Post date: 08/03/2015 - 08:32

the starfires - Somethin' Else (surf guitars rumble)
the revomatics - hot rod strut (we come in peace)
los javelin - la bronka club (surfabilly & roll)
danny & the demons - Countdown (strummin mental part three)
huaraches - a fast one (the huaraches ride)

the chantays - blunderbus (pipeline)
the centurions - body surfin' (Bullwinkle Part II)
bob vaught and the renegaids - makaha (surf crazy)
the del-vettes - ram charger (pebbles vol 4)
the rangers - Ghost Riders In The Sky - 45
the fabulous wailers - snake pit (the crest masters)

the 427's - the spy invasion (mavericks)
the intoxicators - indira (i dreamed the best part)
the sand-dunes - hula morbida (attack of the bloodbeast from outer space)
the tormentos - take off or die (grab your board)
beachmasters - surfin' ayatollah (beach masters)

the del-lagunas - exotic (exotic b/w twine time)
the mel-tones - breakers at hanalei (surf sensation)
the razorblades - girl in the front row (the dark side of the beach)
susan surftone - night waves (blue light at midnight)
expressway sketches - one eyed jack (love surf music)

the baltic side - believe (hope)
el capitan and the band with no name - mai kai robles (death of a tiki)
hacienda - big red (big red & barbacoa)
el ray - three kinds of meat (the evil mermaid)

perro agradecido cumbia - asimismo (ánima en pena: sesión en vivo)
cacique - cacique (back to perú vol. 2)
the krew kats - the bat (telstars, mexicans, manhunts & wonderful lands)
the trabants - xj13 (FREAKOUT)
the break - day 300 (space farm)

timecop beach party - set phasers to chill (transmission received: hang ten!)
Langhorns - Pit stop stampede (club gabardino)
os brutus - the sting of the reverb (ubersurf)
the volcanos - beatnik bandit (surf quake)
the volcanics - trick shot (the lonely one)
bang! mustang! - giant zora (surfin' n.s.a.)
evan foster - surfer's anthem (instrumentals)
monterreys - dirty spurs (the pharoah)
speedball jr - laguna beach (for the broad minded)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - bug terminal (bug terminal)

Post date: 07/27/2015 - 08:27

Celebrating the anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon. Hope y'all had a great moon day!

the dangermen - moon probe (meet the men of danger)
the tomorrowmen - phistful of photons (it's about time!)
the ventures - war of the satellites (ventures in space)
the marketts - out of limits (out of limits!)
jon & the nightriders - xl-3 (stampede!)

The Phantoms - XL-3 (surf age nuggets)
Paul Revere and the Raiders - orbit (the spy) - 45
moon men - Other Side Of The Moon (missing links volume 3)
The What Four - gemini 4 - 45
the galaxies - journey to the stars (best of twist-a-rama)

man... or astroman? - F=GmM(moon)/R^2 (your weight on the moon)
krontjong devils - moon relay (action!)
the surfites - moon buggy (escapades in space)
supertones - moonshot part 2 (surf fever 2000)
rondo hatton - blast off (breaking the sound barrier)

john anthony & the saturn expedition - theme for apollo 11 - 45
dean hightower - moon rocket (twangy with a beat)
the atlantics - moon man (the complete cbs recordings)
the satellites - bodacious - 45
roger lavern & the microns - moon rocket (vampires, cowboys, spacemen and spooks)

the rocket motors - giant leap '69 (back to the moon!)
laika & the cosmonauts - floating (The Amazing Colossal Band)
the astros - Space Walk (surfers mood vol 4)
the vistas - moon relay (surf-age nuggets)

101 strings - trippin on lunar 07 (Astro Sounds From Beyond Year 2000)
joe meek and the blue men - orbit around the moon (i hear a new world)
the pluto walkers - like stars, like dust (the throwaway age)
pasquale & the lunar ticks - moon madness (jungle exotic vol. 2)
lenny and the thundertones - moon madness (surfer's mood vol iv)

spaceguards - pluto (multivision)
bitch boys - mach one (behind the hound dog wails)
the dead rocks - sonic stars (one million dollar surf band)
the windows - xl-3 (promotional)
the nebulas - falling out of orbit (it's go time!)
wild sammy & the royaltones - echo rocket 66 (speed crazy)
necronomikids - Rocket Man (necronomikids)
space cossacks - beyond the third star (tsar wars)
the infra-men - rocket rogachova (faster, giant squid! kill! kill!)
moonbase - above us only sky (creation myths)
outer space heaters - escape velocity (desolate surf)

