Post date: 05/25/2015 - 14:02

These might be a little off order-wise

the reigning monarchs - all summer single (all summer single)
the mobsmen - mediterranean blitz (fraternitas aurum factorem)
kimmo kalaja & friends - fire coral (surfpunk!) 
the bambi molesters - big time action (dumb loud hollow twang) 
jon & the nightriders - snake 'n stomp (moving target) 

dick dale and his del-tones - tidal wave (summer surf) 
gene gray and the stingrays - surf bunny - 45 
the rumblers - sweet potato (boss) 
the dantes - dragon walk (strummin mental vol 4)
the avantis - gypsy surfer - 45
the ventures - i like it like that (ventures a-go-go)

rondo hatton - blast off (breaking the sound barrier)
tarantinos nyc - spanish steps (surfin' the silver screen)
luau or die - hot doggin (dead on the floor vol 1)
king pelican - el santo stomp (matador surfer)

The Satin Chaps - stompin' (stompin' b/w hard drivin)
the tremolos - kackle (weirdsville)
kathy lynn and the playboys - rock city (dancehall stringbusters)
the goldentones - lolly vegas (atmosphere)
the five outsiders - the showdown (on the run)

spies who surf - destroy all pollution (calling all martians)
susan & the surftones - spanish wave (live) (the originals)
space cossacks - space race (tsar wars)
twang! marvels - Luna Park (prueba del fuego)
the vara-tones - invasion of the v-people (jetty subject to high surf)

davie allan & the arrows - blue's trip (cycle-delic sounds)
the spotnicks - orange blossom special (the spotnicks in paris)
the space agency - minnie's theme (the space agency)
khruangbin - chom nang (chatri sichon) (history of flight)
expressway sketches - Low Rider (love surf music)

los plantronics - zapatista surfista (surfing times)
tsunamibots - short circuit (rise of the robots)
the tomorrowmen - maelstrom (it's about time)
el ray - poseidon (Shoot From The Hip)
the really rottens - starting line (surf trash au-go-go)
mad 3 - why did I smash it? (napalm in the morning)
switch trout - shake some rod action (psycho action)
king beez - spider woman (deathproof vol 1)
the swiv-o-matics - too much (the return of the fezmen)
spaceguards - multivision (multivision)
DEMON VENDETTA - beach of the damned (vigilante surf)

Post date: 05/18/2015 - 14:23

langhorns - langhorns (john doe)
nahuelaizers - lunatica (en vivo en pub interview)
bitch boys - wet bikini (in heat)
jon and the nightriders - twitchin' (moving target)
the sand devils - cavern mishap (sand devils)

the challengers - asphalt spinner (sidewalk surfing!)
the de-fenders - four banger (drag beat)
the avantis - wax em down - 45
mark & the escorts - get your baby (Teenage Shutdown: Jump, Jive and Harmonize)
the telstars - continental mash - 45

stronzo gelantino and the boomen - disco cancer (part 1)
kingargoolas - power cacamba combo (kingargoolas)
los coyotes - the spider (picante! ep)
barbacoa - death valley (barbacoa)
las ultrasonicas - camel de sevilla (corazon rocker)

surfing arcanis - magic fly (tenbrosa silhouetta/magic fly)
santos morcegos!!! - fedorento five-o (raios e centolas)
the eliminators - Unleashed (dawn patrol)
the sentinals - sunset beach (sunset beach, the best of)
Jack Nitzsche - Baja (the lonely surfer)

rondo hatton - storm surge (breaking the sound barrier)
luau or die - singapore singh (dead on the floor vol 1)
switch trout - ever fallen in love (blow mind! here are the trouts)
the ventures - off in the 93rds (guitar freakout)
the twang-o-matics - el hombre sin calor (fretboard mojo)

steelism - the landlocked surfer (615 to fame)
expressway sketches - one eye jacks (love surf music)
laika & the cosmonauts - apt.23b (local warming)
the phantom four - lorke lorke (morgana)
los walkers - siboney (roots of chicha vol .2)

