Post date: 10/16/2017 - 18:59

satan's pilgrims - Uphill Scramble (Siniestro)
surfdusters - hero of the beach (raincoast rumble)
messer chups - Hula Drag U La (Taste the blood of guitaracula)
Los Sedientos Surfistas - Slalom (Fantástico)
rat holic - surfin' alligator (wipe out with...)

Les Talismans - L'Avalanche (45)
The Lincoln Trio - The Limp (45)
Lee Castle - Big Texas (45)
the shondells - gumbo (45)
The Palais Royals - Margit (45)
Porgy & the Polka-Dots - Say yeah (45)

Tsunami Experiment - Planes to Spain (Lost in the Circuit)

the revomatics - Fear the Future (Nocturnica)
men in grey suits - Buckle Pump (return of the cnidarians)
surfpatrouille - sci-fi/lo-fi (get your stomping exploding eruptions with the kilaueas)

the sidemen - gibraleon (go too far!)

Las Olas - Celeste (las olas)
Coast of Ghosts - Typhoon Twist (Typhoon Twist)
the mobsmen - roman centurion (fraternitas aurum factorem)

los coronas - Sierra Yegunas (Señales de Humo)

bevel emboss - I like movies (celluloid)
the phantom surfers - The Crying Woman (7")
the intruders - Chain Gang Walk (7")

megatronadores - Cheruve Punky Reverb (Wanglen)

oskar benas - Carrera Azarosa (OBIC)
Spitwater - Screaming Hand (KaffeeTassee)
Insanitizers - Crossings (Flying Guitars)
double naught spy car - The Hesher Variation (Moof)

genki genki panic - Penetration (live) (demos, covers, and bonus tracks)

hikury beach - pennywise (soy el diablo)
the st kilda gammarays - king tut (girl on a motorcycle)
huevos rancheros - endsville (endsville)
Death Dealers - Butterfly Mask (Lost & Found)
terrorist bengala party - escape from gotham (surf post atomico)
threesome - Combo Swell (On Tour)
mahatma gangue - Surfe e Destrua (Surfe e Destrua)
kill baby kill - Stop off in ridgeview (Human sounds vol. 1)

Post date: 10/09/2017 - 18:08

Over half of this show was 45s that I had just dug up. Also some new stuff from Messer Chups, Phantom Surfers, Coast of Ghosts, Spitwater and The Revomatics.

meshugga beach party - Magyara (hot rod hannukah)
southern culture on the skids - mudbuggy (ditch diggin')
travis wammack - upset (45)
Vinnie Rogers - Flash Flood (45)
link wray and the wraymen - Raw-Hide (45)

Porgy & the Polka-Dots - Ridin' High (45)
leroy castille - signal rock (45)
the boogie kings - Philly Walk (45)
the shondells - Suspense (45)
randy and the rockets - rocket's twist (45)
Lee Castle and the Whatniks - Lafayette (45)

messer chups - Magneto (Taste the blood of guitaracula)
Coast of Ghosts - Las Ondas Rojas (Typhoon Twist)
Spitwater - Fallout Stomp (KaffeeTassee)
the phantom surfers - Barbecue with Friends (7")

The Lincoln Trio - Shake Down (45)
Gary Webb - Drum City - Part 2 (45)
the revengers - The Batman Theme (45)
George Tomsco - Mexican Fun (45)
Cyclones - Bullwhip Rock (45)

Les Talismans - L'Interplanetaire (45)
The Jaguar Men - Le Jag (45)
Les Houl-Ops - Pachilla (45)
Willy and his Giants - Guitar Battle Blues (45)
Paul (Paul & Paula) - Hey You, Walk on me (45)

The Moontrekkers - hatashiai (45)
The Bees - Side One Track 5 (Bees Guitar Music)
The Hawks - Grasshopper (45)
The Lively Ones - Misirlou (Surfin' Party '64)
per mutations - surf the rat (surfing in the phenomenal world)
los coronas - Essaouira (Señales de Humo)

the revomatics - Lee Marvin (Nocturnica)
mahatma gangue - Surfe e Destrua (Surfe e Destrua)
DEMON VENDETTA - maleficia (vigilante surf)
robert johnson & the punchdrunks - blade runner (cinema scope-a-dope)
bang! mustang - Tormenta (Big Twang Theory)
frankie and the poolboys - Ripley in Love (the adventures of cap'n coconuts)
los cataclismos - 2012 (el vertigo de las olas)

