Post date: 05/09/2016 - 14:14
today's plays

Got some new stuff from Fifty Foot Combo, Moussaka, AmpFibians and Amphibian Man, plus new-to-me stuff from Sir Bald Diddley, Surf Coasters, Surf Raiders and the Challengers. I think it looks like fun.

Here's what happened last week.

Playlist for 5-2-16

Forgive the formatting

the crossfires - out of control (out of control)

mach kung fu - dragon limbo (exotic exhaust)

the el caminos - crazy drivin' (el caminos)

miki y los doras - river deep - tide high (buaaah chaval!!!)

johnny and the hurricanes - cyclone (stormsville)

los twang! marvels - guitars in orbit (guitars in orbit)

lonnie mack - chicken pickin' (45)

rhythm rockers - breakfast at tressles (soul surfin')

the invictas - breakout (45)

link wray and the ray men - deuces wild (45)

the phantom dragsters - kosmokrator (destination venus) (surfin' after death)

the surfing robbers - the birdsong (surf rock is the right way)

nahuelaizers - junior (el hijo no reconocido del nahuelito) (profunidad desconocida)

los atascados - el estrecho, oscuro y tenebroso camino de la cumbres de maltrata (sensacional de tablistas)

the von drats - manglers & stranglers (dratsylvania)

los cowabungas - gran-ola (queremos surf)

los cataclismos - surf will tear us apart (el vertigo de las olas)

husky and the sandmen - Shadowland (ridin the wild surf)

empiricals - delta lab ho (golden beat)

bevel emboss - tarantula (celluloid)

Cowslingers - mexican pantyraid (7")

Langhorns - stake out (club gabardino)

the routes - hotwired (instrumentals)

the madeira - prelude to launch (ancient winds)

the quiets - go! (the many faces of)

beninghove's hangmen - pineapples & ashtrays (pineapples & ashtrays)

phonocaptors - capo di tutti capi (errata naturae)

de thin marin & the do pingue - chukuchu (nula capacidad de asombro)

condor gruppe - bismantova (4 track demo)

the cavaleros - pistolero (pistolero (single release))

night birds - miskatonic stomp (mutiny at muscle beach)

the windows - squad car (promotional)

switch trout - maudie (thrill with maximum)

the apemen - perculator stomp (7+ inches of love)

the bomboras - earthquake (organ grinder)

jonny & the shamen - smoke! (operation twang!)

the stomachmouths - valley surf stomp (born losers)

king beez - spider woman (deathproof vol. 1)

howling guitar - burst (motor noise)

the deadbeats - hagbelly (day of the deadbeats)

amphibian man - valley of the kings (pyramids)

Post date: 04/11/2016 - 13:45
I Married a DEAD MAN

Here it is: last show as an unmarried man and it's a doozy. This time my fiancee is responsible for the bulk of the playlist, and the rest will include songs from our Honeymoon destination (Thailand and Cambodia), a few nice and sweet songs, and a live set fom North Carolina's Ouroboros Boys. It's going to be pretty hectic!

As I'll be off on the other end of the globe, I'm going to have substitute DJs until May 2nd

Here's last week's playlist


louie and the louies - standoff (hipbone slim vs sir bald)
the madeira - ricochet (sandstorm)
the trabants - el dorado (highwire surfing)
impala - venus flytrap (kings of the strip)
the apollo four - nitro twist (dirty surf 7")

the sentinals - big surf (sunset beach)
the majestics - oasis pt. 1 (45)
ronnie & the uncalled four - just (part 2) (lost treasures)
the champs - go champ go (go champs go!)
jimmy beck - Fiesta (frolic diner vol 5)
the g-men - raunchy twist (45)
thom starr & the galaxies - jellyfish kiss (south bay surf)

the okay-men - der mopedist (au kassette)
the fathoms - getaway car (fathomless)
the casino royales - rendezvous in red bank (split 7")
the hangee V - green slippers (sounds of fuzz)
The Really Rottens - starting line (surf trash au-go-go)
y niwl - undegpedwar (y niwl album)

los jaguar's - por ti estoy surfriendo - mi gran noche (de fiesta con los jaguars)
les agamemnonz - brulure indienne (au revoir)
las olas - tano (las olas)
jonny & the shamen - vertigo (adventures in espionage)
the shockwave - space glider (contact from space)

los tiki phantoms - estampida (y el ejercito de los calaveras)
the aquamen - beans and rice (do the alkeehol)
boss fink - asphalt thunder (r.p.m.)
the dynotones - dynotone stomp (the dynotones)

