Post date: 06/19/2017 - 18:04

Had some tech stuff to sort out at the beginning but also had a whole ton of "new" stuff that made it a lot of fun

the ok kings - the bay of chicks (it's ok)
the vice barons - king of the wild reverb (friends in low places)
los tiki phantoms - vulcan (los tiki phantoms regresan de la tumba)
the barbwires - Deadbeat (Chicken race 7")
the barbwires - Chicken race (Chicken race 7")

the chandelles - El Gato (45)
The Cords - Termites (45)
the challengers - Roller Derby (sidewalk surfing!)
The S'Quires - Green Surf (45)
the virtues - Guitar Shuffle '65 (45)
the keymen - Like Help Man (45)

The Mermers - RSROB (Rick Scott Ruined our Beach) (2017 EP)
los javelin - luna de margarita (Cocktail Caracas)
insect surfers - Flying Fish Offramp (Datura Moon)
las olas - Tormenta (Psicodelica Neanderthal Vol 1)

famous monsters - monster stomp, bite, burn! (Q. Knock Knock. A. Halloween!)
mach kung fu - Badger Beat (Going Native)
the one night standards - weehawkin (octane)
noskons - Monster from the Head (surf from the crypt)
the sloptones - demon-haunted (demon-haunted)

Hattori Hanzo Surf Experience - Rio Plata (Meanwhile in Mallorca)
Kimono Dragons - Red Viper (Swirldoggin' with the Kimono Dragons)
The Viking Surfers - Saag du Nokke Kjaerringa Mi (single)
the doltones - Les Adventuriers (dance or die)
the razorblades - longboard queen (the dark side of the beach)

the champs - San Juan (The Later Singles)
Matorralman - Bardott (Adulterio Estereophonico)
the hypnomen - hush (trip with satan)
davie allan & the arrows - bongo party (50th anniversary)

x-ray cat trio - Ram Riders (I Lied)
bande de los apaches - dog fight (bande de los apaches)
the windows - ali baba (promotional)
Mad 3 - Mad Viker (Attack of the Madviker!)
die krabben - fitzcoraldo (welcome to surf trash island)
los tiros - Forjada a Fuego Lento en Fort Knox (expertos en cagarla)
theunidentified. - The Disclaimer (00.02 EP)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - Danse jusqu'a ce que tu tombes (flash freezing the sun)

Post date: 06/12/2017 - 18:13

I forgot to make a same bat-time same bat-channel joke at the end :(

neil hefti - batman theme (Batman Theme)
the revengers - batman theme (batman and other super men)
the skylights - Batman Theme (suomalaisia rautalankaaanityksia)
the bitch boys - batman theme (Behind The Hound Dog Walls)
Sandy Nelson - Batman ("In" beat)
the jokers - Batman (rare recordings vol 4)

the astronauts - batman (surfin' with the astronauts)
4 of us - Batman (freefalling) (Surf Age Nuggets)
neil hefti - Honorable Batman (hefti in gotham city)
BATMAN RECORD - look out for the batman (45)
Ronnie Kole Trio - batman theme (45)
the surfaris - batman (play)

Tidal Waves - Batman Theme (?)
The Jam - Batman Theme (In the city)
link wray & the wraymen - Batman Theme (jack the ripper)
The Hamiltones - Batman Theme (demo)
the cartoons - The Batusi (45)
Bruce and the Robin Rockers - Batman (theme) (The Batman Theme)

the sensational guitars of dan & dale - batman theme (batman and robin)
The Super Dupers - Batman and Robin (The Super Record of Super Heroes played by the Super Dupers)
The "Dynamic Batmen" - batman theme (Batman and Robin)
boss martians - Batman (the boss martians)
the squires - batmobile (Surf-Age Nuggets)

the ventures - batman theme (Ventures)
the marketts - batman theme (45)
Spy-Fi - batman theme (Volume one)
the sensational guitars of dan & dale - Robin's Theme (batman and robin)
davie allan & the arrows - batman theme (The Wild Angels)

the spacemen - Robot Walk (music for batman and robin)
link protrudi & the jaymen - Batman (drive it live)
The Bat Boys - Batman (theme) ("Batman")
los daytonas - Batman Theme ( the line!)
surfin' gorillas - Batman (the return of...)

