Playlist 2/16/2015: PARTY MODE

This was the day before Mardi Gras so it was party themed!

mike barbwires & the blue ocean six - camel rock (camel rock b/w the surge)
impala - king louie stomp (kings of the strip)
the kelly four - guybo (45)
the egyptian combo - rockin' little egypt (45)

marty and the monks - mexican party (strummin mental part 1)
the croc-o-dolls - jungle hootenanny (45)
keetie and the kats - way out (45)
los shains - guau guau a go go (45)
the arrows - bongo party (45)
Roger & the Gypsies - pass the hatchet part 1 (45)
the champs - latin limbo (45)

The Sophisticats - bullfrog (when it rains it purrrrs)
the lushes - drunken guitar (las vegas grind part 1)
the delusionaires - henry j (flooze party)
the rondels - cover charge (45)
the strangers - rockin' rebel (45)
the trashmen - bird dance beat (45)

rat holic - dynamite (wipe out with...)
the revels - six pack (intoxica! the best of)
lord rockingham's xi - fried onions (45)
the rockin' capris - money (45)
the mixtures - olive oyl (45)
the wobblers - wobble (surfin' on wave nine)
neil nissenson - intoxica (surf's up)

els a-phonics - guitar party (els a-phonics & friends)
Tony, Vic and Manuel - 319 La Cienega (A Go-Go Hollywood Night Life)
bruce johnston surfing band - surfer's delight (surfer's pajama party)
the moongooners - moongoon twist (45)
The Royal Pendletons - boo's bash (45)

mach kung fu - frenzy (teach a chick to dance)
bob regan - tarantula (45)
king coney and the hot dogs - ba -pa-da, ba-pa-da (45)
dave and the orbits - cheeta's uncle (45)
the semi-colons ? - Beachcomber (45)
the saxons - camel walk (45)
the majestics - Oasis (45)

fifty foot combo - dimitrius (go hunting)
nick & the jaguars - i-chi-ban (45)
Dave Clark Five - Five by Five (45)
The Squares - congo square (get hip)
the royal teens - royal blue (short shorts: golden classics)
the x-terminators - wild hare (frolic diner)
the wailers - shanghied (the fabulous wailers)
link wray & the wraymen - Fatback (jack the ripper)
jimmy gordon - buzzzzz (45)
swami john reis & the blind shake - kooks on the face (modern surf classics)


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