Peluqueria Hernandez - puerto tristeza (Amaresque)
the slobodan experiment - Riptide (electric surf school)
apicultores clandestinos - faixa de gaza (astronauta del campo)
DIRTY FUSE - teenage cactus twist (last wave)
The Shades - shady lady (45)

the dead rocks - crash, crash, and crash again (international brazilian surfs)
invisible surfers - hey you beg for mercy (till that day)
spaceguards - multivision (multivision)
el ray - circus monkey (shoot from the hip)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - prelude a la chute (surf it up)
die krabben - fitzcoraldo (welcome to surf trash island)
the out of limits - aimprint (the rough masters demo ep)
travelers of tyme - man from t.y.m.e. 1960 (travelers of tyme)
kill, baby... kill! - turn your insides out (corridor x)

Post date: 04/04/2016 - 14:20

It's been slow finding new surf to play, but that doesn't mean the show itself is slowing down! Oughta be bright and active the whole way through

Here's what we had last week


the tremolo beer gut - le jacquet (Under the Covers With...)
mach kung fu - hot doggin (teach a chick to dance)
sir bald diddley and his honourable big-wigs - the happy surfer (what's in the fridge)
the arrows - tee pee (apache '65)
laika & the cosmonauts - surf-ro-mania (zero gravity)

the ted taylor four - m1 (ku-pow! british instrumental guitar music)
Dick Dale & his del-tones - mr eliminiator (mr eliminator)
bo troy & his hot rods - slippery shilellagh (wild hot rod wails)
the rumblers - The Hustler (it came from the beach)
The Dragons - elephant stomp (frolic diner pt. 3)
the hollywoods - scramble (strummin mental part two)
the sidewinders - gully-washer (fast track)
the wailers - we're going surfin' (tall cool one)

the sidemen - the persuaders (go too far!)
el caminos - sumo wrestler (reverb explosion)
the vice barons - king of the wild reverb (friends in low places)
9th wave - speed zone (time tunnel)
husky and the sandmen - Hot Line (arabian nights '96)

jonny & the shamen - camel dance (operation twang!)
los coronados - hit the road! (surfin' taiwan)
cocktail preachers - rudie can't fail (charlie don't surf)
blue hawaiians - Banzai Pipeline (sway)

bombón - La Sirena (a date with bombón)
satan's pilgrims - Scorpio 6 (creature feature)
the mummies - tall cool one (play their own records)
the countdowns - do it (surf-age nuggets)

khun narin - chackim (ii)
beninghove's hangmen - powerstine (rattlesnake chopper)
men from s.p.e.c.t.r.e. - Holy Smoke (the claw)
the surf coasters - aruhi nagisani (waitin' 4 the surf)

the apemen - queen jacula (live) (7+ inches of love)
the cavaleros - chinese takeaway (the atomic ep)
the phantomatics - hearse surfin' (she left her brain at the drive-in)
skurkarna - blow the safe (a crimewave escapade)
bang! mustang! - Russian Roulette (surfin' n.s.a.)
the abominable showmen - I don't think it's loaded kid (the abominable showmen)
mofos - malcom's brain (six pack performance)
threesome - chasing the car bandits (adriatica)
the monterreys - shish kebab (the pharoah)
the break - phobos-grunt (church of the open sky)

Post date: 03/28/2016 - 14:19
today's plays

Well this past week didn't yield all that much new material, but it looks beautiful outside and I've got plenty of stuff that oughta sound just perfect. That's all we can really ask for, right? Got a good chunk of the weird stuff too.

As for last week:


els a-phonics - el torcal (els a-phonics & friends)
els a-phonics - alburfera stomp (els a-phonics & friends)
the shivas - ride on (you know what to do)
los straitjackets - hornet's nest (the velvet touch of...)