hawaii samurai - batman theme (octopus incident)
les surfsonic's - batman (les surfsonics)
the halibuts - Batman (gnarly)
man... or astroman? - Joker's Wild (destroy all astromen)
sir bald diddley and his honourable big-wigs - batman (eats a lot) (what's in the fridge)
blackfrog - batman vs spiderman (nature strikes back!)
los pataconas - spiderman (45)
curlee wurlee - Spiderman (she's a pest)
the kustard kings - Spiderman (blam!)
simon jones - Spiderman (instrumentals vol. 1)
neil hefti - batman theme (Batman Theme)

Post date: 06/05/2017 - 18:06
today's plays

Had some brand new ones from Insect Surfers, The Doltones and Los Javelin plus a whole smattering of "new" 45s.

los galerna - como pica esta arena (sangre en el atlantico)
the bahareebas - Hot Pot (Tell Me A Story About)
martin cilia - the crusher (surfersaurus)
jackie and the cedrics - rip it out! (tall dark stranger)
bo diddley - scuttle bug (in the spotlight)

dave myers & the surf tones - GEAR (45)
teddy & the rough riders - money & gold part 2 (45)
the exports - Mustang '65 (45)
the mustangs - rumpus (45)
the surfmen - el toro (45)
the challengers - collision course (sidewalk surfing!)

insect surfers - Iceberg Lantern (Datura Moon)
The derangers - Ether Cocktail (The Legend of Daphne Blue)
surflamingo - lavander thunder (Entrepeñas Bay Terror)
los guapos - wanted dead (sin temor)

the doltones - hot swinger (dance or die)
pounded by the surf - aloha chino hills (no waves)
los perloras - johnny pistolas (los perloras)
Stunt Double - spooktacular disaster (stunt double)

los javelin - Achtung Lab (Cocktail Caracas)
dustaphonics - tura stomp (100% instrumental)
satan's pilgrims - el cid (Siniestro)
surf coasters - Beach Monster (Surf Panic '95)
the surfites - Surfville (big pounder)

Freddy Ranarison - Tatsimo (Guitar Safari)
Tenolde Redda - Wuba (Tenolde Redda)
kazi aniruddha - mafe karo (bollywood steel guitar)
tito y sus supersonicos - eso eso eso (popular vol 5)
Boom Pam - sabalé (Alakazam)

Pointbreak - chuck norris (Get Wet!)
el ray - Jack the Samurai (defeats all evil) (tick tick tick)
the mobsmen - tandelborstel twist (sceleras syndicate)
the volcanics - test flight (stompin' garage)
the space cossacks - planet of the apes (live supernova)
the infra-men - warning shot (mercy kill a burning man)
mofos - malcolm's brain (six pack performance)
king ghidora - curse of poseidon (the curse of poseidon)
this machine kills robots - dark water (a history of violent crimes in the darkkest corners of the ocean floor)
the beyonderers - Flexible Phantoms (of the sky) (fourth wave)

Post date: 05/29/2017 - 18:13

grand kahuna - surf beat (grand kahuna)
The kanaloas - The Bronze Bull (Surf a go go)
Satan's Pilgrims - Short Sand Surf (Siniestro)
13th magic skull - lazuli (Sungazing in Rapa Nui)
Dick Dale & his Del-tones - Take it off (Surfers Choice)

The Fabulous wailers - Shivers (At hte Castle)
Wes Dakus - Dog Food (Frolic Diner)
Bill Lewis - High Dive (Pool Party)
American Four - Soul Food (Lost Treasures)

Surflamingo - Green Hill Zone (Entrepeñas Bay Terror)
Frankie & the Pool Boys - Skinny Dippin' (The Adventures of Cap'n Coconuts)
the bambi molesters - Hot Water Pool (dumb loud hollow twang)
WJLP - Man on a Grill (WJLP is out of this World)
the weisstronauts - New England Boiled Dinner (Flat Bottom Cold Greaser)
Rondo hatton - Untitled Pop Anthem (Breaking the Sound Barrier)