Post date: 10/02/2017 - 18:13

the reigning monarchs - blood red metalflake (black sweater massacre)
los straitjackets - Pop Rocks & Coke (jet set)
The Mummies - tall cool one (play their own records)
the ramblin' ambassadors - Superbee (ramble on)
pounded by the surf - Out of Control (no waves)

the citations - Moon Race (45)
jan davis - Fugitive (45)
the continentals - rockinental (45)
the dick poulton trio - capital city bounce (45)
the roosters - chicken hop (45)
The Royaltones - seesaw (45)
Duane Eddy - trash (duane a go-go)

los coronas - La Fiebre (Señales de Humo)
los twangers - El Ratador (Planeta Twanger)
star and key of the indian ocean - Poisoned Coconuts (Rock 'n Roll Fiasco)
The Royal Pendletons - royal blood part II (No-Fi: a live documentation of New Orleans garage/surf/punk)

the krontjong devils - the rafter (en garde)
The Death Dealers - Kung-fu Rock (Lost & FOund)
the dynotones - Injector (beach party a-go-go)
Aaron & the Burrs - oh no, more bats (release the bats)
Banzaii Hawaii - Violet Sky (Surf Eleki Twang Rock)
The Moths - Panga Man (beware of)

The Curse of Harry Dean - Dressed in White - Spending Couterfeit Money (The curse of Harry Dean: The Curse)
the palermo surf experience - RIP curl renegade (far from famous)
The Anonymous Henchmen - Surfside Flash 3.0 (The Coming Thing)
the out of limits - Blue Scorpion Death Squad (Drinking Scotch from the Skull of John the Baptists with the Gunman from the Grassy Knoll)
the air cats band - brothers of the storm (invisible air cats)

messer chups - Cat religion (black black magic)
odicolon - Sexy Witch (dracula's dreams)
Kreeps - Monster King theme (Tales from Grim County)
os tartaros - valsa da meia noite (the first portugese surf-garage group)
chicha libre - mi plato de barro (Sonido Amazonico)

phantom four - morphological echo (mandira)
chewbacca's - klaatu barada nikto (chewbacca's meet electroplasma)
The Terrorsurfs - Ape Cape (Zomboid Surf Attack)
Atomic Mosquitos - hank scorpio (meltdown)
the unidentified. - The Excessive Machine (Secret Audio Suspense)
king beez - spider woman (deathproof vol. 1)
howling guitar - burst (motor noise)
ghastly ones - Thunderhead (a-haunting we will go-go)
los jinetes del terror - Chikita (fuzz-on accidental)
los straitjackets - close to champaign (the velvet touch of)
mummies - whitecaps pt. 2 (never been caught)

Post date: 09/25/2017 - 22:48

The Routes - hotwired (Instrumentals)
Los Twang! Marvels - rippin waves (prueba del fuego)
fifty foot combo - Gauchos (caffeine)
los straitjackets - tailspin (los straitjackets)

the chandelles - jester (that's swift! instrumentals from the norman petty vault)
The Tremolos - kackle (weirdsville)
the sidewinders - Gulley Washer (Fast-Track)
the tornadoes - the swag (Dancehall Stringbusters Vol 2)
the hollywood surfers - garbage pit (The Surf Family)

The Wave Chargers - Tidal Jet (The Wave Chargers Strike Again)
the cavaleros - chinese takeaway (Atomic! the Album)
The Surfin' Surfers - Penetration (Surfer's Surf)
robert johnson and the punchdrunks - buzz aldrin (feels like buzz aldrin)
the bomboras - Red River Valley (it came from pier 13)
tigers of the sea - thundergash (tigers of the sea ep)
the trashwomen - el farolito (vs deep space)

boss fink - Varadero '55 (r.p.m.)
Rondo Hatton - gale force (rondo hatton)
the von drats - manglers & stranglers (dratsylvania)
mach kung fu - Chaquita (exotic exhaust)

the out of limits - Escape from Tharsis (Drinking Scotch from the Skull of John the Baptists with the Gunman from the Grassy Knoll)
The Anonymous Henchmen - Your Move Creep (The Coming Thing)
this machine kills robots - sea fairies (a history of violent crimes in the darkkest corners of the ocean floor)
los kanibales surf combo - Baño de mar a medianoche (locos singles instrumentales)
stronzo gelantino - disco cancer (part I)

