Playlist! 2021 show!

One little note about this one: I was definitely a little rushed on this. I made the playlist Christmas evening, recorded some of the voice breaks in a burger king parking lot during a road trip. Every song on here deserves to be here... but there are a lot of songs that ALSO did. This is of course a testament to how great of a year this was for surf, but I think there are some glaring omissions that I feel I should apologize for.

Man Or Astro-Man? - Space 1991 (None) (Space 1991)
The Bomboras - Party at Gregg's (Party at Gregg's)
The Tremolo Beer Gut - The Minx (You Can't Handle…)
Blackball Bandits - Bullshark (The Cursed Island)
Ethan Luck - North Beach (The Golden West)

The Silicon - Woody Goes to Nice (Woody Goes to Nice)
Jason Janik - Spyglass (A.M. Waves)
Surfer Joe - Coil Burner (World Traveler)
JJ and The Trashdogs - Goin' Down (Donde Estas)
Los Blue Marinos - Wild Marino (Big Mamma)
The Avocados - Bampheus (¡Ensalada!)
The Guantanamos - Asylum Escape (Asylum Escape)

B. Confidential & The Secret Four - Black Is the Color of My Baby’s Soul (Black Is the Color of My Baby’s Soul/Satan Is Her Name)
Flower Smellers - My Dad Flint (Flower Smellers 3-4)
Surf Zombies - Iron Invasion (In Color)
The Routes - Fashion Victim (Shake Five)
The Surfbeat Club - Ell Club de los Separados (Shakedown (And More Hipshakin' Bronco Beats))
Black Valley Moon - The Haunted Waves of Hells Bay (Spectral Melodies Vol. 1)

Les Agamemnonz - Mount Capitola (Mount Capitola)
Pekka Laine - Déjà Vu (The Enchanted Guitar of)
Volcano Kings - Tharsis Montes Gundown (Lonesome Cybernetic Drifter On Mars (or Lo-Fi Morricone-esque in Space))

The Tarantinos - Durango Twist (Durango Twist/El Guapo)
Chung Kings - Sombra (Chung Kings Presents Surf-O-Tica)
Girl Over Planet - Mod Monster Mania (Mod Monster Mania)
Messer Chups - Zombienuelle (Dracula Hates Killer Icicles)
The Mighty Gordinis - Trapped Like Rats in Space (Sounds from a Distant Galaxy)
The Starhoppers - Dragon (Nominal AF)
Os Brutus - Vampira Russa (Primitivo & Civilizado)

Mandelbaum - La Sampuesan (Cumbiabillysurf)
Son de Huesos - Calzada De Los Muertos (Armonía De Las Esferas)
Zerox - March of the Turtle God (March 2021)
Les Robots - Don't Ask Me Love (12 Favorites from Planet Earth)
Now That's What I Call Surf! - My Boo (Now Thats What I Call Surf, Vol. 1)

KV Raucous and the Cave Dwellers - Hypnotized in Hawaii (Beach Party at Drac's)
Cheap Violent Cats - Annabelle (Punk Is Dad)
Colt Cobra - Blood Beach (Split: Gasolines X Colt Cobra)
The Cholla - Dragon Clouds (Anthropocene)
WANGS - Sushi (Halloween Party)
Jay Poisön and the Bat People - City of the Bat People (Escape From the Bat People !)
Underwater Bosses - Sea Wolf (The Night Divides The Ride)
Egotones - Night of the Dugong (Geodesic Dome)
Crystal Shit - Judgement Day (Earth Fed)
Terreur Twist - Clown Party (Hotep California)
The Void Surfers - Satanic Panic (Void Surfer)
Atomic Drag - Cecilia Ann (Atomic Drag EP)


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