Playlist 11-17-2014

Special thanks to SG101 member SurfNutDuke for setting the order straight!

The Surfaris - Scatter Shield (Punkline 7")
The Bambi Molesters - Big Time Action (Dumb Loud Hollow Twang)
Kingaroolas - Ampolis Cacildis (Kingaroolas)
The Beat Tornados - Kreml de la Kreml (Scandinavian Interlude)
The Aqualads - Storm Surge (Revenge)

Jim Radi & His Sidekicks - Motovation (Strummin Mental Vol2)
The Playbacks - John Law (The Dave Clark Five and the Playbacks)
The Swing Sing Seven - Go Go Go (Go Go Go)
Sandy Nelson - Junmpin' Jungles (He's a Drummer Boy)
The Irridescents - Bali Ha'i (45)
The Untouchables - Bondaru (45)
The Shifters - Surfin' Anniversary (Lost Treasures)

The Mystery Men - The Devil You Know (Sonos Delirium)
Earl and the Losers - Blue Canyon (Fuzz Overdrive)
The Deadlinks - Jumping the Gun (Mroe Rock! more Weight!)
Lunatics - Robtyrant (beware)
Grand Kahuna - Surf Beat (Grand Kahuna)

Huaraches - Defending Go Kart CHampions (Steal Second)
Charlie Megira & the Modern Dance Club - At the Elvis Inn (Love Police)
The Sloptones - Wendigo (Demon-Haunted)
Los Fantasicos - Benchazi Rumble (Into the Infinity Tunnel)
Johnny Carbonaras - L'Ultima Poesia (Johnny Carbonaras)

Surf's Up Spicoli - Operation Castle Bravo (Terra Omega)
Durango14 - Belfast (Vol 2)
Urban Surf Kings - Quick Draw Norman (Penguin or Robot?)
The Dragtones - El Chupacabra (Ding Dong 7")

The Decades - Strange Worlds (Surf Age Nuggets)
Davie Allan & the Arrows - Make Love Not War (Everything you ever wanted to know about blah blah blah)
Los Comandos - Eleva Tu Mente (Back to Peru)
Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnies - Nihon Bushi
Les Monegasques - Tout Pour un Sourire
The Spacemen - Happy Planet (Music for Batman and Robin)

The Shockwave - Contact! (Contact Form Space)
Boss Fink - Fuzztang (finksville)
Krontjong Devils - Shish Kebab (Action!)
North Shore Troubadors - Hail Hydra (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
The Trashwomen - El Farolito (Trashwomen vs. Deep Space)
The Radtones - Surf Thunder (Rad Times in Sun City)
Captain Ahab & the Sea Cracken - Sangre De Rescada (jurmungandr)
Die Krabben - The Toad (Welcome to Surf Trash Island)
The Infra-Men - Mercy Kill (Mercy Kill a Burning Man)
Daikaiju - Spiral Serpent Strike (Monsters of Surf)
Coffin Daggers - Coffin Dagger (Monsters from the Id)


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