Post date: 02/19/2018 - 14:17

The Revels - Party Time (45)
The Moongooners - Moongoon Twist (45)
Travis Wammack - I Ain't Lying (45)
The Majestics - The Boss Walk Pt 1 (45)
link wray and the wraymen - Hand Clapper (Link Wray)
The Royal Teens - Royal Blue (45)

Mark & the Escorts - Get Your Baby (Teenage Shutdown)
keetie and the kats - Way Out (45)
Roger & the Gypsies - pass the hatchet part 1 (45)
dave myers & the surf tones - laguna limbo luau (surf's up)
The Runabouts - Pink Socks (45)
Eddie Angel - mumbling beatnik (guitar party)

The Sophisticats - Chili Beans (when it rains it purrrrs)
The Fuzillis - Fish Gumbo (Grind a Go Go vol. 1)
hank jacobs - monkey hips and rice (45)
lord rockington's xi - fried onions (45)
The Shondelles - Gumbo (45)
andre williams - Rip Tips Pt. 1 (Frolic Diner Vol 3)

The Satin Chaps - lil sweater (Might I Suggest The Satin Chaps)
Los Shains - guau guau a go go (45)
The Shadows Five - Markham (45)
Porgy & the Polka-Dots - Say Yeah (45)
doc bagby - Mix it up (45)
The Champs - Robot Walk (Go Champ Go)

grand kahuna - comanche (grand kahuna)
los protones - Punta Panico (Misión:OA4)
moe koffman quintet - koko-mamey (45)
Los Terrificos - La Pantera (Go South)
Bikini Machine - It's All Up (let's party with bikini machine vol. 2)

DDT and the Repellants - The Fly Swatter (45)
The Mixtures - olive oyl (45)
The Hully Gully Boys - Yabba (45)
Ike Turner & the Kings of Rhythm - Twistin' the Strings (ike's instrumentals)
The Wailers - Mashi (Tall Cool One)
the rockin' capris - Money (45)
The Showboats - Sidewinder (45)

The Territones - Go (45)
The Rondels - Cover Charge (45)
The Triumphs - draggin' waggin (45)
Rat Holic - Run! Run! (Wipe Out With...)
The Teen Beats - Calif Boogie (45)
Bob Regan - Tarantula (45)
The Starfires - college boogie (45)
the hollywood persuaders - Rush Street (drums a-go-go)
The New Dimensions - Bongo Shutdown (Deuces and Eights)
marty & the Munks - mexican party (strummin mental part 1)

Post date: 02/05/2018 - 18:55

Fantastic 3 - Last call From Mexico (surfing with friends)
the vara-tones - Surf Blaster (jetty subject to high surf)
langhorns - john doe (langhorns)
dynotones - beneath the surface (beach party a go-go)
trabants - rumbler swing (highwire surfing)

The Eagles - March of the Eagles (Ku-Pow! British Instrumentals)
the new dimensions - Deuces and Eights (Deuces and Eights)
The Originals Surfaris - Beep Beep (Bombora!)
The Ramrods - Night Ride (Surf-Age Nuggets)
The Playboys - Desperado (Board Boogie)
Link Wray - big city after dark (Link Wray)

Hypnotide - Fire Eyed Girl (The Ninja and the Sea Monster)
Los Cataclismos - Luces de Aldebaran (La Calma EP)
Los Kosmos - V Jope Fantik (Los Kosmos)
Carlo - Carlo's Crush (Carlo)
retrofoguetes - telemetria (telemetria single)

The Anacondas - Disciples of Tonka (Snakin' all over)
dr frankenstein's laboratory - dance of the mating mermaids (crime scenes and murder songs)
The Mysterious Tape Man - Space Monster Party (Tape Man Goes to Outer Space)
The Majestics - Rip Tide (Surfers' Mood)

