The Ouroboros Boys on SSOR

Ouroboros Boys on WTUL

In a lot of ways, I still haven't gotten my act together since my wedding/honeymoon. A big one is that I never actually posted songs from when the Ouroboros Boys from North Carolina did a live set back on April 11th. It was amazingly fun having them play, and it's awesome that they did it without even a show in town to promote. Great buncha guys, hope I get a chance to see them again.

Bands always come out kinda lo-fi through our mics (it's not really what they were meant for) but I still think it sounds pretty killer. The songs and the energy come through just fine.

Broken Road


Mr Moto

Crossed Wires

Do the Worm

Ouroboros Boys at WTUL

Ouroboros Boys at WTUL

Ouroboros Boys at WTUL


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