Playlist! 12-9-19

mike barbwires & the blue ocean six - The Surge (Camel Rock b/w The Surge)
jon & the nightriders - Dark Eyes (moving target)
The Space Agency - surfer's guitar (galactic guitars)
Estereofonikos - Sexpionaje (Desde Córdoba)
The Doltones - Return to the Jupiter (Dance or Die)

The Jaguars - Jaguar (45)
The Hollywood Tornadoes - The Gremmie Part 1 (45)
Ronnie Kae - Swingin' Drums (45)
The Time Keepers - 3 Minutes Heavy (45)
The Titans - Reveille Rock (45)

paquetá - Nunca mais de novo (Tropical Noir)
apicultores clandestinos - Pedra Falsa (Capotista)
Voodoo Surf Tribe - Tiki Tuku (The Sleaze EP)
The Wave Chargers - La Gachette Sauvage (The Wave Chargers)
The Tin Foil Hats - Bikini Beach Bomb (The Nuclear Tapes)

The Ascots - Acapulco Run (45)
the rockin' Ramrods - Indian Giver (45)
The Fayros - The Skokian (45)
The Lively Ones - Mexico (surfin' south of the border)
The Echomen - Snowbound (45)
The Shadows - Wonderful Land (20 Golden Greats)

The SurfinTynes - Psycho 360 (Surf Music for the 21st Century)
The Mystery Men? - Twice as Bright (Firewalkers)
bang! mustang! - last train from sepia city (surfin' n.s.a.)
The Leonites - Abriss im Osten (Age of Lotharius)

Apollo 100 - Telstar (Short Version) (45)
Roger "King" Mozian - Sirocco (Mambo) (mambo gitano!)
Los Seitans - Sonic Drip (Beach Nap)
BRUUT & Anton Goudsmit - Jolene (Go Surfin')

The Tourmaliners - Baja Norte (Tourmaline Dream)
Surf-a-tomica - La Lucha (Auténtico del Líbano)
The telestons - Christ Craft (Blast Beach)
laika & the cosmonauts - Surfs You Right (Zero Gravity)
The Arousers - The Grind (Princes of Penetration)
man... or astroman? - Rocketship XL-3 (your weight on the moon)
we are a communist - biometric collision (blast off!)
Thee Cormans - surf shack of doom (halloween record w/ sound effects)
The Nebulas - Nebulop (The Nebulas)

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