Playlist! 10-12-20

before the inevitable heat death of the universe -- or two weeks whichever comes first.

the krontjong devils - sea-n-shore (on tour!!!)
MFC Chicken - Wild Safari (Music for Chicken)
The mummies - Test Drive (death by unga bunga!!)
Los Plantronics - Glam-a-billy wipeout (Mariachi Death Surf)
Born Losers - Tokyo Drifter (Cycle Guitars)
stories from shamehill - The Whole Shebang (Royale with Cheese)

The Omegas - Midnight Run (45)
The Moongooners - Moon Goon Stomp (45)
Virg, Murf & Prof - Way Out (45)
the pacesetters - ronnie's beat (45)
the lively ones - rik-a-tik (surf drums)
the mustangs - rumpus (45)
The Woodys - The Saints (Go Surfin' In) (45)

north melbourne surf club - gatecrasher (north melbourne surf club)
the grande bois - vodka train (grande finale)
The Aqua Barons - Jungle Calling (Extreme Guitar Conditions)
the men in gray suits - diamond dead (shark bait ep)
Girl Over Planet - Mode Monsters Mania (single)

Durango14 - Hairy Lemon (Vol.2)
Coast of Ghosts - Hey! (Typhoon Twist)
Los Vengadores - Surf 'n' roll (Headquarters)
los coronas - adios sancho (adio sancho)

los surfistas muertos - don't fuck with the wongs (psycho surf from hell)
the terrorsurfs - methro skull (surf britannia)
night zoo - autopsy turvy (night zoo vs. the cast iron mummy)
the mofos - spy in yer eye (supercharged on alcohol)
the bali lamas - coral fixation (High Times/Low Tide)
total death mechanics - dinner for wolve (7")

stereophonic space sound unlimited - grid girls 68 (jo siffert: live fast die young)
the rough shapes - lost stations (lost stations)
sallas orchestra - vagarosa (nostalgia do futuro)
les robots - floating tears in the vast vacuum of space (project world control)

los daytonas - el loner (twang or die)
the phantom dragsters - Tiki Horror Island (At Tiki Horror Island)
the seatopians - laplace's surf demon (underwater ally)
the jagaloons - the creature from the jagaloon lagoon (ruin the party)
Mark Malibu and the Wasagas - Punch Out at the Beach (Crash Monster Beach)
Los Venturas - El Rey de los Cielos (Miles High)
ted boys marinos - Tesoura Voadora (Surf Sessions)
the space cossacks - black sand (live supernova)
the tormentos - apa maui (Ejecutan el Macabro Plan)
the delstroyers - time to kill (diabolical!)


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