WJLP - Fantastic Voyage (WJLP is out of this World)
camarada nimoy - Encontros na 4ª fase na Illa de Ons (alucinacions acusticas)
stereophonic space sound unlimited - Sitar Jerk (the spooky sound sessions)
The Insanitizers - A Day in Tokyo (Guitar Fun Version 2.0)

hell-o-tiki - Nostromo (attack of lady octopussy)
ava kant - davie the fuzzed (highwave star)
johnny & the shamen - mr. hide (adventures in espionage)
the isotopes - odd particle (overstay their welcome)
mammoth torta - glass axe (mammoth torta 7")
man... or astroman? - Maximum Radiation Level (experiment zero)
the cavaliers - La Vague de la Soif (the cavaliers)
El Ray - circus monkey (highwave to hell)
classical ass - hunker down (after lunch we kill tony)
the madeira - the saracen (carpe noctem)
captain ahab & the sea cracken - Slut (jürmungandr)
the irradiates - shut up, let's grow! (revenge of the plants)

Post date: 09/18/2017 - 18:15
  • The Surfin' Surfers - East Link (Surfer's Surf)
  • los tiki phantoms - Mundaka (regresan de la tumba)
  • hypnotide - and then the sharks came (landlocked)
  • the supertones - Surf Fever 2000 (surf fever 2000)
  • barbacoa - gorilla monsoon (itallian medallion)

  • the ventures - The Chase (45)
  • the triumphs - draggin' waggin (45)
  • the original surfaris - beep beep (bombora!)
  • The Treasures - Minor Chaos (The Birth of Surf Vol 3)
  • the arrows - tee pee (apache '65)
  • Mickey Baker - Baia (45)

  • The Anonymous Henchmen - Hannibal 8 (The Coming Thing)
  • terrorist bengala party - Topless Virgin Mary (surf post atomico)
  • surfpatrouille - warp vi (get your stomping exploding eruptions with the kilaueas)
  • the breeders - Flipside (last splash)
  • The Vibrants - Thunderbird (the exotic guitar sounds of)

  • twang! marvels - runaway from zardoz (prueba del fuego)
  • laika & the cosmonauts - Magic Bullet (instruments of terror)
  • Danny Amis & Twin Tones - double indemnity (super spy western tones)
  • husky and the sandmen - Brown Eyed Girl from Molokai (ridin the wild surf)
  • The Fentones - Just for Jerry (Twanging, Honking, Plinking & Stomping)

  • surflamingo - Señor Lobo 2.0 (creatures from the deep)
  • los antideslizantes - Maremoto En La Marina (carabassi)
  • slacktone - tidal wave (slacktone)
  • huaraches - Pole Nectar (the huaraches ride)
  • demoni - Slither (surf city of the dead)
  • the delusionaires - the scuzz (flooze party)

  • Martin Capelli's Italian Surf Academy - Django (The American Dream)
  • Hypnomen - Watusi 99 (Watusi 99)
  • los relampagos - vacaciones en espana (new world relampagos)
  • los coyotes muertos - Samira part 1 (balkan) (La Noche de los coyotes muertos)

  • fifty foot combo - it's alive (go hunting)
  • the atomic mosquitos - mosquito royale (meltdown)
  • the sub-vectors - intercept (music on the bones)
  • we are a communist - Low Earth Orbital Complex (blast off!)
  • estrume'n'tal - Ramcherger (neander'n'tal)
  • boogie nazis - Lunch with Grandma (no coast)
  • The Apemen - invasion of the apemen (7 inches of love)
  • speedball jr. - Laguna Beach (For the Broad Minded)
  • Sordid Ship - Embaradére (Sordid Ship)
  • los protones - La Hija de Lola (20 monstruos 2007-2015)

