Playlist 1-16-2017

I had some fun today, especially in the last half hour

biarritz boys - gaza surf (enjoy the hip,slick, ultra-violent and super sexy surfsound of...)
els a-phonics - el torcal (& friends)
spies who surf - destroy all pollution (calling all martians)
the abstinence - surfterraneo (paraiso de excesos)


Playlist from 1-9-2017

the razorblades - beach racer (the dark side of the beach)
jon and the nightriders - Catalina (stampede)
the surfdusters - hero of the beach (save the waves)
twang! marvels - runaway from zardoz (prueba del fuego)
the tiki creeps - tiki creepin' (idol worship)

the revels - soft top (45)
the scouts - custer stomp (45)
The Teemates - Nightfall (45)
holidays - dark valley (45)
the tempests - lemon lime (strummin mental vol 4)
the earthworms - Mo' Taters (45)



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