Playlist! 1-3-22

llobaros - la perla exotica (llobaros)
OK Kings - Mosquito (It's OK)
the Intoxicators - Gary 2 (Journey to the Center of the Earth)
The Flying Faders - Sharks in the Water (Tectonic Shifts)
Baja Bug - Surf and Destroy (The Surf Will Rise Again!)
Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers - Tremblin' (Tremblin')

The Fabulous Playboys - Cheater Stomp (Lost Legends of Surf Guitar III: Cheater Stomp!)
Jerry Warren - Tremble (Strummin Mental Part 1)
The Rumblers - It's Stomping Time (It's A Gas)
The Chevell's - Let There Be Surf (The Best of Surf Music - 50 Hits (Vol. 1))
Journeymen - Bag's Groove (Nobody Sings Tonight: Great Instrumentals Vol. 9)
The New Dimensions - Totaled (Deuces and Eights)

Sys Malakian - Zombie (Unknown Creatures)
The Keeymen - Piper (2)
The Rumtones - Sand Spitters and Painkillers (The Rumtones)
The Sparks Boys - Storm in the Glass (Twistin Party)
The Surf Junkies - Barrel Pounder (Meet...The Surf Junkies)
Footstep Surf Music Band - Burning Sun (Space Mission)

Genki Genki Panic - The Munge Parasito (The Munge)
Jubarte Ataca - Lobo de Atlantico (Das Profundezas, Emerjo!)
Blackball Bandits - Green Beach (The Cursed Island)
The Routes - Shake Five (Shake Five)
les Robots - Standoff at Planet 'T' (Standoff at Planet 'T")
Les Agamemnonz - Mount Harissa (Amateurs)

The Surfbeat Club - Tres (Shakedown (And More Hipshakin' Bronco Beats))
Barbacoa - Moon Rock (Pharoah's Camaro)
The Starhoppers - Rochelle: Space Vixen (Nominal AF)
Tragic Vision - Anna Mare (Motel Songs)

the insanitizers - wild loco motive (reverb rocket)
Los Banditos - Sex (Beatclub)
gold dust lounge - desperado (gold dust lounge live series )
Secret Agent - Stasi Romeo (Stasi Romeo - Single)

The Terrorsurfs - jesus juice (the gospel according to reverend tonto)
Underwater Bosses - Aqualizer (The Night Divides The Ride)
The Cannibal Mosquitos - The Very Bad and the Very Good Mosquitos (Surprise Attack)
wormkids - ghostwave (inzen)
The Mono Men - pete's pango (stop draggin' me down)
The Bikini Men - Bomb-o-rama (stampede party)
Said the Ripper - Flight of the Vickers (The Hanging at Barbed Wire)
docteur legume et les surfwerks - docteur legume et les surfwerks (la planete sauvage)
DREBIN - Astrofan (Y2k19 - EP)
captain ahab & the sea crackens - vengeance (j├╝rmungandr)
Arno De Cea & The Clockwork Wizards - The Song That Wouldn't Die (R├ętrofuturisme, vol. 2)
Os Pontas - 7 Palmos (Selva de Fuzz)


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