Post date: 09/18/2017 - 18:13

Sorry I'm late on this one!

amphibian man - welcome to sunny saigon (Apocalypse Now)
the dangermen - Monster Beat (meet the men of danger)
impala - ltd a-go-go (el rancho reverbo)
the tiki creeps - blue mist (of bora bora) (idol worship)
the surf coasters - Wataridori (Samurai Struck)

the ventures - The Savage (45)
b bumble & his stingers - The Green Hornet Theme (45)
los shains - ciudad de rompientes (el ritmo de los shains)
the rondels - on the run (the birth of surf volume 3)
Dick Dale & his del-tones (banzai washout - summer surf)
the astronauts - Baja (45)

Duane Eddy - Saints and Sinners (45)
Ike Turner & the Kings of Rhythm - the rooster (ike's instrumentals)
del saints - tarzan (jungle exotica)
The Saints - husky team (vampires, cowboys, spacemen & spooks)
sounds incorporated - mogambo (twanging, honking, pinking & stomping)

hodaddys - fiero (hot rods n' surf)
guantanamo baywatch - witch stomp (Desert Center)
the mel-tones - avienu malkainu (surf sensation)
the saints - sleepwalk (Suomalaisia Rautalankaaanityksia)

the treble spankers - Vahim (hasheeda)
the archers - moon over istanbul (7"s and stuff)
the nebulas - Dragunov (the nebulas)
Bambi Molesters - Mindbender (As the Dark Wave Swells)

the slobodan experiment - Riptide (electric surf school)
The Saints (in chinese) (45)
The Son of PM - Talung Nang Yak (Hey Klong Yao!)
condor gruppe - Vocazione (4 track demo)
los brillantinas - el perro vicio (pulp-a-mandrilla)
The Insanitizers - Rocket Pack (guitar fun)

los coyotes muertos - El Magnifico (La Noche de los coyotes muertos)
bang! mustang! - echobrain mantra (surfin' n.s.a.)
electrohumedos - apocalypsis psicotronico (electrohumedo's first album)
Cheap Violent Cats - swarfega (Seat Slasher & Tales from the Greasy Spoon)
the switch trout - electronic block surf (psycho action)
the daytonas - collision Run (parabolica)
the monterreys - Dirty Spurs (the pharoah)
The Voodoo Strangers - snake bite (demo)
the del-toros - 50 knots (surfvival of the rockest)
anonymous henchmen - surfside flash: live '15 (The Mole's Phonic Findings)
el ray - the spider (highwave to hell)

Post date: 09/04/2017 - 18:05
Today's Plays

the kanaloas - swallow tail (surf a go go)
krontjong devils - The Rebel (Without a Cause) (ACTION!)
the sidemen - gibraleon (Go Too Far!)
gasolines - la serpiente (jungle surfers)
guantanamo baywatch - Area 69 (Desert Center)

The Baymen - Bonzai (Birth of Surf Volume 3)
The Sunspots - Paella (Twanking, Honking, Plinking & Stomping)
preston epps - bongo in the congo (Bongo Bongo Bongo)
the surfaris - big surge (Fun City USA)
the sentinals - The Pipe (Surfer Girl)
the impacs - Kool It (Impact!)
the ventures - Work Song (wild things)

Professor Z - Z & The Tiki Twisters (Demo)
The Nelsonics - bikini bullfight (the nelsonics)
The Deadbeats - janky jank (day of the deadbeats)
the kustard kings - Jungle Boogie (blam!)
13th magic skull - Mala Mujer (brave coast wild recordings)

the compartmentalizationists - 8 and a half rumba (sutures)
The Black Flamingos - The Gurch (Neon Boneyard)
Slingshot Dragster - uti (bite the bullet)
The Necronautics - Bikini Kill (The Necronautics)

The Space Rangers - speedway (ready to take off!)
the mutants - caligula (voodoo blues)
the cavernarios - camino a varadero (camino a varadero)
The Good The Bad - 34 (from 034 to 050)
pounded by the surf - acid drop (no waves)

duane eddy and the rebels - The Attack of the Duck Billed Platypus (Road Trip)
double naught spy car - Peaches Sans Herbs (Moof)
the diminished men - Oistros Dolorous (Vision in Crime)
ted taylor four - Flyover (Twanging, Honking, Plinking & Stomping)