The biarritz boys - SexWax (enjoy the hip,slick, ultra-violent and super sexy surfsound of...)
The High Fidelics - New Killer Ray (The High Fidelics)
husky and the sandmen - Tube Surfer (Arabian Nights '96)
De Surfures - Fire Reverb (Fino a Go Go)
The Royal Pendletons - Guitar Crusher (Trailin' vol. 2)

Cosmo Piluqui & The Peronist Chanchonauts - Speed Racer Versus The Macrists From Hell (Proletarian Psycho Surfer Tunes Vol.1)
os pontas - Para-paranóia (Fuzz Jungle)
gasolines - catamarã (jungle surfers)
khruangbin - como me quieres (con todo el mundo)
The O'hara's - Good Herb This Year, Alpert (Facile a boire!)

Sandy Nelson and the Sin-City Termites - Senior Beat (Nelsonized)
The Other Timelines - Belka Doge (The Other Timelines)
Terror Waves - Garachosa (Terror Waves EP)
The Bills - Lead Beach (Check's in the Mail)
The Respondents - III (et in arcadia ego)
Switch Trout - Shake Some Rod Action (Turn on my switch)
Espectroplasma - Alfa Orionis (Espectroplasma I)
os brutus - amnésia (übersurf)
alwaro negro - universal clean (clean!)
The Alohas - dagnabit (get leid with)
the irradiates - give human being a last chance (Lost Transmissions From The Remote Outpost)

Post date: 02/05/2018 - 14:21

Impala - Wild Night at the Bloody Bucket (El Rancho Reverbo)
De Surfures - Waikiki Fuzz (Fino A Go Go)
Los Twang! Marvels - Marvels a go go (Guitars in orbit)
The Cave 4 - Tribute Pt 1 (Bikini Crash)
los fantasticos - Papa Surf (into the infinity tunnel)

The New Dimensions - Junker (Deuces and Eights)
Citations - Headache (Strummin Mental Part 1)
link wray & the raymen - turnpike u.s.a. (45)
The Champs - Midnighter (GO Champ Go)
Johnny and the Hurricanes - Rough Road (the legends of rock vol 2)
Calvin Cool - Surf Bunnies (The Surfer's Beat)

Los Kosmos - Mega Hit (Los Kosmos)
The Concussions - Trouble Gum (Newaygo Sound Machine)
Carlo - Ride (Carlo)
The Surfites - the royal vikings / let's wail! (the surfites & co.)
Treblemakers - Fist-Fight (Flippin the Bird)

Shark Attack! - Gorbashark (Chum Punch)
spring break shark attack - Great White (sharkronomicon)
surfpatrouille - Survest (get your stomping exploding eruptions with the kilaueas)
Laramie Dean - Drag King (Drag King EP)
The Delstroyers - Cannibal Car (Diabolical!)

The Barbwires - Waimanalo (Searider)
los cataclismos - Moon Valley (el vertigo de las olas)
the manatees - Caudida (swamp thang!)
The modelos - toke and stagger (The Modelos)
The Cavernarios - Costa Brava (camino a varadero)

khruangbin - Maria Tambien (Con Todo El Mundo)
La Chicharata - Os Cocosaurus (La Chicharata EP)
Os Gatunos - Araguari Boogie (Os Gatunos vão à praia)
Son of PM - Manohraluifai (hey klong yao!)

Espectroplasma - Plasma Gate (Espectroplasma I)
The Bills - Apollo Creed (Check's in the mail)
The Routes - Luck of the Devil (instrumentals)
The Infrareds - Celluloid Planetoid (Recorded on Microfilm)
johnny carbonaras - a scream at the right time (johnny carbonaras)
The Hi-Tides - Quasar (10" EP)
The Apemen - Cor Steijn Rides The Wild (live) (7+ Inches Of Love)
Speedball Jr - Dr Evil (Whiplash)
docteur legume et les surfwerks - la fin absolue du monde (3d Monster Robot)
Dick Dale - Haji (electric) (spacial disorientation)