the rondels - 110 lbs of drums (45)
jonnie & the cyclones - scrub bucket (fast track)
b. brock and the sultans - 30 lb beetle (do the beetle)
the beachcombers - purple peanuts (frolic diner vol. 3)
Dick Dale & his del-tones - take it off (surfer's choice)
the tramps - maharadja (surfin' on wave nine)

impala - jet action brunette (night full of sirens: anthology 93-97)
LOS FRENETICOS - el mentalista (el sonido que perdura)
the intoxicators - the goat (i dreamed the best part)
the finks - hang on (fill 'er up and go!)
the kanaloas - the bronze bull (surf a go go)
barbacoa - surfers curse (italian medallion)

the concussions - hairy son (break up with)
THE 4 el-moroccos - to-bango (strummin mental part 2)
mach kung fu - teach a chick to dance (teach a chick to dance)
albert king - dyna flow (45)
link wray - rumble (the link wray rumble)

the good the bad - 39 (from 034 to 050)
the reigning monarchs - fanfare for the well-dressed man (the reigning monarchs)
diabolico coupe - donnie the surfer (little carmine)
el gran miercoles - veracruz 4 (this is surf-steady)
Langhorns - Slipstream (mission exotica)
al casey - lonely surfer (surfin' hootenanny)

spies who surf - cyanide junkie (calling all martians)
condor gruppe - digging for gold (4 track demo)
big lazy - skinless boneless (big lazy)
the hypnomen - shalamar (watusi 99)
the phantom four - montego breaks (mandira)

13th magic skull - eta carinae (brave coats wild recordings)
the bomboras - Playa De Los Muertos (head shrinkin' fun)
wild sammy & the royaltones - wild jet beach (speed crazy)
switch trout - just a little bit of your soul (blow mind! here are the trouts)
sir bald diddley and his right honourable big wigs - re-intensified (what's in the fridge)
the ramblin' ambassadors - cupcakes de milo (vista cruiser country squire)
estrume'n'tal - sulvacation (neander'n'tal)
el fossil - masterblaster (escape from crabhorse island)
hawaii samurai - blastin' days in honolulu écouter (the shape of surf to come)
the chemist and the acevities - let's dissolve all the bankers (the anarcho surf laboratory co)
threesome - hydro-active desert (On Tour)
mike barbwire & the blue ocean orchestra - mono island (el surfista de mambo)

Post date: 03/21/2016 - 14:26
today's plays

I was feeling so jazzed on the weather last week that I thought I would go super-sun-oriented today. And that worked out, the sun is out there, but somehow it's kinda cold out. Go figure. Anyway, not a lot of new stuff -- in fact quite the opposite, a lot of ol' favorites today.

Last week


the fantastic 3 - hawaiian beach (14 favorites!!!)
the kanaloas - toxica! (surf a go go)
thee sturgeons - freshwater freakout (freshwater freakout)
deadlinks - overstock rock (More Rocks! More Weight!)
tsunamish - joe pesci (hiroshima)

the gamblers - moon dawg (45)
the chandelles - el gato (that's swift! instrumentals from the norman petty vault)
the gems - shutdown (fast-track)
the gestics - rockin' fury (surf-age nuggets)
the noise makers - zoobee (45)
duane eddy - shazam! (45)
the ventures - swan lake (joy)

aaron and the burrs - release the bats (release the bats)
the tradewinds - the snake (45)
beware the danger of a ghost scorpion - the lover's curse (blood drinkers only)
the moths - locust eaten deer head (beware of)

the dangermen - manx man island (meet the men of danger)
oskar benas y los herejes instro combo - lobo viejo ragg (oblyhic)
the leemen - johnny guitar (45)
kozyol - black orpheus (kozyol)

mike barbwire & the blue ocean orchestra - el surfista de mambo no. 1 (el surfista de mambo)
diabolico coupe - left-handed drummer (diabolico coupe)
el capitan and the band with no name - variation no. 1 (death of a tiki)
the routes - sinchan's number (alligator)
the bambi molesters - mindbender (as the dark wave swells)

les tigres du futur - les motos de la violence (collection illusion sonores vol. 2)
matt foy - proto pop (åtte)
fifty foot combo - BXL-Ghent (ghent bxl 2004)

the coffin daggers - the spy (aggravatin' rhythms)
polysics - cy/cb (neu)
Laika and the Cosmonauts - baha-ree-bah (instruments of terror)
the space agency - candy coloured dreams (the space agency)
genki genki panic - werewolf by night (spooky fingers)
the revomatics - mic(rophone) the martian (we come in peace)
los protones - el verdugo (20 monstruos 2007-2015)
captain ahab & the sea cracken - surf ninja (captain ahab & the sea crackens)
man... or astroman? - structo (made from technetium)
la venganza de san carlos - el lado épico de la vida (no hayolas en marte)
los tiki phantoms - vulcan (los tiki phantoms regresan de la tumba)
el ray - car hire from hell (highwave to hell)
the biarritz boys - agent graves (monsters of surf)
hawaii samurai - teenage mutant surfer ninja (the shape of surf to come)
amphibian man - base (contra surf)

Post date: 03/14/2016 - 14:11
Today's plays

It's absolutely beautiful today in New Orleans and I've got the material to match it. Brand new stuff from Mike Barbwire and Tsunamish as well as some un-spun 45s. A good chunk of oddball stuff too!