Cheap Violent Cats - Sky Team Ace Theme (Seat Slasher & Tales from the Greasy Spoon)
the surf coasters - Sharkman (Samurai Struck)
os brutus - amnésia (ubersurf)
the apemen - shake your hoover (7+ inches of love)
the dead rocks - green secret from amazonia (one million dollar surf band)
the mono men - reset (shut up!)
the coffin daggers - head on (aggravatin' rhythms)
hawaii samurai - Pacific Darkside (let there be surf)
king beez - Swarm (Rumble Bee Ep)
amphibian man - Apocalypse Now (Apocalypse Now)
the back-wash rhythm band - Waimea Bay (Golden Breed)

Post date: 08/28/2017 - 18:21

los wet guitars - majestic (majestic)
the sand devis - stacatto lane (the sand devils)
dirty fuse - Storm (Last Wave)
the surfites - Bump Day (big pounder)
the bambi molesters - Tremble And Shake (sonic bullets 13 from the hip)

the joy boys - Sandy The Surfin' Sandfly (board boogie)
The Secrets - twin exhaust (dancehall stringbusters)
the centurions - surfin at mazatland (Bullwinkle Part II)
Dave and the Customs - Ali Baba (Surf Guitars Rumble)
the new dimensions - soul breakout (soul)
bandits - Buzzy (party party party)

the me gustas - hot mix (board boogie)
legato vipers - talkback mikhail (lv)
dr frankenstein - Night Train to Liverpool (in 4 dimensions)
impala - square jungle (square jungle)
crazy aces - Numb one (greatest hits volume 2)
The Roadkill Dragons - Please, Mistress (Out of the Dungeons, Onto the Beach: a Tribute to Grim Hymn & the Horrors)

the fathoms - incognito (fathomless)
la luz - hey papi (weirdo shrine)
the journal job - storm surf (drunken monkey jungle)
tuareg - hoy es el mañana (go! go! surf)
i fantomatici - enterprise (spaghetti surf)

the ok kings - bay of chicks (it's ok)
millionaire beach bums - Searchlight (shorebreak)
guantanamo baywatch - The Australian (Desert Center)
laika & the cosmonauts - zunami (zero gravity)
the aqua barons - harbour love (southeast stompers)
the air cats band - Blue Seagull (Garagum)

double naught spy car - Night of the Comet (Moof)
Langhorns - camel ride (mission exotica)
the concussions - wray connif (break up with)
maximillian at the piano - gee baby, you're the utmost - 45
los holy's - hawaii cinco-o - 45

chewbacca's - alpha channel (chewbacca's meet electroplasma)
astroglides - mystic sphinxter (sewer surfing with...)
the shockwave - space glider (contact from space)
switch trout - super chop (blow mind! here are the trouts)
howling guitar - ghost beach party (howling guitar)
the coffin daggers - stampede (the coffin daggers)
the chemist and the acevities - psychiatry inside out (the anarcho surf laboratory co)
man or astro-man? - (classified) (Project Infinity)
Amphibian Man - The Last Wave (Waves)
Boom Pam - Malibu (Alakazam)

Post date: 08/21/2017 - 20:01

Off to a rocky start today when an outlet went out and left all the equipment without power. Fun once it got going though!

els a-phonics - el torcal (& friends)
The Guitar Ramblers - surf beat (happy, youthful, new sounds of...)
the exports - car hop (45)
the glaciers - holiday hill (from sea to ski)
link wray and the wraymen - Turnpike USA (jack the ripper)

The Roadkill Dragons - werewolf (Out of the Dungeons, Onto the Beach: a Tribute to Grim Hymn & the Horrors)
paquetá - Guanxuma Jamaicana (surfadelic dreams)
The Akulas - Cemetary Stomp (Rustines)
the me gustas - Deep Water Blackout (Benthic Exploration)
The Splashdowns - Springboard into Space (Rocket Tales)