Post date: 07/20/2015 - 08:12

the astroglides - omar shariff ballad (sewer surfin' with)
the lively ones - surf battle (kfwb's battle of the surfing bands)
star and key of the indian ocean - Nitro (vintage soup)
mark brodie & the beaver patrol - jezebel (the shores of hell)
the ampFibians - watusi 5-oh (the surf guitar heard 'round the world)

the ventures - the mccoy - 45
royal rockers - swingin' mambo - 45
bob summers - one-stop - 45
preston epps - bongola - 45
van doren - surfin' liza - 45
rene & his alligators - guitar boogie (in the mood)
the dynatones - moonshot - 45

lonely lonely knights - Green Machine (lonely lonely knights)
susan surftone - Sanctuary (blue light at midnight)
apicultores clandestinos - polka do sergey (astronauta del campo)
hodaddys - fiero (hot rods n' surf)

the darringers - morgus creep - 45
the centurions - body surfin' (bullwinkle pt. 2)
glasgow tiki shakers - 350 bumper car (in venice)
arrows out - Signal (this picture recalls a city)

the reigning monarchs - apple jack (none)
legato vipers - penetang hips (lv)
los protones - el condor pasta (20 monstruos 2007-2015)
the del-lagunas - time tunnel (time tunnel 7")
tsunamibots - murder robots on holiday (rise of the robots)

big surf - toba (probability wave)
condor gruppe - jungle ships (latituds del cavall)
shoot the pier - florida cracker (shoot the pier)
danny - goodbye organ (endless sundays)

monterreys - shish kebab (the pharoah)
intoxicators - mach schnell meiine kleine buzzbomb (I dreamed the best part)
the barbwires - at the skyline drive-in (...sounds like trouble)
el supernaut - billions of bilous blue blistering barnacles (plays half dead)
el capitan and the band with no name - mr. howell (death of a tiki)
movie star trash - operaçao havana (movie star trash (demo))
diablo pussycats - riders of vengeance on a bumpy road (we are the diablo pussycats)
beachmover - Medicine Man (beachmover)
the squares - track 1 (the squares)
the revomatics - kgb (we come in peace)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - bring us the head of the king of kooks (bug terminal)

Post date: 07/10/2015 - 16:42

I was out of town on 6/6 so my brother took over. No playlist for that show. Here's the playlist from roughly 2 weeks ago though

the intoxicators - human cannonball (journey to the center of the earth)
terror waves - Olas del terror (terror waves ep)
los protones - Medusa (20 monstruos 2007-2015)
born losers - be seeing you (cycle guitars)

van doren - huntington beach - 45
the royal rockers - jet II - 45
the losers - saxy guitar - 45
sandy nelson - alligator boogie - 45
Kings V - honky tonk cha cha - 45
don & the goodtimes - turn on - 45

Docteur Legume et Les Surfwerks - 2001: cerveau salade (la planete sauvage: 10 songs about sex & psychopathy)
the good the bad - 25 (from 018 to 033)
toni ok - stormy night ride (golden guitar mood)
dr frankenstein - sneaky surf (in 4 dimensions)
the okay-men - boiler swing (auf kassette)
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - hot box car (dim the lights, chill the ham)

krla top elminiator - bobby fuller (never to be forgotten)
the roosters - chicken hop - 45
the big beats - rush me - 45
intruders - jeffrie's rock - 45
john taylor - taylor's rock (Jungle Exotica v. 2)
the midnite riders - tiger lilly - 45

burt rocket - hang twang (fiberglass frenzy)
los tiki phantoms - evasion y victoria (y el misterio del talisman)
stereophonic space sound unlimited - wheelspin (the spacesound effect)
les vice barons - shark face suzy (the model ep)
the atlantics - tahitian waters (the complete cbs recordings)
the hunters - how m'chicks (telstars, mexicans, manhunts & wonderful lands)
dick dale - riders in the sky (king of the surf guitar)

slobodan experiment - gankino (electric surf school)
sonido gallo negro - coup de poudre (sendero mistico)
the son of p.m. - pone tala ponelum jow praya (shadow music of thailand)
Pollo Del Mar - a flash of green (The Golden State)

the reigning monarchs - Sea Ghost (single)
mofos - enrico diablo (six pack performance)
fifty foot combo - triplexpresso (caffeine)
bomboras - earthquake (organ grinder)
the apemen - shake your hoover (7 inches of love)
the chemist and the acevities - melinite is fune when it blows up a police station (the anarcho surf laboratory co)
man... or astroman? - tomorrow plus x (project infinity)
the irradiates - gotcha (first radiations)
johnny carbonaras - hiastos (johnny carbonaras)
the out of limits - a boy and his dog (the "rough masters" demo EP)
the hot rodders - spirit of america (big hot rod)