Surfin Beards - Beach Club Allnighter (Surfin Beards)
The Tormentos - Pool Rider (Grab Your Board!)
Rat Holic - Frat Rat Surfer (Wipe Out With...)
The Aquatudes - Corvair 500 (unsafe at any speed)
husky and the sandmen - Lonely Wave (arabian nights '96)

The Tomorrowmen - The Ballad of Alf and Bonnie (single)
The Journal Job - Mónsul paradise (drunken monkey jungle)
Trabants - Zubrowka (an evening with...)
les jaguars - berceuse twist (vol 1)
The Concussions - Trouble Gum (Newaygo Sound Machine)

Boom Pam - Bulgarock (Alakazam)
empiricals qc - hong ha (golden beat)
The Spacemen - Temptation (viva elec guitar)
sonido gallo negro - Valicha (Sendero Mistico)
orquesta catacumbia - pop corn (la propuesta sonora)

Pointbreak - You Ain't No Cowboy (Get Wet!)
Rapido T Lusso - Suicide Bay (Caffeine Racer)
The Wave Chargers - Crossfire (The Wave Chargers Strike Again)
Mach Kung Fu - Hot Doggin (Teach a chick to dance)
Stunt Double - Cactus Tongue (unreleased)
The Bahareebas - New Crown in Town (Tell Me A Story About)
Dinosaur Ghost - Playing With Its Food (Dinosaur Ghost)
Retrocaine - Baywatch (Back to the 90's)
The Irradiates - Crash (First Radiations)
Speedball jr - Swimming with the sharks (Treble in Paradise)

Post date: 05/22/2017 - 18:09

Lots of fun today!

the kanaloas - swallow tail (surf a go go)
Five Fingers with Parasol - piedra, papel o cangrejo (Si Yo Tuviere Una Longboard...)
los blue marinos - adventure reef (off the lip)
The Wave Chargers - La Cienega (The Wave Chargers Strike Again)
The telestons - Pina's Butter (Poseidon Knows)

the revels - intoxica (intoxica!!! the best of)
the delancey's - Scratch (45)
Duane Eddy - Moovin' 'n' Groovin' (Have "twangy" guitar will travey)
danny james his guitar & band - That's Right (45)
the challengers - Rev-Up (Hot Rod Album!)
the royal coachmen - loophole (surf & drag vol 1)

flat duo jets - fuzzy and wild (safari)
the hangee V - what was it? (unpleasantly yours)
the gallows - Bikini Drag (Locked Into Surf & Rock & Roll Instrumentals Part 2)
Phatlynx - wing ding (Loosen Your Belt)
los straitjackets - I live on a battlefield (What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Los Straitjackets)

satan's pilgrims - Creep Beat (Siniestro)
the concussions - Polyester Fester (Newaygo SOund machine)
bonney & buzz - Black Knickers (rock-ola)
the aquasonics - the lonely apache (play songs for the surfin' set)
messer chups - twin peaks twist (heretic channel)

Retrocaine - Out of Surf (Back to the 90's)
the isotopes - The Coast is Clear (Play Surf Music)
the twang-o-matics - la pachuca (rock havoc)

los belking's - te vi llorar (sonido de los belking's)
empiricals qc - Golden Beat (golden beat)
the spacemen - La Cumparista (Viva Elec. Guitar)
The Deep - Two at the Same Time (The Deep)

doyley and the twanglords - twangzilla (twang solo)
jubarte ataca - rogue wave (falso)
vampire beach babes - droppin' da curl (beach blanket bedlam)
the apemen - surf party (7 inches of love)
the woggles - flash flood (tempo tantrum)
los cataclismos - roller derby queen (el vertigo de las olas)
the intoxicators - Frozen Cossacks (Easter Eggs on Halloween)
the chemist and the acevities - QZAAC + a sample of carbon-based wastage (sounds from chemistry town )
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - No Comply (flash freezing the sun)
monterreys - Shish Kebab (the pharoah)
the all-nighters - showdown (drink the night)
the infrareds - Number one on the spectrum of light (recorded on microfilm)

Post date: 05/15/2017 - 18:17

the baltic side - hope (hope)
bradipos iv - manella Mia (The Partheno-Phonic Sound of)
the volcanos - beatnik bandit (surf quake)
los straitjackets - I live on a battlefield (What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Los Straitjackets)
the surf zombies - Samurai Shakedown (it's a... thing!)