Post date: 01/29/2018 - 10:35

De Surfures - Groove & Sun (Fino a Go Go)
LOS FRENETICOS - Surfin Caravan (el sonido que perdura)
bradipos iv - Amaro e' 'o bene (The Partheno-Phonic Sound of)
el gran miercoles - veracruz 4 (this is surf-steady)

jim doval and the gauchos - Barracuda (45)
The Counts - Chitlin, etc (Frolic Diner Pt. 3)
The Casual-Airs - Thunderbird (Las Vegas Grind Volume 1)
the hollywood persuaders - Agua Caliente (drums a-go-go)
surf kings - Surf Water (compilation)
The Surf Riders - Surfer's Blues (Surfbeat)

CARLO - Surficide (CARLO)
Os Gatunos - Otarião, surfe! (Os Gatunos vão a praia)
The Necronautics - stolen moments (headhunt EP)
the ramblin' ambassadors - Standoff at Calf Robe Bridge (Ramble On)
nahuelaizers - Omega Surf (profunidad desconocida)

the phantom dragsters - Devil Race (surfin' after death)
mach kung fu - reverb shot (the fabulous)
the woggles - Zombie Stomp (Get Tough)
the sir finks - can't be still ((tres mexicans) del surf del texas)
pavlov's woody - green peppers (they came from beneath the surf)
the kilaueas - Koi-O-Surunara (Surfer Joe)

The Phantom Four - Kyma (madhur)
The Del-Vipers - Nova (terror of the del-vipers)
Kreeps - Evilous Knevilous (Tales from Grim County)
Les Tigres du Futur - Les éventreurs du dancing (Les éventreurs du dancing)

The Velocity Raptors - Lefty Doppelganger (Vinyl Enemy)
tito y sus supersonicos - stefanie (popular vol 2)
puta madre brothers - Putananny twist (queso y cojones)
takeshi terauchi and the bunnies - in Japanese (in Japanese)
los extraños - marabunta (peppermint twist)

Desert Island Boys - Atomic! (The D.I. Boys Tape)
hella vader - Mammothopolis (XVIII)
the irradiates - All You Need Is... Transmutation! (Lost Transmissions From The Remote Outpost)
Les Vice Barons - Surfsploitation (Steel Blue Moods)
The Volcanos - Half Moon Bay (surf quake)
the krontjong devils - The Jester (action!)
the one night standards - Full Throttle (Octane)
Man...or Astro-Man? - Espanto del Futuro (destroy all astromen)
dinosaur ghost - sand level (dinosaur ghost)
The Mutations - once upon a time at the beach (monsters of surf)
The Bills - The Fly (Check's In the Mail)

Post date: 01/15/2018 - 12:52

A week late getting this one up

sir bald diddley and his ripcurls - Cut Throat (flip your wig)
the delstroyers - Destination Nebula VI (diabolical!)
the finks - Similau (fill'er up and go)
the delstroyers - Destination Nebula VI (diabolical!)
the evanstones - Hi-Flyer (Music from the last band on earth)
the mobsmen - GRIDIRON SYNDICATE (sceleras syndicate)

Las Guitarras Reales - Cabeza de Diamente (45)
the hollywood persuaders - drums a-go-go (drums a-go-go)
the hurricaines - hurricane (surf guitars rumble)
the vy-dels - Unknown (strummin mental part three)
the crossfires - fiberglass jungle (cowabunga disc 2)

Shark Attack! - Shark Shark Shark (Chum Punch)
Greengo - Fantasma Silvestre (Un Par)
Thálasses - Surf Doll Dance (EP)
Supertubos - El Salvador (Rendezvous)
Phantom Operators - Clay Wheels (Mala Suerte)

The Bomboras - Hot Line (head shrinkin' fun)
Impala - the scratch (play R&B favorites)
the concussions - fur-lined speedo (break up with)
The Good The Bad - 34 (034 to 050)
13th magic skull - twistin' massai (sungazing in rapa nui)

supertones - Moonshot Part 1 (surf fever 2000)
beware the dangers of a ghost scorpion - straight to darkness (boss metal zone ep)
the eliminators - bone cruncher (unleashed)
the surf coasters - Black Hole (surfadelic)
tremolo beer gut - Evilvis (the inebriated sounds of)
Susan & the Surftones - Beat Rider (the originals)

