Once a year I get to do one of my absolute favorite shows. A playlist doesn't do it justice, make sure to tune in next year to get the full effect

wjlp - johann sebastian bunsen burner (johann sebastian bunsen burner (in D minor))
os brutus - jacques o monstro (cidade suja desastrada)
dr t and the undertakers - undertakers theme (party party party)
the crossfires - dr jekyl and mr hyde (out of control)

the daringers - morgus creep (trick or treat vol 7)
baron daemon & the vampires - ghost vampires (psychedlic archives)
the ravens rock group - the ghoul friend (hank, bruce, bert, joe, big jim & more)
frankie stein and his ghouls - saturday evening ghots (monster sounds and dance music)
kenny & the fiends - house on haunted hill (surf-age nuggets)
the tarantulas - tarantula - 45

eddie angel - werewolf (guitar party)
the unnaturals - miedo (meet the unnaturals ep)
the messer chups - boys in skeleton costumes (zombie shopping)
satan's pilgrims - Haunted House of Rock '95 (soul pilgrim)
the creepniks - el gringo loco (graveyard shindig)
the deadly ones - surfin' dock side (it's monster surfing time)

crimson ghosts - fastro zombies (some kinda hits)
the evil streaks - danse macabre (talk to the dead)
the gory details - vi vi vi (killer waves)
the malditos - doctor blood's coffin (doctor blood's coffin ep)
the ventures - vampcamp (batman theme)

hell-o-tiki - tocata et fugue en hot mineur (the curse of hell-o-tiki)
the surfaders - creature from beyond the reef (dragstrip murder mystery)
The Mummies - the fly (play their own records)
hella vader - doktor akula (california gothic)
the apemen - creature from the haunted sea (are you being surfed)
the coffin daggers - the heinous mr hyde (monsters from the id)

audios amigos - night of the vampire (432 hurtz)
ed burkey - rosemary's baby aka apache ghost (weird and wonderful instrumentals)
annalisa kelly - "penetration" (none)

thee cormans - open the gates (halloween record w/ sound effects)
jan davis - watusi zombie (boss guitar!)
johnny carbonaras - a scream at the right time (johnny carbonaras)
the tiki creeps - green slime are coming (invaders from beyond the sound barrier)
kill, baby... kill! - something on the wing (corridor x)
the taikonauts - zombie prophecies (mysteriis alienis mundi)
tremolo beer gut - death valley 69 (while squaresville is watching from afar)
DEMON VENDETTA - black skull: master of the dark (Guardians of the Bitter Sea)
king beez - the ritual / gatheringg II / black magic (deathproof vol 2.)
the madeira - theme from young frankenstein (monster party 2000)


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