danny james his guitar & band - no yo (45)
the nighthawks - muddy (45)
jerry starr - side steppin' (45)
the delancey's - high voltage (45)
Big M's - Get Going (Bloodshot! The Gaity records story)
freddy and the heartaches - womp womp (strummin mental vol 1)

satan's pilgrims - Siniestro (Siniestro)
Five Fingers with Parasol - Astronave 63 (Si Yo Tuviere Una Longboard...)
diabolico coupe - Little Carmine (little carmine)
WJLP - 1999 AD (WJLP is out of this World)
the isotopes - Royal Courtesy Flush (Play Surf Music)

the krontjong devils - Counterpoint (Locked Into Surf Part 2)
The Counts - Chitlin, etc (Frolic Diner Pt. 3)
the challengers - Stick Shift (Hot Rod Album!)
the centurions - bullwinkle part II (bullwinkle pt. 2)
The Orchids - The Huckle-Buck (Twistin' at the Roundtable)
Thee Mighty Caesars - Man Taken From Guts (Locked Into Surf Part 2)

The telestons - Oi Skliroi Tou Maiami (Poseidon Knows)
mystery men - Encantados (sonos delirium)
the apemen - 24 hours from Tulsa (7+ inches of love)
The Black Flamingos - Devil's Punchbowl (Neon Boneyard)

the spacemen - Macarena (Viva Elec. Guitar)
Kilwater - Samana Cay (Kilwater)
Los Silvertons - Ternura (45)
The Deep - Fight (The Deep)
The Fencemen - Bach 'n roll (45)

The Wave Chargers - Les Cavaliers de l'Apocalypse sont des surfeurs (Wave Chargers Strike Again!)
the ok kings - mosquito man (It's OK)
the tiki creeps - Sea Foam (invaders from beyond the sound of surf)
Ramparts - Evacuation (No-Fi)
man... or astroman? - television fission (live at third man records)
the infrareds - Celluloid Planetoid (Recorded on Microfilm)
the madeira - wreak havoc (carpe noctem)
amphibian man - Energy Zone (contra surf)
the good and the bad - 25 (from 018 to 033)
Said the Ripper - Pane Reduction (Shadow Alley)
kingargoolas - Forceps Poseidon (tales from the instro zone)
Kona Casuals - Misirlou (Battle of the Bands)

Post date: 05/08/2017 - 18:15

the barbwires - you son of a beach (searider)
LOS FRENETICOS - New kind of beat (el sonido que perdura)
los straitjackets - shake and pop (What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Los Straitjackets)
The telestons - Ekavi's Motorcycle (Poseidon Knows)
bambi molesters - Double Danger (sonic bullets 13 from the hip)

link wray & the wraymen - raw-hide (link wray & the wraymen)
the champs - Mau Mau Stomp (Everybody's Rockin')
the sentinals - latinia (big surf)
the turks - baja (surf-age nuggets)
The Orchids - Twistin' Round the Table (Twistin' at the Roundtable)
the renegades - The Ward (Battle of the Bands)

the apaches - Look Out! (Musica Surfica vol III & IV)
stories from shamehill - The Cannonball Run Theme (same same but different)
The Pulltones - Surf Misery (Storm Fisherman)
aaron and the burrs - The Spy/Phobias (aaron & the burrs)
WJLP - Assignment Outer Space (WJLP is out of this World)

Beach Craft Bonanza - Charlie's Point '17 (Greatest Dips)
los daytonas - Mátalos y Vuelve... (Directo en Delia Records)
viernes de hongos - beso del payaso (return of the champiñons)
king pelican - Morocco (matador surfer)
The Mentawais - Surfin' Java (Surfin' Java)