DEMON VENDETTA - maleficia (vigilante surf)
west samoa surfer league - moment of truth (moments of truth ep)
the sea lions - cat on a hot foam board (demo)
the aquaholics - sacrifics for tiki (psycho satanic surf party)
monsters from mars - coated in Oil -
the phantomatics - hearse surfin' (she left her brain at the drive-in)
antena tres - return of the death ray (onda di crimine)
gangrena surf - poseido por el surf (quemar - hundirse - profanar -refractar)
hawaii samurai - dead in the saddle ecouter (the shape of surf to come)
the bad plus - self serve (inevitable western)
mary watkins - witches revenge (something moving)

Post date: 05/11/2015 - 07:53

The Bomboras - war of the satellites (head shrinkin' fun)
los coyotes - the spider (picante EP!)
nahuelaizers - perrosaurio (en vivo en pub interview)
the gasolines - el moroco

Dick Dale & his del-tones - night rider (checkered flag)
link wray and the wraymen - deuces wild - 45
Duane Eddy - trash (duane a go-go)
the clee-shays - dynamite (the dynamic guitar sounds of)
the belairs - volcanic action (volcanic action)
the guitar ramblers - malibu caravan (happy, youthful, new sounds of...)

monaci del surf - imperial march (monaci del surf)
dr. frankenstein - 666 days with mr. guitar (in 4 dimensions)
hella vader - slew gin fuzz (xviii)
the flat duo jets - torpedo (introducing)

The Avalanches - Midnight Sun (ski surfin')
tsunamish - mas allas de la cortina (tsunamish vs los fantasmas)
crazy aces - millions in prizes (surfadelic spy-a-go-go)
the fathoms - shark waves (overboard)
LOS FRENETICOS - frenetiqueando (el playa)

the ramblin ambassadors - theme from the "ramblin' bastards" (avanti)
Man...or Astro-Man? - put your finger in the socket (intravenous television continuum)
johnny carbonaras - horse-race millionaire (johnny carbonaras)
atomic 7 - the wreck of the dick family weiner boat (en hillbilly caliente)

el supernaut - Holiday in Cambodia (plays half dead)
oskar benas - boa bila (hereje del mar)
the space agency - hawaiian surf ride (the space agency)
camarada nimoy - o cometa solitario (camarada nimoy lp)
the barons - cossack (telstars, mexicans, manhunts & wonderful lands)
manuel and the renegades - Uh-Huh - 45

the space cossacks - beyond the third star (tsar wars)
chewbaccas - astro Q (chewbaccas)
the aquaholics - superbee! (psycho surf party)
hypnotide - bad girls go to hell (landlocked)
the astroglides - 2003 horsepower (channel surfing)
necronomikids - surf thrash assassin (necronomikids)
the abominable showmen - rob the ripper (the abominable showmen)
The biarritz boys - sexwax (enjoy the hip,slick, ultra-violent and super sexy surfsound of...)
el ray - circus monkey (highwave to hell)
Dick Dale - terra dicktyl (unknown territory)

Post date: 05/04/2015 - 14:00

the bambi molesters - Wrong Turn (as the dark wave swells)
watang! - siam cat (miss wong)
les vice barons - the model (the model ep)
tsunamish - tsunamish vs los fantasmas (tsunamish vs los fantasmas)

the eagles - stalactite (45)
los iracundos - jinetes en el cielo (discografia completa)
the musclemen - plunkin' (45)
the surfaris - dune buggy (fun city u.s.a.)
johnny zorro - road hog (45)
rhett stoller - getting it on (telstars, mexicans, manhunts & wonderful lands)

hypnotide - number one chinese restaurant (landlocked)
born losers - Pedal Pusher (rare demos)
the whys - satsujin taiyo (combo swell)
the routes - hotwired (instrumentals)
the evanstones - afternoons in limbo (there are no words)

genki genki panic - 976-evil (ghoulie high harmony)
The Royal Pendletons - stormy (nites along the mississippi)
the ramparts - evacuation route (n.o. fi)
the space rangers - Papermoon (ready to take off!)