Here's what I played last week


the journeymen - surfer's blues (rare surf vol 1)
watang! - sing sing singapore (miss wong)
hang-ten hangmen - shark bait (destination saturn)
los straitjackets - bobsleddin'! (jet set)
the kanaloas - boneyard reef (surf a go go)

the joy boys - theme from "the ant hill" (board boogie)
the gamblers - lsd-25 (45)
the polaras - cricket (45)
egyption combo - the frog (45)
the noise makers - zoobee (45)
little joe - peach seeds (45)
jerome richardson - big guitar (45)

the delstroyers - take me to the hellhop (here come)
matt foy - dead in denmark (åtte)
les surfsonic's - hell's racer (les surfsonics)
the swanks - ghost train (honkers & twangers)
megatronadores - volcanica (wedwedn)

the langhorns - surf -99 (club gabardino)
the air cats band - brothers of the storm (invisible air cats)
phantom operators - las cruces (hasta muerte)
surfana - comes as you are (whatever)
the real gone - walk like an egyptian (the real gone)
thee wild chamberlain - x-files theme (purity control)

the ramblin' ambassadors - besa mi bottom turn (vista cruiser county squire)
dex romweber duo - climb down (is that you in the blue)
robert johnson & the punchdrunks - the fuzz (aloha from havana)
the delusionaires - snakebite (flooze party)
duane eddy - ring of fire (45)

thee sturgeons - sand dune (freshwater freakout)
laika & the cosmonauts - the a-treatment (the amazing colossal band)
glasgow tiki shakers - sea smoke searchlight (little orbit)
pájaro - apocalipsis (single adelanto del disco he matado al ángel)
the moon riders - moon fever (45)

amphibian man - waterfall (contra surf)
speedball jr - whiplash (whiplash)
switch trout - pedal pressure 2000 (thrill with maximum)
the coffin daggers - instigator (aggravatin' rhythms)
les tigres du futur - les motos de la violence (collection illusion sonores vol. 2)
dinosaur ghost - sand level (dinosaur ghost)
los tiros - sargento abusivo (expertos en cagarla)
this machine kills robots - dry land is for the dead (a history of violent crimes in the darkkest corners of the ocean floor)
cosmic monster - electric battle masterpiece (cosmic monster)
genki genki panic - phantom III '37 (spooky fingers)

Post date: 03/07/2016 - 14:08
Today's plays

AGGRESSIVELY ARMED with fresh material today from the likes of Amphibian Man, Les Tigres du Futur, Genki Genki Panic, Los Tiros, Thee Sturgeons, Matt Foy, The Delstroyers, The Hang-Ten Hangmen AND more new-to-the-show 45s than I'll likely end up playing. GONNA BE GOOD!

As for last week


we pitted Man and his SCIENCE against NATURE. The humans made incredible strides, dominating much of the show, but as the saying goes "Mother Nature always wins". With an easy window for somebody to call in with a science plege and claim it, TWO donations were made in the last five minutes BOTH FOR NATURE. Humanity's hopes were dashed -- at least until next year.

WTUL is officially done with our pledge drive, but if you feel a weight in your heart saying you should have helped, you certainly still can. We accept donations year-round, we only push for them once a year.

So here's what was played last week. Text in GREEN represents a SCIENCE spin. Text in WHITE represents a NATURE song.