Dick Dale - nitro (tribal thunder)
bitch boys - Pendleton Surf (ride the first wave)
the sub-vectors - doppelganger special (music on the bones)
doyley and the twanglords - marisnatchi (twang solo)

double naught spy car - Danny McGough (Songs From the Cloud Vol 1)
The Deep - The Time that Land Forgot (The Deep)
khruangbin - The Recital that Never Happened (A Calf Born in Winter 7")
the concussions - Flicksville (Newaygo SOund machine)

the isotopes - Jolly Rancheros (Play Surf Music)
the irradiates - shut up, let's grow! (revenge of the plants)
surf report - chain smoker (lavarrockreverb)
the coffin daggers - psychonaut (the coffin daggers)
the infrareds - Infraromp (Recorded on Microfilm)
Phatlynx - Wildwood Psycho Crunch (Loosen Your Belt)
fifty foot combo - Accident or Incident (fifty foot combo)
telekrimen - Dia De Los Fieles Difuntos Y Todos Los Santos (Monstroville Haunted Beach Party)
Said the Ripper - Slicked Down (Shadow Alley)
man... or astroman? - sferic waves (Recorded Live to Acetate)
Os Pontas - banana boogie (Fuzz Jungle)

Post date: 05/01/2017 - 18:13

Man, I had so much I wanted to play but couldn't squeeze in! That's a good thing though! The real nice surprise was when our music director handed me a copy of the new Los Straitjackets, so got to play one track off of that!

Anyway, here's what I played:

the royal fingers - blue jean no 1 (wild eleki deluxe)
hypnotide - and then the sharks came (landlocked)
Langhorns - teera del fuego (langhorns)
The Surfside Four - harem scarem surfem (Ballad of the Tiki)

The Orchids - Good Time Stomp (Twistin' at the Roundtable)
the lepricons - surf jam (Battle of the Bands)
dave "baby" cortez - Cat Nip (45)
the champs - The Toast (Everybody's Rockin')
guitar gable - Gumbo Momno (45)
Buddy Lee and the Satellites - Way Out (45)
Duane Eddy - Desert Rat (45)

los straitjackets - Checkout Time (What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Los Straitjackets)
WJLP - The Signal (WJLP is out of this World)
viernes de hongos - Agente Naranja (return of the champiñons)
the apaches - The Lawmen (Musica Surfica vol III & IV)
the primitive finks - The Keep (monstroville haunted house beach party)

the concussions - Have Mersey (Newaygo SOund machine)
fifty foot combo - Chocolate Revenge Part II (caffeine)
the surfites - Campus Workout (the surfites & co.)
the mummies - tall cool one (play their own records)
The Akulas - Crossfire (Rustines)
The Satin Chaps - hard drivin' (stompin' b/w hard drivin)

The Pulltones - Baleia Song (Storm Fisherman)
light strucks - Session Saison Sazonal (light strucks)
the tomorrowmen - The Man who Couldn't Tell Time (futourism)

khruangbin - people everywhere (still alive) (the universe smiles upon you)
men from s.p.e.c.t.r.e. - The Luck of Theela Brown (The Living Eye)
the phantom four - malabar (mandira)
sonido gallo negro - caballito nocturno (cumbia salvaje)

Doyley and the Twanglords - Johnny Dangerously (Twang Solo)
the cavaleros - Mexican Standoff/El Cumbanchero (Atomic! the Album)
bande de los apaches - danger cologne (bande de los apaches)
Nahuealaizers - Bahia sangrienta (en vivo en pub interview)
the volcanics - futureman (girls girls girls)
The Perks - Rum Runner (The Perks)
molokai - gliding through the sewers (you surf, we send piranhas)
johnny carbonaras - broken tooth (johnny carbonaras)
commando - lost Boy (piet)
King Beez - Rumble Bee (Rumble Bee Ep)
El Ray - Double Penetration (Evil Mermaid EP)

Post date: 04/24/2017 - 18:32

I thought this one went great. Whole lotta fun throughout.

the intoxicators - Hodad's of Huntington (Easter Eggs on Halloween)
the surf raiders - Tsunami (Raiders of the lost Surf)
the cavaleros - logan's stomp (atomic!)
the new dimensions - avalanche (Surf'n Bongos)

The Rivals - Penetration (Battle of the Bands)
Buddy and the Satellites - Countdown (45)
the ventures - Instant Mashed (45)
the teen beats - The Slop Beat (45)
Duane Eddy - cannonball (45)
the string-a-longs - Twistwatch (45)
travis wammack - distortion pt. 1 (45)
preston epps - Bongo Hop (Bongola)

