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Dick Dale

My first interview with Dick Dale was back in 2012, which predates this website and I never got around to uploading it. Since Dick Dale passed away today, I did something I almost never do and allowed myself to listen to my own voice. Thankfully, that voice is a very small part of this interview, and I really enjoyed hearing this again. Dick talks about his innovations, his music, New Orleans, his animals, his ranch, his stance on drugs, Quentin Tarantino... and being a great guy you can tell he almost flips the script and tries to small talk me a few times.

From: 03/17/2019 - 23:19
Tags: Dick Dale

Dick Dale

It seems the King is dead. This morning social media was swirling with rumors of his death, but any sources seemed less than reputable. At this point enough people that have worked with him closely appear to be confirming it.

From: 03/17/2019 - 16:21
Tags: Dick Dale

Moms I'd Like to Surf - Beach Control to Major Knob

The surf band with perhaps the most uncomfortable name since Bambi Molesters have finally released their first full-length, and that mindset of pushing out of the comfort zone is all over this thing. However, this isn’t achieved by merely adding a theremin or doing a spaghetti western song; it’s with unexpected syncopation, different guitar tones, subtle effects and instrumentation. Not only is the band trying new things, but the listener is challenged as well. And most importantly, it works.

From: 03/13/2019 - 08:48

The Madeira - Prelude to Launch (Ancient Winds)
Bevel Embos - Tarantula (Celluloid)
The Shockwave - Dusty Sand Sahara (Death Race)
The Unnaturals - Sahara Stomp (Face the Dreaded Kimono Dragon)
swami john reis & the blind shake - Dry Suit (Modern Surf Classics)

Link Wray - Mustang (law of the jungle)
Carl Simmons' Orchestra - Boodoo (45)
The Adventurers - Trail Blazer (45)
The Deuce Coupes - Gear Masher (hotrodders' choice)
the vara-tones - repeto (jetty subject to high surf)
the starfires - Somethin' Else (surf guitars rumble)

From: 03/11/2019 - 18:05
Tags: playlist

The Head Henchmen - Cissy Surf (Oh no! It's the Head Henchmen)
The Clee-Shays - Dynamite (45)
Willie Joe and his Unitar - Unitar Rock (45)
The Showboats - Too much (45)
The Silvertones - Get It (45)
Guitar Gable - Gumbo Mombo (45)

The Del-Vipers - Rumhammered (Cannibal Safari)
The Dustaphonics - rockarolla boogaloo (100% instrumental)
moms I'd like to surf - soulstep for the masses (beach control to major knob)
The Dustburds - Pluggin' & Twistin' (summer pleasures)
The Fuzillis - The Flop (Grind a Go Go vol. 1)

The Roemans - Misirlou (45)

From: 03/04/2019 - 18:06
Tags: playlist


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