the volcano kings - theremin a' go-go (music for an exotic monster beach partyin outer space)
we are a communist - Speed of sound in space (blast off!)
camarada nimoy - agardando por gargarin (alucinacions acusticas)
tsunamibots - in the belly of the bot (surfing craze in the robotic age)
the moon riders - moon fever (45)
the surfaris - waikiki run (45)
digger revell - lisa marie (45)
the motivations - the birds (surf-age nuggets)
the blockbusters - gorilla walk (45)
dick dale - tidal wave (summer surf)
the volcanics - hurricane (girls girls girls)
man... or astroman? - interstellar hard drive (eeviac)
the beyonderers - destro's breakfast (fourth wave)
the del-vipers - the sonic deterrent (terror of the del-vipers)
barry gray & the spacemakers - zero (telstars, mexicans, manhunts & wonderful lands)
the ventures - war of the satellites (ventures in space)
gene and the esquires - space race (45)
jan davis and the routers - time funnel (45)
the what four - gemini 4 (45)
the tornados - telstar (telstar)
travelers of tyme - zoneplex (chronomads)
man... or astroman? - preparation clont (spectrum of an infiinite scale)
cosmic monster - electric battle masterpiece (cosmic monster)
los jinetes del terror - area 51 (fuzz-on accidental)
jeo - surfin' bee (restless sea)
the mermen - ocean beach (krill slippin')
the madeira - fire sacrifice (tribal fires)
sandy nelson - birth of the beat (45)
timecop beach party - set phasers to chill (transmission received: hang ten)
mac rebennack - storm warning (45)
the barbwires - the biggest wave (...sounds like trouble)
the fatimas - sandstorm (teen beat vol 4)
the atlantics - shark attack (the complete cbs recordings)

Post date: 02/29/2016 - 07:49

Thanks to everybody that donated to keep WTUL (and therefore Storm Surge of Reverb) on the air last week. As always, we made a lot of ruckus for a small corner of the music world.

Here's what got played

diabolico coupe - slim cigaret (diabolico coupe)
little joe - south swell(45)
the hang-ten hangmen - destination saturn (destination saturn)
the kanaloas - swallow tail (surf a go go)
13th magic skull - twistin' massai (sungazing in rapa nui)

the polaras - breaker(45)
the t-bones - underwater(45)
the bob-chords - hi-voltage(45)
Jack Nitzsche - night surf(45)
brad suggs - partly cloudy(45)

the sydnicate of surf - surf and destroy (studio surf styles vol. 1: hodads hang 10)
galaxy trio - shaken not stirred (saucers over vegas)
krontjong devils - moon relay (action!)
the guitaraculas - sadistic satantic super criminal (two bottles of blood)

the squares - square rock part 3(45)
t-birds - full house(45)
the keytones - parking field 4(45)
johnny and the hurricanes - sheba(45)

bang! mustang! - giant zora (surfin' n.s.a.)
twangozilla - mexican girl vs voodoo witch (mexican girl vs woodoo witch)
les surfsonics - batman (les surfsonic's)

garry sherman - space walk(45)
the space agency - flashback guitar (galactic guitars)
el monstruo de la laguna chiquichano - el rey del fuzz (trelewayo)
satan' pilgrims - 10,000 mirrors (psychsploitation)
kozyol - tico tico (kozyol)

coffin daggers - wake up screaming (aggravatin' rhythms)
los tiros - big chief (expertos en cagarla)
the beyonderers - destro's breakfast (fourth wave)
amphibian man - racer (speed power turbo racer)
the defiant ones - shiva's little grind (super secret disaster)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - bug terminal (bug terminal)
the apemen - surf dracula (7")
The moths - ace vypyr (to hell with..)
Les Tigres du Futur - decapitron (collection illusion sonores vol. 1)
Cleavland Eaton - Ah Moving On (Half and Half)
Various Artists - The Katanga Patrol (Salsa De La Bahia)

Post date: 02/08/2016 - 03:48

In New Orleans today is Lundi Gras. Can't tell you much about how that's going, because I'm way off in Tbilisi, Georgia slowly overcoming jet lag. It's an absolutely beautiful city, full of color, amazing landscapes, and a wild mix of new and old architecture. They're very in touch with their native culture, and they've got a lot of really cool old cars. I've tried to find any shred of instro music that might have come out of here and my research has been completely fruitless. Guess Dick Dale wasn't a hit in the Soviet Union. But at some point I'm going to seek out a flea market with my portable turntable and we'll see what we can see. Going to be tough considering that Georgian has a completely different alphabet and Russian records will be in cyrillic.

Anyway, back in the states I have a sub doing my show this week. Please call in and tell her how much you like it!

