Playlist! 1-10-22

Ted Boys Marinos - Adrenal (Surf Sessions)
The Bradipos IV - L'inseguimento (Surf Session)
Jonny & the Shamen - JATS Are Go! (Adventures In Espionage)
Flat Duo Jets - Pink Gardenia (Wild Wild Love)
Lost Acapulco - Escape de Sta. Martha (Los Obligados Racing Team)
The Razorblades - Beach Racer (The Dark Side Of The Beach)

The Surfaris - Scatter Shield (Hit City '64)
The Impact V - Riptide (That's Swift: Instrumentals From The Norman Petty Vaults)
The Crossfires - Inferno (Out of Control)
The Stringman - Pow Wow (I Remember, Vol. 3 - The Story of Pop)
The Hindus - Frenzy (Intoxica! Strange And Sleazy Instrumental Sounds From The SoCal Suburbs)

Stories From Shamehill - Desfile De Los Locos (unreleased)
Gurús del Vudú - mama vudu (pantano sessions)
The Keeymen - Mousse (2)
The Currie Brothers - No Go-Go, No (The Currie Brothers)
Moscow Beatballs - When I Go to the Quick River (Surf Camp ''Russian Wave'')
Frogman - Sea Sea Rider (Sea Sea Rider)

Halibears - Hasta la Twista (Hasta la Twista)
Sys Malakian - Dolphin Ride (Unknown Creatures)
The Silicon - Port Pickpocket (Woody Goes to Nice)
The Rumtones - Nazare (The Rumtones)
Secret Agent Men - Song of the Pearl Diver (Secret Agent Men)

Sant Anna Bay Coconuts - The Transporter (Harbor City Surfing)
Surfer Joe - Kaiju (World Traveler)
JJ and The Trashdogs - Donde Estas (Donde Estas)
The Avocados - Thirteen (¡Ensalada!)
Los Blue Marinos - Punto Límite (Big Mamma)
Surf Zombies - Cocklebur Boogie (In Color)
Blackball Bandits - The Cursed Island (The Cursed Island)

The Insanitizers - Fright Night (Reverb Rocket)
Astrosurf - Highlife (Anything But...)
Manzanita su Conjunto - El Zambito Rumbero (Peru Maravilloso: Vintage Latin, Tropical and Cumbia)
The Young Barons - Skyline (Hella California)

Beach Moonsters - Possessed Tiki (Wild Surf Power)
Futurevolt - Protocol Panic (Protocol Panic)
The Infrareds - Opening the Watergate (Recorded on Microfilm)
The Palermo surf experience - Special Agent Karlson (Tips from the inside: Instrumental surf rock)
the monterreys - the pharoah (the pharoah)
The Madeira - The Argonaut (Live) (Center of the Surf (Live))
the necronomikids - mazeppa (the necronomikids)
Bamboogie Injections - Asleep in Armageddon (Orbit Chaos)
Blackball Bandits - The Wolves and the Fireflies (The Cursed Island)


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