Post date: 06/29/2015 - 13:50

burt rocket - sea-n-shore (fiberglass frenzy)
los tiki phantoms - piña colada (y el misterio del talisman)
satan's pilgrims - spoke (soul pilgrim)
sir bald diddley and his wig-outs - Absolute Zero (the man with two left hands)
the pyramids - pressure (surf guitars rumble)

gene moles & the softwinds - kaha huna - 45
Duane Eddy - the five-seventeen - 45
don & the goodtimes - make it - 45
link wray - roughshod (big city after dark)
glory kennedy - cannonball twist - 45
jan davis - surfbuster (lost legends of surf guitar vol 4)
the shadows - man of mystery (20 golden classics)
the spotnicks - ghost riders in the sky (the electrifying spotnicks)

the out of limits - aimpoint (the "rough masters" demo EP)
the mysery men - the uncanny valley (sonos delirium)
the nebulas - da cat (it's go time!)
the mummies - frisko freeze (never been caught)
the delusionaires - dressing room (destination poon)

laika & the cosmonauts - zunami (zero gravity)
the impacts - wipe out (wipe out!)
the aquasonics - the infantile surf (play songs for the surfin' set)
bevel emboss - arabic (celluloid)
los wet guitars - malihia (keep surfin')

the archers - beach bum bonanza (7"s and stuff)
husky & the sandmen - riproarin holiday (ridin the wild surf)
hodaddys - rumblin' rod (hot rods n' surf)
trabants - Sky Walker (freakout)
the fathoms - dagger bones (fathom this!)
el gran miercoles - dub! don't run (this is surf-steady)
cengiz coskuner - roman havasi (exotic mindexpanders vol 4)
the bombay royale - falcon's landing (the island of dr electrico)
jet harris - rave (telstars, mexicans, manhunts & wonderful lands)
b.c.k. - baksey cham krong (don't think I've forgotten)
phonocaptors - 14 knives (danse macabre)

los protones - el verdugo (20 monstruos 2007-2015)
slingshot dragster - uti (bite the bullet)
beware the danger of a ghost scorpion - 13 stabs (blood drinkers only)
estrume'n'tal - meteoras (neander'n'tal)
robert johnson and the punchdrunks - asiatic flu (feels like buzz aldrin)
man... or astro-man? - space patrol (your weight on the moon)
the protons - be prepared for a fantastic adventure into the future (out of phase)
the spaceguards - pluto (multivision)
howling guitar - Get Back (howling guitar)

Post date: 06/20/2015 - 23:58

Time to catch up!


burt rocket - the wreck (fiberglass frenzy)
the james boys - stampede - 45
the cavernarios - como pica esta arena (los galerna vs the cavernarios)
zorba and the greeks - shockwave (lost legends of surf guitar iv: shockwave!)

link wray and the wraymen - Jack the Ripper - 45
the crescendos - countdown (las vegas grind pt. 1)
Bo Diddley - the twister (bo diddley is a twister)
the nu-trons - wild side (surfin' on wave nine)
johnny and the hurricanes - buckeye (red river rock)
the teen beats - big bad boss beat (tabu)

tuareg - sahara party (go! go! surf)
the sidemen - the persuaders (go too far)
the fathoms - riptide (fathomless)
genki genki panic - your body is a wasteland (ghoulie high harmony)
jonny & the shamen - smoke! (operation twang)

the phantom operators - il retorno del mariachi (il retorno del mariachi)
audiosamigos - el gordo gato (the reacharound ep)
jan davis - run for your life (boss guitar)
the crazy aces - Big Dog (surfadelic spy-a-go-go)
baleia mutante - smells like parafina (versoes macabras para criancas malcriadas)

