Playlist! 12-13-21

The  Delstroyers - matador (diabolical!)
husky and the sandmen - riproarin' holiday (ridin' the wild surf)
the charades - banned on the beach (all around the world with)
The Surfites - Launch Pad (Escapades in Space)
los wet guitars - ride the wave (keep surfin')
the bomboras - swingin' on pier 13 (head shrinkin' fun)

elite U.F.O. - Tarantula (Surf Age Nuggets)
Dick Dale - Nitro Fuel (Mr. Eliminator)
The Astronauts - surf softly and carry a big board (rarities)
the centurions - Sano (bullwinkle pt. 2)
The Teen Tones - Sands of Arabia (Elemental Instrumentals!! Raw, Primitive Instrumental Rock From Cuca)
The Super Stocks - Oceanside (Toes on the Nose)

mandelbaum - Palomitas De Maíz (cumbiabilly surf)
Carl Satan - corona (O mundo assombrado por idiotas)
The Avocados - Chamuko (¡Ensalada!)
Underwater Bosses - Ride Baby (The Night Divides the Ride)
Magnatech - Dún Laoghaire (Surfing the Tolka)

Shark Attack!! - Shark Bunda (upcoming release)
Trio Koko - Hula Hips (Taruko 1)
The Incomprehensible Static - Eliminate Agent Palmer! (Transmitting LIVE from the Future!)
9th wave - ridin' the chop (time tunnel)
the mel-tones - breakers at hanalei (surf sensation)
the aqualads - castaway (castaway)

the krontjong devils - the breeze and I (surfin' sounds of...)
count zero and the cosmic naughts - point zero (locked in to surf (part 2))
garner firebird - cajun train (this is garner firebird)
par avion - the thump (surfzilla!)
janglin' jack - jacks theme (longrider)

Vinny Bell - Fever (Whistle Stop)
les robots - I'm alive (I'm Alive)
mefisto - return of gemini (surfbeat behind the iron curtain)
the spacemen - echoigo jishi (cherry viewing a go-go)
Abderrahman El Khamissi - Abderrahman El Khamissi (Music from the Soundtrack "Respectable Families")

The Terrorsurfs - Swedish Doom Goblin (The Gospel According to the Reverend Tonto)
The Telestons - Pensa Me Moutso (Blast Beach)
robotmonkeyarm - l'automa (robotmonkeyarm (part one... robot senza nome!))
les tigres du futur - course a la mort (collection illusion sonores vol. 1)
The Cavaleros - Chinese Takeaway (Atomic!)
The Irradiates - Beta Surfari (Lost Transmissions From The Remote Outpost)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - The Song that Wouldn't Die (Rétrofuturisme, vol. 2)
the hypnomen - morfoman (supersonico)
the sub-vectors - intercept (music on the bones)
speedball jr. - v8 (whiplash)


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