the guitar ramblers - surf beat (45)
frankie and the poolboys - cat fight (the adventures of cap'n coconuts)
the dynotones - r.i.p. tide (beach party a-go-go)
surfdusters - el dementia (surf after dark)
Mudhoney - youth body expression (piece of cake)

oskar benas - pulau kapas suit (hereje del mar)
omar khorshid - sidi monsour (guitar el chark)
phantom frank - Vox Continental (phantom frank)
bingo reyna - prueba de fuego -
los belking's - condenado a muerte (el sonido de los belking's)

this machine kills robots - sea fairies (a history of violent crimes in the darkkest corners of the ocean floor)
molokai - the clocktower experiment (rack attack 2.0)
the grande bois - Meltdown (meltdown)
killer bananazz - riptide (riptide)
hypnomen - el exorcista (watusi 99)
the coffin daggers - the cruel sea (the coffin daggers)
rambin' ambassadors - cupcakes di milo (vista cruiser county squire)
The Bomboras - it came from pier 13 (main theme) (it came from pier 13)
robert johnson and the punchdrunks - rubber room (fried on the altar of good taste)
beachmover - directed energy weapons (do the microwave!) (beachmover)
Man...or Astro-Man? - alpha surfari (project infinity)

Post date: 04/27/2015 - 08:11

the surfites - The Surfites / Gnarly Charlie Brown (the surfites & co.)
sir bald diddley and his wigouts - nishtyak (the man with two left hands)
les vice barons - shark face suzy (the model ep)
the aquatudes - puncture & incinerate (unsafe at any speed)
impala - herculanium (night full of sirens)

link wray and the wraymen - rumble mambo - 45
the champs - go, champ, go! (go champs go!)
lonnie mack - coastin' - 45
the rumblers - Stomping Time (it's a gas)
manuel and the renegades - woody wagon - 45
the turks - baja (surf-age nuggets)
the fabulous cyclones - Cyclone (jungle exotica vol. 2)

the trabants - zubrowka (highwire surfing)
the pagents - big daddy - 45
the archers - hammond twist (7"s and stuff)
the volcanos - bikini sunset (surf quake)
Galaxy Trio - saddle sore (saucers over vegas)
the astronauts - movin' (surfin' with the astronauts)

genki genki panic - your body is a wasteland (ghoulie high harmony)
phantom operators - lords of the desert (lords of the desert)
melvin and the creepers - The Chase (greaser's garage)
bevel emboss - hot in the house (celluloid)
the 45 syndicate - lupin the 3rd (lupin the 3rd)

the ramblin' ambassadors - calfrobe bridge (ramble on)
los wet guitars - aloha (keep surfin')
lost acapulco - camarena - 4
the krontjong devils - apres ski (on tour!!!)

Sir Richard Bishop - ka'an azzaman (the freak of araby)
oskar benas - urgerla (hereje del mar)
los beta 5 - tu gua gua - 45
robert johnson and the punchdrunks - on her majesty's secret service (friend on the altar of good taste)
the hypnomen - shalamar (watusi 99)
The Growlers - the fruit is for everyone (Hung at Heart)

hypnotide - bad girls go to hell (landlocked)
the mono men - Wrecker (shut up!)
los coronas - the wedge (caliente caliente)
the good the bad - 002 (from 001 to 017)
the apemen - surf party (7 inches of love)
the dead rocks - kamikaze (one million dollar surf band)
the sub-vectors - intercept (music on the bones)
kill, baby... kill! - hunting for the dead (corridor x)
the infra-men - warning shot (mercy kill a burning man)
this machine kills robots - harbour house (a history of violent crimes in the darkkest corners of the ocean floor)
thee phantom 5ive - jeopardized (road rage)