los tiki phantoms - Juno (y el misterio del talisman)
del-vipers - monsoon surf (terror of the del-vipers)
seks bomba - the seks bomba theme part 2 (operation bomba)
los plantronics - shawnee (surfing times)
los straitjackets - fury (the utterly fantastic and totally unbelievable sound of)
the trabants - white fire (FREAKOUT)
hodaddys - Capsized (hot rods n' surf)

wjlp - greek salad (petomaniac)
treble spankers - biarritz 2000 (hasheeda)
les jaguars - solitude - 45
the son of p.m. - king of drums (hey klong yao!)
singing guitars - torpedo (surfbeat behind the iron curtain - pt 2)

the tomorrowmen - dr. kilometers (it's about time!)
Atomic Mosquitos - meltdown (meltdown)
speedball jr. - ...and the horse you rode in on (treble in paradise)
dinosaur ghost - sand level (dinosaur ghost)
the alohas - lunalaguna (get leid with)
the protons - be prepared for a fantastic adventure into the future (out of phase)
the irradiates - audrey jr (revenge of the plants)
the all-nighters - escape from the nuthouse (dance til' dawn)
this machine kills robots - harbour house (a history of violent crimes in the darkkest corners of the ocean floor)

Was out of town for 6/8/15


the hillbilly rockets - dark horse (the way way out sound of...)
the ramblin ambassadors - rat creek (vista cruiser county squire)
the concussions - fur-lined speedo (break up with)
belmont playoys - Wild One (Wolf Patrol)
atomic 7 - stab it & steer it (en hillbilly caliente)

the kan-dells - Cloudburst (surf-age nuggets)
the rhythm rockers - breakfast at tressels (soul surfin')
The Busters - pine tree hop - 45
the nitecaps - sassy frug (the frug)
the champs - Beatnik - 45

Aqualads - storm surge (revenge)
aaron & the burrs - the descent (aaron & the burrs II)
The's - pinball party (the's can't help it)
the surfdusters - el dementia (save the waves)
aarne vesterinen team - kon-tiki (suomalaisia rautalankaaanityksia)
the rockin' r's - heat - 45

the razorblades - headshaker (the dark side of the beach)
Laika and the Cosmonauts - baha-ree-bah (instruments of terror)
tsunamibots - rise of the robots (rise of the robots)
atomic mosquitos - hollow point (meltdown)
mofos - vendetta (six pack performance)
huevos rancheros - smartbomb (get outta dodge)
los galerna - soy de la costa (sangre en el atlantico)

the trabants - black jack (FREAKOUT)
los twang! marvels - surf dilemma (jungle of twang!)
the incredible heavies - severino drops in (blackball rebellion)
west samoa surfer league - stringer (moments of truth ep)
the tarantinos NYC - dust-up (surfin' the silver screen)

the spacemen - sutoton (cherry viewing a go-go)
the phantom four - savannah (mandira)
travelers of tyme - john titor (chronomads)
the trends - the beard - 45
the fiends - quetzal quake - 45

the apemen - intoxica (7 inches of love)
the mobsmen - barbershop accident (fraternitas aurum factorem)
the coffin daggers - dr. guillotine (the coffin daggers)
the routes - luck of the devil (instrumentals)
el ray - carlos (highwave to hell)
los plantronics - golden dawn of the surf patrol (surfing times)
sun ra and the blues project - robin theme (batman and robin)
hawaii samurai - blastin' days in honolulu écouter (the shape of surf to come)
the deadbeats - hagbelly (day of the deadbeats)

Post date: 06/01/2015 - 07:23

the tarantinos NYC - shindig (surfin' the silver screen)
the krontjong devils - biscaya (ghost wave) (on tour!!!)
The Satin Chaps - hard drivin' (stompin' b/w hard drivin)
hypnotide - the ocean gets its saltiness from the tears of Misunderstood Sharks (who just want to cuddle) (landlocked)

al casey - surfin' blues - 45
the busters - all american surfer - 45
the majestics - boss walk pt 1 - 45
the rockin r's - nameless - 45
les jaguars - jaguar shake (les jaguars vol 2)
jack eubanks - action - 45
the jaguars - exit 6 (las vegas grind part two)
duane yates - hold it - 45

rondo hatton - untitled pop anthem (breaking the sound barrier)
thee jaguar sharks - stingray shark (thee jaguar sharks)
richie allen - sunday picnic - 45
thee midnighters - ball o twine - 45
the trends - Chug-A-Lug - 45

