DJ Pompeii is subbing this week, plus last week's playlist

DJ Pompeii subbing this week

I'm in Chicago at the moment so you've got WTUL favorite DJ Pompeii stepping in. She's done this before and I think she did a great job. I think she's attempting to do a Christmas themed surf show, we'll see how it goes! I'll be back in next week and I've been prepping a few more Gremmy awards.

As for last week:


diabolico coupe - Saturday Night (little carmine)
LOS FRENETICOS - frantic stomp (el sonidoque perdura)
los straitjackets - teen beast (the further adventures of los straitjackets)
the surfin beards - cuarto de milla (surfin beards)
bandits - Buzzy (party party party)

the uniques - areba (45)
lenny and the thundertones - homicidal (45)
gene and the esquires - Space Race (45)
jan davis & the routers - the time funnel (45)
the dothans - full house (45)
the dixie flyers - dynamo (45)
the texans - rockin' johnny home (45)

black flamingos - devil's punchbowl (black flamingos)
Atomic Mosquitos - pluto's revenge! (bug music for bug people)
the tormentos - dragstrip night (go! the phantom surfers against the tormentos)
the scarlets - Stampede (strummin mental part 1)
balu & die surfgrammeln - der zerfall von backerbsen (los chicharrones del surf)

meshugga beach party - oh hanukkah (hot rod hannukah)
burt rocket - bedouin banzai (fiberglass frenzy)
the trashmen - malagueƱa (surfin' bird)
the royal coachmen - loophole (surf-age nuggets)
13th magic skull - Mala Mujer (brave coast wild recordings)

les monegasques - psychose ()
the shockwave - snow white survive (death race!)
the nelsonics - bikini bullfight (the nelsonics)
messer chups - sadistic satanic super criminal (the incredible croco-tiger)

les agamemnonz - tre grazie (au revoir)
los chinches - ceviche (con choclo) (fongo)
the tikiyaki orchestra - paniolo (idol worship)
men from s.p.e.c.t.r.e. - dirt track (the claw)
camarada nimoy - affaire interplanetario (alucinacions acusticas)

the gnarly ones - devil's wave (gnarly ones ep)
dead rocks - green secret from amazonia (one million dollar surf band)
hella vader - star crunch (xviii)
tremolo beer gut - death drome (live beyond our means)
hodaddys - Capsized (hot rods n' surf)
jubarte ataca - arabica fuzzy interludo (falso)
los campeones - los campeones del justicio (live @ liberty vintage motorcycles)
monaci del surf - imperial march (monaci del surf)


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