Post date: 04/13/2015 - 14:09

This playlist is pretty short since I was chatting with Dick Dale over the phone for half the show

Dick Dale & his del-tones - banzai washout (summer surf)
the barbwires - wave rebel - 45
space cossacks - exolumina (tsar wars)
bang! mustang! - last train from sepia city (surfin n.s.a.)

hal blaine - the phantom driver (Deuces, Ts, Roadsters & Drums)
the t-bones - rail vette (boss drag)
Jerry Cole - mr wobble (Hot Rod Dance Party)
The Shades - shady lady - 45
the fabulous wailers - Seattle (tall cool one)
the original surfaris - delano soul beat (wheels)
Bo Diddley - bo's twist (bo diddley)

The Unnaturals - sex wax (vs the 50 foot bettie)
jack oblivian & the tennessee tearjerkers - scratchy (the disco outlaw)
thee phantom 5ive - hey! (guitars galore)
eddie angel - brawl (guitar party)

laika & the cosmonauts - note crisis (instruments of terror)
reverberati - reverbero twist (combat surf)
the tormentos - differentes maneras (the tormentos)
rondo hatton - saguaro (rondo hatton)

dick dale (a few songs and then a huge interview for 40 minutes)

Dick Dale - nitrus (calling up spirits)
the bills - drunk and loose (Live at WUTL)

Post date: 04/06/2015 - 08:14

the starfires - Somethin' Else (surf guitars rumble)
the mel-tones - suicide clutch (surf sensation)
the aqualads - house of siam (revenge)
the atlantics - Shark Attack (now it's stompin' time)

johnny zorro - where's chico (frolic diner vol 6)
the wailers - tough walk (tall cool one)
bill justis - college man - 45
link wray and the wraymen - slinky (link wray)
roger lavern & the microns - jackson's jump (vampires, cowboys, spacemen and spooks)
the mysterions - Transylvania - 45
the blazers - bangalore (surf legends and rumors)

skurkarna - web of villainy (web of villainy)
the okay-men - diskoteenies (the okay-men)
gangrena surf - pesaillas eroticas (quemar - hundirse - profanar -refractar)
austin transit authority - traveling incognito (a*t*a)
durango14 - villapaquita (vol. 2)

les deformes - la momia!!! (directo en el gramola)
the abstinence - joe 90 (paraiso de excesos)
the el caminos - shock wave '95 (reverb explosion)
the surfites - tail slide (big pounder)
del noah & the mt. ararat finks - hole shot (the big sounds of)
satan's pilgrims - downshiftin' (around the world)

thee phantom 5ive - road rage (road rage)
mark brodie & the beaver patrol - montezuma's revenge (shreddin' and surfin')
boogie nazis - Mastermind (boogie nazis)
the good the bad - 17 (from 001 to 017)

the mermen - varykino snow (songs of the cows)
sunil ganguly - panna ki tammana (film tunes electric guitar)
the chances - camelback (that's swift! instrumentals from the norman petty vault)
floyd morris - Pompton Turnpike - 45

dinosaur ghost - mandar (dinosaur ghost)
the del-vipers - golash (terror of the del-vipers)
the apemen - bajjad (7 inches of love)
the windows - high tide (promotional)
the barbwires - roger moore's last sigh (rattlehead 7")
speedball jr - rudden billy (for the broad minded)
the mad 3 - machine blaster (machine blaster 7")
the sub-vectors - kobayashi maru (music on the bones)
the madeira - ricochet (sandstorm)
daikaiju - spiral serpent strike (monsters of surf)

Post date: 03/30/2015 - 13:40

spies who surf - destroy all pollution (calling all martians)
telekrimen - la mosca (resurrecion de los sangre-zombis del mas alla)
eddie and the showmen - squad car (toes on the nose)
barbacoa - tornado head (italian medallion)
southern culture on the skids - wig-out (ditch diggin')
stompin' riffraffs - ghost train (a man and three chicks)

