Marshall and the Martins release Bundamba

Marshall and the Martins - Bundamba

The latest from Marshall and the Martins keeps it pretty trad surf - despite banjo in the second track and apparently some bagpipes somewhere. Though that second track "Weston" is a good one, the more it sticks to a trad surf sound the more I found myself enjoying the songs. "Bundamba", "Mulliwippi" and "Maxwin" all did a great job of tapping into a 60's locked-in mindset and surf mood, while the beach party numbers like "Steley" and "Melton" have that squeaky clean sound that a bedroom/collaborative album such as this one often has.


Martin Cilia releases Sleepwalk EP

Martin Cilia - Sleepwalk

The latest from Australia's surf guitar maestro. You've got 5 tracks on this one, four originals and of course the cover of the classic Sleepwalk. As can be expected from Cilia, production is slick as all get-out with reverbed electric guitar floating on for miles on Sleepwalk. I've only heard the snippets below of the originals, but it looks like they've got a solid breadth and some fresh ideas.


Marshall and the Martins release Mrs. Haggerty's House

Marshall and the Martins - Mrs. Haggerty's House

Marshall and the Martins have a blisteringly fast release cycle going, but please don't stand in the way because it seems to be working. This is the best of their stuff so far, with clean but punchy production and great variety. If they're going for something fun and bouncy, it bounces, if it's slow and creepy like the title track, it creeps. It sets out what it wants to do and the results and satisfying!


Marshall and the Martins releases Boston Beans

Boston Beans

Marshall and the Martins hail from Australia and were very recently known as Slowpoke Rodriguez. In fact, they very recently released an album called  only two months ago under that name. Two albums in less than three months --- clearly not slowpokes. A pretty nice trad surf album. On a quick listen my favorite is "Dammit Ferricks"


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