The Mentawais - Finless Slide (Surfin' Java)
the 427's - yellowbelly (mavericks)
santos morcegos!!! - Porto Piche (raios e centolas)
the tarantinos NYC - hell's belles (surfin' the silver screen)
"blind" rage and violence - Headless chicken (The end of rock & roll)
kathy lynn and the playboys - rock city (dancehall stringbusters)

doyley and the twanglords - Gravitron (twang solo)
telekrimen - mutantes (resurrecion de los sangre-zombis del mas alla)
Said the Ripper - ricky the gambler (The Hanging At Barbed Wire)
slingshot dragster - pizza sauce (bite the bullet)
flat duo jets - the springheel jack (safari)

surf coasters - Mad Soldier (surfdelic)
The Pulltones - Storm Fisherman (Storm Fisherman)
the delstroyers - take me to the hellhop (here come)
phantom frank - punjabi (phantom frank)

101 strings - A Disappointing love with a desensitized robot (Asro sounds from the year 2000)
Glenrays - Haunted by Repetition (Bloodshot! the Gaity records story)
robert johnson and the punchdrunks - Arabesque (fried on the altar of good taste)
stereophonic space sound unlimited - Sitar Jerk (spooky sound tape)
the break - five rocks (church of open sky)

the barbwires - Go Go Gasoline (searider)
The Surfside Four - Mutatis Mutandis (Ballad of the Tiki)
blackball bandits - along highway 375 (confrontation on the extraterrestrial highway)
'63 Burnout - Theme from "Attacko" (Trouble At The Speedway)
switch trout - Turn on my switch (turn on my switch)
The Grave Diggesr - Robot Atomico (The Grave Diggers EP)
toxic mutants - formicula (still toxic)
os brutus - Samoa (Samoa EP)
king beez - pollination (Rumble Bee Ep)
Atomic Mosquitos - Dial "M" for Mosquito (bug music for bug people)

Post date: 04/10/2017 - 18:09

los plantronics - Cin-a-delico (organic voodoo soup)
LOS FRENETICOS - el mentalista (el sonidoque perdura)
the tormentos - moon over marin (Grab Your Board!)
husky and the sandmen - diamond eye (ridin the wild surf)
megatronadores - surfadelico huilin (wedwedn)

Dick Dale & his del-tones - Surfing Drums (surfer's choice)
the ventures - journey to the stars (on stage)
the shadows - Breakthrough (The sound of the Shadows)
singing guitars - ? (45)
johnny and the hurricanes - like rock (the legends of rock vol 2)

eddie angel - brawl (guitar party)
'63 Burnout - Nashville Stomp (Trouble At The Speedway)
crazy aces - Bangers (greatest hits volume 2)
the born losers - The Fight (cycle guitars)

docteur legume et les surfwerks - lost avenue (four tales of chemistry)
swiv-o-matics - innocent lee (charm city surfer)
the lively ones - rik-a-tik (surf drums)
the langhorns - Langhorn (langhorns)
the nebulas - Nematode (it's go time!)
the terri-tones - go (45)

doyley and the twanglords - Zorch x14 (twang solo)
the thurston lava tube - peruvogator (the pink elephant with nipples for tusks)
empiricals qc - Tsugaru Jongara Bushi (golden beat)
los jaguar's - malayisha (pizarra de exidos)

men from s.p.e.c.t.r.e. - jungle flood (the claw)
kozyol - black orpheus (kozyol)
dead man's curve - Watergate Wipeout (world catastrophe generator)
ed burkey - night rider (intoxica!)
camarada nimoy - as dunas de samil (alucinacions acusticas)

the cavaleros - Come with me to the Casbah (Atomic! the Album)
rapido t lusso - we're gonna feed your voodoo ass to the lions (caffeine racer ep)
speedball jr - Los Vampiros (whiplash)
Turbine Powered Heroes - Swallowed by a Killer Whale (Totally Wiped out!)
surfpatrouille - warp vi (get your stomping exploding eruptions with the kilaueas)
threesome - Beware the Stare (adriatica)
spaceguards - pluto (multivision)
the out of limits - Can 'O Worms (the rough masters demo ep)
the abstinence - Mas Turbante (paraiso de excesos)
genki genki panic - Get out of my dreams (and into my hearse) (litanies of surf)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - flash freezing the sun (flash freezing the sun)


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