Los Jaguars - Tengo un corazon contento (De Fiesta Con Los Jaguars)
perro agradecido cumbia - Growler (Live at Capitan Gallo Bootleg)
sunil ganguli - rote huye aate hain sab (from 'salame ishq' 1979) (Bollywood Steel Guitar)
the revomatics - Nocturnica (Nocturnica)

The Nebulas - Nebula One (nebula one)
the chukukos - La Virgen de Las Barricadas (Deep Latin Surf Attack)
otto mann - pool mobile (coolest ranch)
bande de los apaches - dog fight (bande de los apaches)
we are a communist - biometric collision (blast off!)
the bonzers - jaws (loud fast and dirty)
the st. kilda gammarays - The Hedge Burner (girl on a motorcycle)
apicultores clandestinos - Don't push the button (Beach, Butts, Burgers and Babes: Tribute to the Dead Rocks)
man... or astroman? - preparation clont (spectrum of an infiinite scale)
amphibian man - Stymphalian birds (hellas)
the space cossacks - red sunrise (live supernova)

Post date: 01/01/2018 - 18:10

For once a Christmas show on Christmas!

The Ventures - Sleigh Ride (ventures christmas album)
The Wave Chargers - Jingle B'Hell (Surfin' X-mas)
the surfites - saint nick's AA fueler (seasonal favorites vol. 2)
the green reflectors - We Wish you a surfy christmas (Christmas with the Green Reflectors)
The Beyonders - Frosty the Snowman (the beyonders christmas album)

martin cilia - Little Drummer Boy (Electric Christmas)
the falcons - ye merry gentlemen (seasonal favorites vol 4)
Dick dale - Silent Night (spacial disorientation)
the avalanches - winter wonderland (ski surfin')
aqualads and friends - Angels We Have Heard on High (an oso grande christmas)
the ventures - santa claus is coming to town (ventures christmas album)

blue hawaiians - white christmas (christmas on the big island)
the charades - Greensleeves (all around the world with)
9th wave - God Rest Ye Merry Surfer (Victory at Sunset)
the vara-tones - We Three Kings (have yourselves a "vara" merry christmas)
los straitjackets - The Christmas Song (tis the season for los straitjackets)

the kanaloas - X-Mas Palm Tree (Seasonal Favorites Vol. 4)
lost acapulco - el nino del tambor (lost en navidad)
Glaciers - Snow Plow Turn (From Sea to Ski)
the velmas - surfin' bells (surf guitars rumble)
the avalanches - baby, it's cold outside (ski surfin')
The Beyonders - Sleigh Ride (the beyonders christmas album)

jackie & the cedrics - Silent Night Rumble (We Three Kings of Orient Are)
the cavaleros - Sleigh Ride ()
The Wave Chargers - Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight) (Surfin' X-mas)
the heatscores - scrooge (seasonal favorites vol. 1)
los straitjackets - feliz navidad (tis the season for los straitjackets)
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - faster santa claus, ho ho ho (Compilation Tracks)

the vara-tones - What Child is This (Jengo Bells)
martin cilia - Jingle Bells (Electric Christmas)
black flamingos - How the Gurch Stole Christmas (Seasonal Favorites Vol)
Chad Shivers & the Silent Knights - Frosty the Snowman (perform selections from the Ventures Christmas Album and  The Beach boys Christmas album)

jackie & the cedrics - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (We Three Kings of Orient Are)
estrume'n'tal - gin com bells (surfme'n'tal)
the ramblin' ambassadors - Don't Fear the Reindeer (It's a Team Mint Xmas, Vol II)
the swiv-o-matics - god rest ye merry, gremmies (return of the fez men)
the surfites - santa claus goes surfin' (seasonal favorites vol 1)
los esquizitos - santa or astro-santa (santa or astro-santa)
Retrofoguetes - bate o sino (o maravilhoso natal de retrofoguetes)
The Beyonders - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (the beyonders christmas album)
the avalanches - Sleight Ride (Out of Control)
the crossfires - santa and the sidewalk surfer (out of control)
the aqualads - Sleigh Ride (an oso grande christmas)

