEART WILL GO ON (the velvet touch of...) *Celine Dion


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