Here's last week's playlist


the st. kilda gammarays - girl on a motorcycle (girl on a motorcycle)
camarada nimoy - as dunas de samil (alucinacions acusticas)
the space rangers - gypsy jive (ready to take off!)
the del-vipers - creepy t (terror of the del-vipers)
atomic 7 - the wreck of the dick family weiner boat (en hillbilly caliente)
the hypnomen - jethead (trip with satan)
dick dale - the eliminator (spacial disorientation)

travis wammack - distortion pt. 1 - 45
the wailers - mau mau - 45
ike turner and his orchestra - loosely - 45
sandabs - crab louie (frolic diner)
bob vaught & the renegaids - revellion (surf crazy)
the surfmen - ghost hop - 45

los freneticos - el mapa y el territorio (el sonido que perdura)
the reigning monarchs - the duke (the reigning monarchss)
the sir finks - action reef ((tres mexicans) del surf del texas)
reef rider - the trembler (beyond the reef)
the mel-tones - breakers at hanalei (surf sensation)
stompin' riffraffs - parabellum (a man and three chicks)

the journal job - drunken monkey jungle (drunken monkey jungle)
aloha sluts - surferama (return of the sluts7")
los javelin - psycho-silbon (surfabilly & roll)
the vara-tones - reverberator (headin' out)

jon & the nightriders - force of gravity (surf beat '80)
chewbaccas - astro-q (zenon)
the swiv-o-matics - barbara eden rock (the return of the fez men)
el ray - justin case (the evil mermaid)
toxic mutants - attack of the killer funghi (still toxic)

los rude waves - sleepwalk (sleepwalk)
khruangbin - dern kala (the universe smiles upon you)
billy mure - around the world (around the world)
the knockers - jealouse (suomalaisia rautalankaaanityksia)

agent orange - miserlou (living in ddarkness)
la venganza de san carlos - el lado épico de la vida (no hay olas en marte)
the wangs - pedro point (self-released)
el fossil - sacrificial lunch (escape from crabhorse island)
we are a communist - biometric collision (blast off!)
the royal fingers - burning 24oz (wild eleki deluxe)
switch trout - sliced onions (brown trout)
invisible surfers - los pilotos estan muertos (til that day)
beachmover - storm drain (beachmover)
the sub-vectors - intercept (music on the bones)

Post date: 02/01/2016 - 13:57
Today's plays

Awlright y'all! Got a good buncha nitro-fueled instrumentals ready for Monday. Next week I'm gonna be outta here, way over in Tbilisi, Georgia. Have a wild Mardi Gras for me

Here's your playlist from last week. I don't think it's entirely accurate but it'll hafta do

the journal job - storm surf (drunken monkey jungle)
bambi molesters - tremble & shake (sonic bullets 13 from the hip)
diabolico coupe - mombay express (little carmine)
the mobsmen - smau sound (fraternitas aurum factorem)
the treble spankers - dilmohammed (araban)
swiv-o-matics - elekicity (charm city surfer)
the exotics - sandoway (go go guitars)

the monterays - blast off (strummin mental pt. 1)
the tandems - the rising surf (lost legends of surf guitar)
the intruders - wild goose - 45
the glaciers - holiday hill (from sea to ski)
the ventures - fuzzy and wild (wild things)
laurie wade's cavaliers - cloudburst (board boogie)
wes dakus - side winder (teen beat volume 4)

toxic mutants - formicula (still toxic)
genki genki panic - the munge (ghoulie high harmony)
amphibian man - sirenes (hellas)
aloha sluts - aloha theme & brand new surfboard (return of the sluts7")
the delusionaires - road runner (destination poon)

the satin chaps - catch on quick (Might I Suggest The Satin Chaps)
jimmy gordon - buzzzzz - 45
bikini machine - get down (let's party with bikini machine vol. 2)
dave baby cortez - hurricane (jungle exotica vol 2)
phantom surfers - medley: theme from 'the X-Files'/The Extremely Stupid Files (The Great Surf Crash of 1997)

megatronadores - nazareno stomp (wedwdn)
agent octopus - the black pyramid (bottoms up!)
the deadbeats - janky jank (day of the deadbeats)

the irridescents - bali ha'i - 45
kai winding - surf bird (more)
les guitares - galaxie (guitar mood)
los relampagos - vacaciones en espana (new world relampagos)
zoo - fungus (mindexpanders volume 3)

rapido t lusso - caffeine racer (caffeine racer ep)
robotmonkeyarm - l'automa (robotmonkeyarm (part one... robot senza nome!))
el supernaut - icebreaker (plays half dead)
the irradiates - gotcha (first radiations)
surf report - fishtail (lavarockreverb)
howling guitar - silver bullet (howling guitar)
dick dale - 3013DD (spacial disorientation)
the abominable showmen - lobo (the abominable showmen)
the defiant ones - 6,000 stitches (super secret disaster)
the squares - 6 (eight songs)


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