Post date: 01/01/2018 - 18:08

The Surfin' Surfers - East Link (Surfin' Surf)
Pointbreak - You ain't no cowboy (Get wet!)

The Unnaturals - Beach Bumz (Face the Dreaded Kimono Dragon)
The Telestons - f**k the System (Poseidon Knows)
Surflamingo - Green Hill Zone (Entrepeñas Bay Terror)

The Pulltones - Big Beach (Storm Fisherman)
The Doltones - Triumph A Go-Go (Dance or Die)
Sir Bald Diddley & His Rip-Curls - Mummified (Flip Your Wig)
The Bahareebas - Strum (Tell me a Story About)
The Fuzillis - Stand By (Grind A Go-Go Vol. 1)
Satan's Pilgrims - Creep Beat (Siniestro)

Los Straitjackets - Checkout Time (What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Los Straitjackets)

The Black Flamingos - c**k Grease (Neon Boneyard)
The Phantom Surfers - La Harmónica de Russell (7")
Messer Chups - Lipstick Twang (Taste the Blood of the Guitaracula)

The Delstroyers - Cannibal Cat (Diabolical!)

Doyley & the Twanglords - The Trip (Demo 94) (Twang Solo)
Guantanamo Baywatch - Area 69 (Desert Center)
Los Coronas - Mulas Huyendo de una Hostia Consagrada (Señales de Humo)
Tsunami Experiment - Found in the Circuit (Lost in the Circuit)
WJLP - 1999 AD (WJLP Is Out of This World)
the revomatics - Fear the Future (Nocturnica)
Los Ultraman - La Conocí en El Phono (Paradigma Jurásico)

Johnny & the Waves - Ranchero Deluxe (Johnny & the Waves Vol. 1)

The Kahuna Kings - First Wave (Who Wants to Party with the Kahuna Kings)
The Anonymous Henchmen - Hannibal 8 (The Coming Thing)
The Air Cats Band - Billy Bones Boogie (Garagum)
The Insect Surfers - Fjord Hornet (Datura Moon)

The Quaketones - Steak N Chmp (The Quaketones!)

Los Javelin - El Toro (Cocktail caracas)
Spitwater - Kaffeeklatsch (Kaffeetasse)
Nishioka Diddley & His one-Man chip - Cross Ties (Surfin' with Nishioka Diddley)
Matorralman - A Todo Dar (Adulterio Estereophonico)
Megatronadores - Condornauta (Wanglen)

The Cavaleros - Mexican Standoff / El Cumbanchero (Atomic! The Album)

The Wave Chargers - Les Cavaliers de l'Apocalypse sont des surfeurs (The Wave Chargers Strike Again!)
Os Brutus - Samoa (Samoa EP)
Amphibian Man - The Hand of nergal (Babylon)
Los Pinche Pinches - Tweaker Creaker (Los Pinche Pinches)
King Beez - The Swarm (Rumble Bee EP)
Light Strucks - Fermentação Radioativa (Light Strucks)
The Mermers - Toxic Tide Pool (2017 EP)
The Chukukos - Surfeando en los 90's (Deep latin surf attack)
Surfyer - Necrophobic (Surf in Blood)
Genki Genki Panic - Sexy Harambe Frankenstein (litanies of surf)
Arno de Cea and the Clockwork Wizards - Planète Antichromatique (Flash Freezing the Sun)

Willy and His Giants - Auld Layne Syne - (45)