the nematoads - jet jaguar (spy car mechanic)
ronnie woods - sugar pt. 1 - 45
don markham & the marksmen - hully gully trumpets - 45
lonnie mack - soul express - 45
the tiki tones - typhoon twist (suburban savage)
surfpatrouille - aquarnaut (instronaut)

the insect surfers - ocean maid (death valley coastline)
jaguar & the savanas - high tide catastrophe (wet side stories)
Bobby Fuller Four - misirlou (live) (cowabunga)
The Katatonics - unliving (demo 2031)
bradipos four - Barracuda (instromania)

the ventures - walk don't run '77 - 45
the fiends - the adams family - 45
the twisters - silly chili - 45
john buck and the blazers - forbidden city - 45
los jaguar's - amelia - 45
charlie megira - staccato fever (rock-n-roll fragments vol. ix)

los galerna - jaguar stomp (sangre en el atlantico)
los plantronics - moon dawg (surfing times)
impala - mr. here (el rancho reverbo)
Langhorns - wet wedding (club gabardino)
gasoline - jaguars (gasoline)
the invisible surfers - go to go (leaving you in misery) (till that day)
beware the dangers of a ghost scorpion - haintmaker (blood drinkers only)
tsunamibots - binary beach (surfing craze in the robotic age)
fifty foot combo - it's alive (go hunting)
switch trout - rockin' out (turn on my switch)
toni ok - surf espana (golden guitar mood)
captain ahab & the sea cracken - beard hopper (jürmungandr)
DEMON VENDETTA - jaguar god (vigilante surf)

Post date: 05/25/2015 - 14:02

These might be a little off order-wise

the reigning monarchs - all summer single (all summer single)
the mobsmen - mediterranean blitz (fraternitas aurum factorem)
kimmo kalaja & friends - fire coral (surfpunk!) 
the bambi molesters - big time action (dumb loud hollow twang) 
jon & the nightriders - snake 'n stomp (moving target) 

dick dale and his del-tones - tidal wave (summer surf) 
gene gray and the stingrays - surf bunny - 45 
the rumblers - sweet potato (boss) 
the dantes - dragon walk (strummin mental vol 4)
the avantis - gypsy surfer - 45
the ventures - i like it like that (ventures a-go-go)

rondo hatton - blast off (breaking the sound barrier)
tarantinos nyc - spanish steps (surfin' the silver screen)
luau or die - hot doggin (dead on the floor vol 1)
king pelican - el santo stomp (matador surfer)

The Satin Chaps - stompin' (stompin' b/w hard drivin)
the tremolos - kackle (weirdsville)
kathy lynn and the playboys - rock city (dancehall stringbusters)
the goldentones - lolly vegas (atmosphere)
the five outsiders - the showdown (on the run)

spies who surf - destroy all pollution (calling all martians)
susan & the surftones - spanish wave (live) (the originals)
space cossacks - space race (tsar wars)
twang! marvels - Luna Park (prueba del fuego)
the vara-tones - invasion of the v-people (jetty subject to high surf)

davie allan & the arrows - blue's trip (cycle-delic sounds)
the spotnicks - orange blossom special (the spotnicks in paris)
the space agency - minnie's theme (the space agency)
khruangbin - chom nang (chatri sichon) (history of flight)
expressway sketches - Low Rider (love surf music)

los plantronics - zapatista surfista (surfing times)
tsunamibots - short circuit (rise of the robots)
the tomorrowmen - maelstrom (it's about time)
el ray - poseidon (Shoot From The Hip)
the really rottens - starting line (surf trash au-go-go)
mad 3 - why did I smash it? (napalm in the morning)
switch trout - shake some rod action (psycho action)
king beez - spider woman (deathproof vol 1)
the swiv-o-matics - too much (the return of the fezmen)
spaceguards - multivision (multivision)
DEMON VENDETTA - beach of the damned (vigilante surf)