Dick Dale & his del-tones - Flashing Eyes (mr eliminator)
the surfaris - point panic (play)
the vettes - superstock vette (rev-up)
the teen-beats - Swimmin' Part One - 45
ernie fields orchestra - teen flip (in the mood)
the sneaky petes - the savage (hank, bruce, bert, joe, big jim & more)
the mysterions - Amnesia - 45

the okay-men - der mopedist (auf kassette)
13th magic skull - cel rogent kill 'em all (sungazing in rapa nui)
The Woggles - valleri (tempo tantrum)
jonny & the shamen - straight 8 shake (operation twang!)
longboard ranch - tiday swell (longboard ranch rides again)
the sloptones - demon-haunted (demon-haunted)

king pelican - cricket (matador surfer)
the dead rocks - fingerboard (surf explosao)
Bo Diddley - congo (bo diddley is a lover)
the astronauts - surf softly and carry a big board (rarities)
the hypno-twists - cape st. francis (introducing the hypnotwists)
the yellow jackets - chickee town rock (louisiana rockers)

jon & the nightriders - force of gravity (surf beat '80)
the krontjong devils - skateboard u.s.a. (on tour!!!)
captain ahab & the sea cracken - capitalism for suckers (jürmungandr)
husky and the sandmen - ridin the wild surf (ridin the wild surf)
grand kahuna - hawaii 5.0 (grand kahuna ii)

laika & the cosmonauts - aztec two-step (The Amazing Colossal Band)
Heinz Kiesling - orbiter (achtung! german grooves)
wild al hotchkiss & his aquaphil - insurmountable pincesses (salty sea dawgs)
the raulis - praia do xaréu (the raulis)
jonny kurt vs hank the tank - heartbreak (awo maria)

the del-vipers - the wasp (the wasp)
mullet monster mafia - hawaii (dogs of the seas)
Robotmonkeyarm - l'automa (robotmonkeyarm (part one... robot senza nome!))
gangrena surf - poseído por el surf (quemar - hundirse - profanar -refractar)
los yetis con jeans - foragidos en los castillos de pinchera (los cuates del ritmo)
Man...or Astro-Man? - tomorrow plus x (project infinity)
the a-bones - third pint from the sun (daddy wants a cold beer)
the taikonauts - s.s. conspiracy (mysteriis alienis mundi)
daikaiju - zombie harem (phase 2)
antena tres - onda di crimine (onda di crimine)

Post date: 03/23/2015 - 00:28

satan's pilgrims - ginza lights (around the world with)
the ok kings - washout (it's ok)
full moon freaks - surfboard song (strange creatures)
stompin' riffraffs - screaming on wheels (a man and three chicks)
grand kahuna - Crossfire (grand kahuna ii)

the chantays - pipeline (pipeline)
the crossfires - fiberglass jungle (out of control!)
the vettes - devil driver's theme (rev-up)
billy strange - walk don't run '64 (james bond theme)
the ventures - out of limits (out of limits)
link wray & the raymen - the stranger - 45

king pelican - surf and drag twist (matador surfer)
santos morcegos!!! - mar fina (raios e centolas)
jimmy strings - sex wax (crashing reverbs)
jonny kurt vs hank the tank - pi pi - stroll -
the new dimensions - cat on a hot foam board (the best of the new dimensions)

wild sammy & the royaltones - echo rocket 66 (speed crazy)
the vy-dels - Unknown (strummin mental part three)
the prisoners - explosion on uranus (the last fourfathers)
the raulis - boca de piranha (the raulis)
the lively ones - 40 miles of bad surf (surf city)

the treble spankers - mirananda (araban)
the tiki creeps - Sea Foam (invaders from beyond the sound barrier)
impala - penetration (kings of the strip)
the dynotones - spy from b.e.l.d.a.r. (the dynotones)
laurie wade's cavaliers - the phantom guitarist (board boogie)