Post date: 12/18/2017 - 18:23

LOS FRENETICOS - frenetiqueando (el playa)
simon jones - Surfers Guitar (instrumentals vol. 1)
satan's pilgrims - Scorpio 6 (creature feature)
The Kahuna Kings - First Wave (Who wants to party with the Kahuna Kings)
Johnny & the Waves - Tidal Wave (Johnny & the waves vol 1)

Ike Turner & the Kings of Rhythm - Katanga (ike's instrumentals)

The Newport Nomands - Blue Mallard (Surf-Age Nuggets)
Los Jaguar's - Big Nick (Fiesta de Los Jaguars)
bob moore and the temps - trophy run (wail on the beach)
the glaciers - slalom (from sea to ski)
the teen beats - Nightspot (45)

meshugga beach party - Hatikvah (20 songs of the chosen surfers)

Terremotor - Navalha (Terremotor)
stories from shamehill - Queen of Tides (El Salto Del Jalapeno / Queen Of Tides)
Trabants - Rumbler Swing (highwire surfing)
Los Deformes - Saturno 5 (Saturno 5)
les agamemnonz - introduction (au revoir)

los tiki phantoms - La Conga (y el ejercito de las calaveras)

rondo hatton - untitled pop anthem (breaking the sound barrier)
The Surfusions - It's a Blizzard Out there! (single)
The Anonymous Henchmen - Poker's an honest trade (The Coming Thing)

Ted Boys Marinos - Space Station (Bikini Beach)

WJLP - Wednesday Morning (at the Intergalactic Slave Market) (WJLP is out of this World)
laika & the cosmonauts - look! no head! (Absurdistan)
Hypnomen - need no doctor (trip with satan)

megatronadores - Hey Lola (Wanglen)

Vanduras - Rope'n Pineapples (In the Dark)
The Mermen - Three Thirty Three (We Could See it in the Distance)
The Velocity Raptors - Surf Gypsy (The Separation of Surf and Skate)

The Phantom Four - Paganini / Sonido Amazonico (Live at Pacific Parc)

los stomias - La Conquista de Montenegro (Beach, Butts, Burgers and Beer - Tribute to the Dead Rocks)
the intoxicators - Sake Shaker (Easter Eggs on Halloween)
night birds - miskatonic stomp (mutiny at muscle beach)
los tiros - voy lo mato y vuelo (tu pesadilla regreso, bienvenido al infierno)
Hypnotzar - el recien graduado (Graduado)
hawaii samurai - The Shape of Surf To Come (the shape of surf to come)

Post date: 12/11/2017 - 18:29

the barbwires - sockitome (...sounds like trouble)
Atomic 7 - Wreck of the Dick Family Weiner Boat (En Hillbilly Caliente)
The Kahuna Kings - Rip Head (Who wants to party with the Kahuna Kings)
the isotopes - Bag Pipeline (Play Surf Music)

bob vaught and the renegaids - makaha (surf crazy)
rhythm rockers - Ramrod (soul surfin')
b. brock and the sultans - 30 lb beetle (do the beetle)
roy buchannan - mule train stomp (dancehall stringubsters)
the reveliers - Flat Tire (Honkers and Twangers)
the ventures - Pedal Pusher (walk don't run 64)
The Scouts - Custer's stomp (45)

los antideslizantes - Spaghetti (carabassi)
the neptunes - Spaghetti Luau (People of Earth, we are the neptunes)
the dynotones - the fuzz (the dynotones)
spies who surf - calling all martians (calling all martians)
famous monsters - Vampire Cosmonaut (in the night!!!)

stories from shamehill - El Salto del Jalapeño (El Salto Del Jalapeno / Queen Of Tides)
The Fathoms - Aqua Beat (fathom this!)
tiki tones - on the Scene (Suburban savage)
west samoa surfer league - Pintor (moments of truth ep)
Shark Attack! - Shark Fiction (Chum Punch)

biarritz boys - gaza surf (enjoy the hip,slick, ultra-violent and super sexy surfsound of...)
The Apemen - Het Grote Surffeest (live at KFJC) (7 inches of love)
sir bald diddley and his wig-outs - J.A.T.O. (Nitrous Peroxide)
rat holic - dynamite (wipe out with...)
the concussions - Pump City (Newaygo SOund machine)