The Sandblasters - toothless cannibal (cactus stingray)
the sadies - cheat (in concert volume 1)
Langhorns - Slipstream (mission exotica)
The Illuminators - sunset riders (desert rocks)
los twangers - El Solo Toro (Planeta Twanger)

par avion - Unchained Melody (Surf the Friendly Skies)
the ramblin' ambassadors - kamikaze (vista cruiser county squire)
the tarantinos NYC - django (theme frome) (surfin' the silver screen)
the barbwires - at the skyline drive-in (...sounds like trouble)
satan's pilgrims - satan's twist (Siniestro)

los holy's - Reunion Sicodelica (45)
The Silverstones (in Chinese) (Sound of Silverstone)
Los Ultraman - Charruá Western Massacre (paradigma jurásico)
The telestons - To the Capital City of the Moon (Poseidon Knows)
los pekenikes - Viaje Noctorno (hilo de seda)

amphibian man - A Couple of Dollars (desert songs)
surf zombies - The Bertlemann Slide (it's a... thing!)
the invisible surfers - Stabs'n'Hugs (Waves of Reverb, Sea of Fuzz)
the terminators - it's time for a revenge (we are ready for anything for the mafia's queen)
doyley and the twanglords - Johnny Dangerously (Twang Solo)
the isotopes - Jolly Rancheros (Play Surf Music)
switch trout - kushticaw (psycho action)
Surfyer - Necrophobic (Surf in Blood)
the abominable showmen - lobo (the abominable showmen)
gangrena surf - Pesadillas Eroticas (quemar - hundirse - profanar -refractar)
el fossil - hairpin (escape from crabhorse)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - planéte antichromatique (flash freezing the sun)

Post date: 08/14/2017 - 18:48

Not as meticulously planned as usual but I think it went pretty well!

Los Ultraman - Non DNA Man (paradigma jurásico)
The Lei Men - Scratchy (Beach Face EP)
husky and the sandmen - Moonwaves (45)
goggle-a - picasso Hall no 7 (dendeke rock combo)
Hattori Hanzo Surf Experience - yozora no hoshi (Meanwhile in Mallorca)

les jaguars - Melle Yeye (Vol 2)
wes dakus - sidewinder (45)
van doren - huntington beach (45)
Sandy nelson - Tean beat '65 (Teen Beat '65)
robin and the 3 hoods - Marauder (surf-age nuggets)
the rondels - zombie (honkers & twangers)

santos morcegos!!! - O Chupacabra de Penamoa (Lendas Urbanoides)
Lost Acapulco - Green Beans (Los Obligados racing team)
Los Javelin - la Maraquita (Cocktail Caracas)
the bahareebas - majuun (Tell Me A Story About)
The Men in Gray Suits - Norco (Panic at the Pier)
zorros petardos salvajes - el surfernauta (satanic fields)

the mysery men - Happy Kingdom By the Sea (Embers)
par avion - Lambada (Surf the Friendly Skies)
the madeira - Farthest Shore (ancient winds)
The Ventures - Lonely Heart (45)

guantanamo baywatch - Conquistador (Desert Center)
The Wave Chargers - Squad Car/Surf bound/Hava Nagila (Surf Outtakes)
the el caminos - Horchata (The Complete Sexcite Works)
los coronas - maremoto (surfin' tenochititlan)
the surf creatures - Cafe Barrio (X-50)

The Silverstones (in Chinese) (the Sound of Silverstone Vol 15)
The Melodians - singing angel (45)
the chantays - Space Probe (Two Sides of the Chantays)
the blazers - Sound of Mecca (Intoxica)

The O'Hara's - Ghosttown Exit (Devil's Desert)
the wangs - Firelord (On Target!)
the swiv-o-matics - Barbara Eden Rock (the return of the fezmen)
diabolico coupe - Beach Race (self-released)
pointbreak - nightmare on henry st. (Get Wet!)
el capitan and the band with no name - Man With No Name (death of a tiki)
The Phantom 5ive - Tube City (Thee Phantom 5ive vs The Penetrators)
the apemen - bajjad (7 inches of love)
The Surf Coasters - Spit Fire (Surface Impression)
Surfyer - Altar Of Sacrifice (SURF IN BLOOD)


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