Post date: 06/18/2014 - 21:00

This time the big tough half-hour came 30 minutes in to let everybody get pumped up for the US vs. Ghana game!

slacktone - daytona mona - (7")
louie and the louies - standoff (Hipbone Slim vs. Sir Bald)
The derangers - santa monica (the legend of daphne blue)
the treble spankers - diamond head (araban)
the vara-tones - vara-tone stomp (jetty subject to high surf)

The honorable south - miami (faithful brave and honest)
the lively ones - tranquilizer (surf city)
the rick-a-shays - turn on (surf-age nuggets)
the dee-jays - sunday patrol (board boogie)
ken bozeman - trackdown (45)

el ray - volcano (highwave to hell)
the barbwires - la caja del muerto (searider)
estrume'n'tal - cuida vaca (neander'n'tal)
the defiant ones - pitch black (super secret disaster)
commando - marabunta (piet)
the good the bad - 49 (from 034 to 050)
el supernaut - icebreaker (plays half dead)
the irradiates - locked in the chromatic spectrum (revenge of the plants)
howling guitar - god speed (howling guitar)
spaceguards - stampede (multivision)

fifty foot combo - buzz saw (alligator wine 7")
surf zombies - alien eyes (something weird)
the trabants - doa (cinematic)
the bambi molesters - panic party (as the dark wave swells)

the spacemen - futurama (music for batman and robin)
los termits - bailemos (45)
Charlie Megira & The Modern Dance Club - sababa? (love police)
sonido gallo negro - la danza de los jibaros (cumbia salvaje)
Peluqueria Hernandez - capitan mannaggia (amaresque)
kazi aniruddha - aao twist karen (bollywood steel guitar)
showman & the thunderous staccatos - clutch off (eat my dust ass'hole)
eddie angel - jurassic beat (guitar party)
the delusionaires - dinosaur (desination poon)
the royal fingers - golden guitar (wild eleki deluxe)
the dynotones - r.i.p. tide (beach party a-go-go)
aaron and the burrs - an ill-natured wind (aaron & the burrs ii)
the safaris - kick out (45)
the glaciers - aspen (from sea to ski)
pj and the galaxies - andele (rare surf)
the super stocks - redondo beach (surf route 101)
randy holden - malibu run (randy holden early works '64-'66)

Post date: 06/10/2014 - 08:03

the glaciers - june mountain (from sea to ski)
the surfaris - scratch (hit city '64)
husky and the sandmen - flight to venus (ridin the wild surf)
el supernaut - let's lynch the landlord (plays half dead)
the good the bad - 019 (from 018 to 033)

the croc-o-dolls - jungle hootenanny (45)
the dodgers - upturn (45)
ken bozeman - wanted (45)
phil baugh - chattanooga (45)
roy clark - texas twist (45)
the saturday knights - ticonderoga (45)
the ventures - 007-11 (45)

bo diddley - bodacious (bo diddley is loose)
showman & the thunderous staccatos - help out bo diddley (eat my dust ass'hole)
the stingers - mo jo (guitars a go-go)
13th magic skull - the fabulous marc bistro (13th magic skull)
bo diddley - low tide (surfin' with bo diddley)

the royal fingers - bonneville (wild eleki deluxe)
the hang-ten hangmen - terror tube (7")
the phantom surfers - sloth in molasses (phantom surfers and dick dale)
the boardwalkers (boardwalker - 45)
the falcons - betrayed (queen of diamonds)

biarritz boys - frank g (enjoy the hip,slick, ultra-violent and super sexy surfsound of...)
los twang! marvels - return of the space cossack (jungle of twang)
langhorns - spybeat (mission exotica)
tidal wave - beach party (live at wmnf)
the deoras - siesta cinema (better than the average weekend)

the eagles - stalactite (45
les jaguars - guitare jet (les jaguars vol 2)
P.M. 7/Jupiter - Pone Tala Pone (Shadow Music of Thailand)
the surf mariachis - baja (surfin' south of the border)
sonido gallo negro - santa barbara (cumbia salvaje)

slacktone - blast bolero (45)
sir bald diddley & his right honourable big-wigs - fezora (surf party ep)
ramblin' ambassadors - speed wobble (vista cruiser county squire)
taikonauts - infernal vortex (mysteriis alienis mundi)
the irradiates - mach one (first radiations)
Man...or Astro-Man? - super rocket rumble - 7")
king beez - trick or treat (deathproof vol. 1)
the coffin daggers - in the hall of the mountain king (out of limits ep)
los plantronics - hieronymous bosch (organic voodoo soup)
bitch boys - shark attack (in heat)


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