The Velocity Raptors - The Separation of Surf and Skate (The Separation of Surf and Skate)
Laika and the Cosmonauts - Circumstantial Evidence (Absurdistan)
The Phantom Four - Remo Rifles (Madhur)
The Quaketones - Jack the Ripper (The Quaketones)

Ivan Motosserra Surf & Trash - Surfing in the Kane (Beach, Butts, Burgers and Beer -  tribute to The Dead Rocks)
WJLP - Lifeguard (WJLP is out of this World)
el fossil - jamtasm (Monsters of surf)
the monomen - Phantom on Lane 12 (Shut the fuck up!)
paquetá - Arruaça (surfadelic dreams)
Commando - A6 (Piet)
surf report - knuckle sadnwich (lavarrockreverb)
bamboogie injections - astra incognita (wild dandelion stomping)
the space cossacks - Solaris Stomp (live supernova)
13th magic skull - cel rogent kill 'em all (sungazing in rapa nui)

Post date: 12/04/2017 - 20:20

the delstroyers - crypto-matic (diabolical!)
the aquamen - thunderbird (do the alkeehol!)
el caminos - exotic (reverb explosion)
The Journal Job - Dr Rick marshall plays surf rider (drunken monkey jungle)
Laika and the Cosmonauts - surfs you right (zero gravity)
The Surfin' Surfers - The Hearse (Surfers' Surf)

Link Wray - Son of Rumble (7")
The Tornadoes - The Swag (beyond the surf!)
The Moon Surfers - Surfin' on the Moon (45)
Bikinis - Crazy Vibrations (Las Vegas Grind Part 2)
Jerry & the Silvertones - Ce'ny (let's rock tonight)
The New Dimensions - taming of the tube (the best of)

The Quake-Tones - Steak N Chomp (The Quaketones)
Shark Attack! - Shark City (Chum Punch)
The Akulas - Special 230 (Rustines)
The Fuzillis - Topless (Grinda A-Go-Go Vol 1)
The Nancy Spungen X - GaME OVeR (The Nancy Spungen Experience)

The Spytones - the 57 (Gnarly Wave Volume 2)
Deathpod - Twang (Soak Twang Drive)
Aloha Sluts - intoxicator (Return of the Sluts)
los perloras - My Heart is Beatin' Rumble (los perloras)
los kanibales surf combo - Lovebite en la playa (locos singles instrumentales)
the mel-tones - wave runner (surf! spy! space!)

par avion - Squad Car (nashville surfline)
tremolo beer gut - Delirium Tremolo (nous sommes the tremolo beer gut)
the surfaders - dragstrip murder mystery (dragstrip murder mystery)
guantanamo baywatch - Conquistador (Desert Center)

bingo reyna - penas del corazon (y su guitarra del fuego)
omar khorshid - Guitar el chark (guitar el chark)
The Luvmenauts - Della Piscina di Gianna (Luvmenauts III: Minestra Maritata)
messer chups - Black Black magic of love (black black magic)

the monterreys - the pharoah (the pharoah)
the royal fingers - ace of toyota (wild eleki deluxe)
the ghastly ones - haulin' hearse (a-haunting we will go-go)
kill, baby... kill! - Love Theme For a Twisted Mind (sometimes they come back)
rubens & the barichellos - Tamburello (El Reverb Proveera)
surfin' fariseos - El gran escape (el reverb proveera)
Demoni - Twice the evil (surf city of the dead)
The Mag Seven - Ninja Please (The Future is Ours, If you can Count)
apicultores clandestinos - faixa de gaza (astronauta del campo)
slacktone - blast bolero (into the blue sparkle)
El Ray - those damn kids (the evil mermaid)


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