the denels - massacre stomp -
stereophonic space sound unlimited - crimeville (the spacesound effect)
the spooks - spook walks (telstars, mexicans, manhunts & wonderful lands)
travelers of tyme - battlechess (a fistful of dragons)
frankie and the poolboys - rattler ranch (the adventures of cap'n coconuts)

the madeira - intruder (ruins)
el ray - circus monkey (Shoot From The Hip)
mullet monster mafia - the wallrider (power surf orchestra)
speedball jr. - Inferno (For the Broad Minded)
the sea lions - here comes the sea lions (oetstar presents)
robert johnson and the punchdrunks - les adventures de tintin (aloha from havana)
the spoils - the ballad of let's just be friends (have a drink with)
The biarritz boys - agent graves (enjoy the hip,slick, ultra-violent and super sexy surfsound of...)
the psyders - pharoah surf (introducing the psyders)
demoni - black lagoon (surf city of the dead)
the spaceguards - chase (multivision)

Post date: 03/16/2015 - 08:18

100% covers as a thank you for a good pledge drive. I've added the original artist after the *

the shockwave - Take On Me (contact from space) *A-ha
necronomikids - Popcorn (necronomikids) *Gershon Kingsley
the space rangers - das model (ready to take off!) *Kraftwerk
the tremolo beer gut - Midtown (Under the Covers With...) *Tom Waits
the mag seven - sleepwalk (knife to a gunfight) *Santo & Johnny

the bitch boys - knjazigor vs. the phantom of the opera (ride the first wave) *Andrew Lloyd Weber
the baronics - vivaldi-Spring R. 269. Concerto in E Major (get bach!) *Vivaldi
takeshi terauchi and the bunnys - theme from symphony no 5 (let's go classics) *Beethover
monaci del surf - imperial march (monaci del surf) *John Williams

the ramonetures - Rock and Roll High School (ramonetures) *Ramones
the crimson ghosts - angelfuck (some kinda hits) *Misfits
surf report - Crazy Train (bikini island experiment) *Black Sabbath
marshall and the martins - barracuda (the purple thing) *Heart
Pollo Del Mar - charlie don't surf (charlie does surf) *The Clash

the sir finks - heart full of soul ((tres mexicans) del surf del texas) *The Yardbirds
los winston lobo - the man who surfed the world (the man who surfed the world) *David Bowie
wave invasion - Eleanor Rigby (wave invasion) *the Beatles
pj & artie (I'm gonna) work out fine (rare surf vol. 1) *Ike & Tina Turner

the tomorrowmen - tunak tunak ((unreleased)) *Daler Mehndi
big surf - surf it (probability wave) *Devo
surfpatrouille - it's not unusual (instronaut) *Tom Jones
the red planets - Hey Ya! (chases lead to crashes) *Outkast

the charades - Like a Virgin (all around the world with) *Madonna
le grand miercoles - Straight To Hell (ghost cowboys) *The Clash
hell-o-tiki - Goodbye Horses (tiki twister) *Q Lazzarus

travelers of tyme - a fistful of dragons (game of thrones theme) (a fistful of dragons)
switch trout - ever fallen in love (blow mind! here are the trouts) *The Buzzcocks
los plantronics - sheena is a punk rocker (rancho notorious) *The Ramones
los tiki phantoms - kalifornia (regresan de la tumba) *Dead Kennedys
howling guitar - too drunk to fuck (howling guitar) *Dead Kennedys
el supernaut - kill the poor (plays half dead) *Dead Kennedys
estrume'n'tal - redemption surf (neandern'n'tal) *Bob Marley
the coffin daggers - interstellar overdrive (the coffin daggers) *Pink Floyd
los straitjackets - MY HEART WILL GO ON (the velvet touch of...) *Celine Dion


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