Post date: 05/18/2015 - 14:23

langhorns - langhorns (john doe)
nahuelaizers - lunatica (en vivo en pub interview)
bitch boys - wet bikini (in heat)
jon and the nightriders - twitchin' (moving target)
the sand devils - cavern mishap (sand devils)

the challengers - asphalt spinner (sidewalk surfing!)
the de-fenders - four banger (drag beat)
the avantis - wax em down - 45
mark & the escorts - get your baby (Teenage Shutdown: Jump, Jive and Harmonize)
the telstars - continental mash - 45

stronzo gelantino and the boomen - disco cancer (part 1)
kingargoolas - power cacamba combo (kingargoolas)
los coyotes - the spider (picante! ep)
barbacoa - death valley (barbacoa)
las ultrasonicas - camel de sevilla (corazon rocker)

surfing arcanis - magic fly (tenbrosa silhouetta/magic fly)
santos morcegos!!! - fedorento five-o (raios e centolas)
the eliminators - Unleashed (dawn patrol)
the sentinals - sunset beach (sunset beach, the best of)
Jack Nitzsche - Baja (the lonely surfer)

rondo hatton - storm surge (breaking the sound barrier)
luau or die - singapore singh (dead on the floor vol 1)
switch trout - ever fallen in love (blow mind! here are the trouts)
the ventures - off in the 93rds (guitar freakout)
the twang-o-matics - el hombre sin calor (fretboard mojo)

steelism - the landlocked surfer (615 to fame)
expressway sketches - one eye jacks (love surf music)
laika & the cosmonauts - apt.23b (local warming)
the phantom four - lorke lorke (morgana)
los walkers - siboney (roots of chicha vol .2)

DEMON VENDETTA - maleficia (vigilante surf)
west samoa surfer league - moment of truth (moments of truth ep)
the sea lions - cat on a hot foam board (demo)
the aquaholics - sacrifics for tiki (psycho satanic surf party)
monsters from mars - coated in Oil -
the phantomatics - hearse surfin' (she left her brain at the drive-in)
antena tres - return of the death ray (onda di crimine)
gangrena surf - poseido por el surf (quemar - hundirse - profanar -refractar)
hawaii samurai - dead in the saddle ecouter (the shape of surf to come)
the bad plus - self serve (inevitable western)
mary watkins - witches revenge (something moving)

Post date: 05/11/2015 - 07:53

The Bomboras - war of the satellites (head shrinkin' fun)
los coyotes - the spider (picante EP!)
nahuelaizers - perrosaurio (en vivo en pub interview)
the gasolines - el moroco

Dick Dale & his del-tones - night rider (checkered flag)
link wray and the wraymen - deuces wild - 45
Duane Eddy - trash (duane a go-go)
the clee-shays - dynamite (the dynamic guitar sounds of)
the belairs - volcanic action (volcanic action)
the guitar ramblers - malibu caravan (happy, youthful, new sounds of...)

monaci del surf - imperial march (monaci del surf)
dr. frankenstein - 666 days with mr. guitar (in 4 dimensions)
hella vader - slew gin fuzz (xviii)
the flat duo jets - torpedo (introducing)

The Avalanches - Midnight Sun (ski surfin')
tsunamish - mas allas de la cortina (tsunamish vs los fantasmas)
crazy aces - millions in prizes (surfadelic spy-a-go-go)
the fathoms - shark waves (overboard)
LOS FRENETICOS - frenetiqueando (el playa)

the ramblin ambassadors - theme from the "ramblin' bastards" (avanti)
Man...or Astro-Man? - put your finger in the socket (intravenous television continuum)
johnny carbonaras - horse-race millionaire (johnny carbonaras)
atomic 7 - the wreck of the dick family weiner boat (en hillbilly caliente)

el supernaut - Holiday in Cambodia (plays half dead)
oskar benas - boa bila (hereje del mar)
the space agency - hawaiian surf ride (the space agency)
camarada nimoy - o cometa solitario (camarada nimoy lp)
the barons - cossack (telstars, mexicans, manhunts & wonderful lands)
manuel and the renegades - Uh-Huh - 45

the space cossacks - beyond the third star (tsar wars)
chewbaccas - astro Q (chewbaccas)
the aquaholics - superbee! (psycho surf party)
hypnotide - bad girls go to hell (landlocked)
the astroglides - 2003 horsepower (channel surfing)
necronomikids - surf thrash assassin (necronomikids)
the abominable showmen - rob the ripper (the abominable showmen)
The biarritz boys - sexwax (enjoy the hip,slick, ultra-violent and super sexy surfsound of...)
el ray - circus monkey (highwave to hell)
Dick Dale - terra dicktyl (unknown territory)


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